Batista and Castro – If Pluto doesn’t complete the job, Uranus will

Uranus and Pluto are the two planets of revolutionary change and they have often worked together, particularly when they were conjunct each other in Virgo from 1963 – 68, a time of tremendous change throughout the world.  They were also working in tandem for some of the major events in Cuban history of the last century.

Fulgencio Batista was both the elected President and dictator of the country before being overthrown as a result of the Cuban Revolution. Batista initially rose to power as part of the “Revolt of the Sergeants” that overthrew the authoritarian rule of Gerardo Machado. Batista then appointed himself chief of the armed forces and effectively maintained this control through a string of puppet presidents until he was himself elected President of Cuba on a populist platform.  After finishing his term he lived in the United States, returning to Cuba to run for president for a second time. Facing certain electoral defeat, he led a military coup to takeover the country.

Once back in power, Batista suspended the Constitution and revoked most political liberties, including the right to strike. He then aligned with the wealthiest landowners and presided over a stagnating economy that widened the gap between rich and poor Cubans. Batista’s corrupt and repressive regime   negotiated lucrative relationships with the American mafia, who controlled the drug, gambling, and prostitution businesses in Havana, and received financial, military, and logistical support from the US. Batista used his secret police to carry out wide-scale violence, torture and public executions.

Fulgencio Batista

Batista has the perfect chart for all of the above. If any sign symbolises the career politician, particularly a conservative right winger who is closely allied to business interests it would have to be Capricorn. Batista has the Sun, Mercury, Ascendant and Saturn in wide conjunction in Capricorn. Capricorns essentially want control and are quite pragmatic about their means of acquiring it.

Batista also has 4 planets including the Moon in Sagittarius giving him a directness in action not always associated with his Sun sign. Included in the Sagittarian group is Uranus which is in opposition to Pluto. This opposition focuses onto a T Square to Mars in the 8th house. This planetary pattern pointed to a revolutionary coup ( Uranus opposite Pluto ) achieved by military means ( Mars ).  With 8 planets in Sagittarius or Capricorn, Batista was not someone who would be affected by the concerns of other people. With a Tsquare apex Mars in the 8th house he would be not averse to the use of killing and torture to gain his own ends.

Uranus and Pluto were in square aspect to each other during the early part of the thirties. This aspect was the cause of the Great Crash and the Depression that followed. Pluto was moving very slowly but was opposite Batista’s Sun and Ascendant from 1928 to 1936. When Uranus joined the party in square to Batista’s Sun in 1933 he overthrew the Machado regime and established control over Cuba.

Pluto moved on to square Batista’s Midheaven ( career point ) in 1940 when he was elected President. His term of office came to an end in 1944 and he moved to the US as Uranus ( change ) was opposite his Moon ( of residency ) to somewhere abroad ( Moon in Sagittarius ).

So Pluto was opposite Batista’s Sun and Ascendant for his first military coup in 1933. Uranus was in the same place in 1952 when his second coup established the real dictatorship.

Uranus was square to Batista’s Moon when he left power and moved away in 1944. Pluto reached the same position in 1959 when he was overthrown by the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro and he was forced into exile.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro has the Sun in Leo close to the top of the chart which is a natural position for a leader. The Sun is conjunct Neptune which would suggest a strongly idealistic conception of himself, perhaps the feeling that he was born to lead his country as if by divine inspiration.

Castro’s Moon is in Libra and his Jupiter is in Aquarius, which would suggest an instinctive feel for equality and democracy whilst maintaining the popular support of his countrymen.

Neptune’s conjunction to the Sun however, often suggests that things are not quite what they seem. The Sun is opposite Jupiter which shows that Castro was pulled very strongly in two different directions, one by his expansive socialist ideals ( Jupiter in Aquarius ) and the other by his innate desire to rule by divine right ( Sun conjunct Neptune in Leo ). The opposition projects by T Square onto an apex Saturn. Saturn is the planet of control and also of longevity. So the net result is one of dictatorial control ( Saturn in Scorpio ). Castro has stubbornly remained dictator of Cuba despite dissension in the ranks and numerous attempts to unseat him.

In his own words “My vocation ( Sun in Leo conjunct Neptune ) is the revolution ( Jupiter in Aquarius ). I am a revolutionary, and revolutionaries do not retire ( apex Saturn in Scorpio ) .” If ever a phrase summed up his T Square it is this one.

Castro became a socialist revolutionary in the mid 40s and was involved in a number populist attempts to overthrow military regimes in the Dominican Republic and Colombia. In 1950 his focus was more on Cuban politics and planned to stand for the congressional elections of 1952. These were cancelled when Batista seized power. Castro formed an insurrection group and led a revolutionary attack on the Moncada Barracks in 1953. The attack failed, Castro was arrested and jailed. Pluto was conjunct Castro’s Sun and Neptune in 1952 – 3. Uranus was square his Moon at the same time.

In 1955, Castro was released and left Cuba for Mexico City, where he met Che Guevara. In 1956, Castro and Guevara landed in Cuba with a small band of insurgents and began a guerrilla war against the government. In December 1958, Castro launched a full-scale attack and Batista was forced to flee. In February 1959, Castro was sworn in as prime minister of Cuba.

Pluto was square to Castro’s Ascendant from 1956 – 57. Uranus was conjunct his Sun in 1959 – 60.

So Castro’s first attempt to take control of Cuba by military means was triggered by Pluto being conjunct his Sun in 1953. His second successful coup occurred in 1959 with Uranus conjunct his Sun.

Fulgencio Batista and Fidel Castro were deadly enemies but their military takeovers of Cuba were astrological mirrors of each other. Both had Pluto in aspect to their Sun for the first attempt. Both had Uranus in aspect to their Sun for the second successful one.

Usually Pluto completes the job, but in both their cases it had to rely on its old mate Uranus.


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