Consider Ye Well, Never Rush To Judgement

Sounds like good Capricorn advice.

I am writing this article as penance for not following it myself.

Most of my readers will be aware that I like to gamble on sport using Astrology. I am not a typical gambler, I have Sun, Moon, Ascendant in careful, cautious Capricorn. Granted I have a T Square apex Neptune involving Jupiter but these are not in any houses to do with money.

I do it purely to test my astrological judgement.

Some astrologers are content to say things like ” 2022 will be a year of change ” and then claim anything happening during that year as evidence of their ” correct prediction “.

I am not impressed or interested in that kind of rubbish.

For me ” correct prediction ” would be who is going to win the Augusta Masters this year ? There will be over 150 entrants so if you can pick the winner using astrology, you know you are onto something.

And if you are prepared to back your judgement with your own hard earned cash so much the better.

I have a motto for said speculation, again very Capricorn.

” Either you win, or you learn. “

Because even if you get a prediction wrong there is still the potential to work out why. I feel this is a very important principle for all astrologers.

My experience looking at major international football tournaments over the years is that the transits of the manager provide an exceptionally good guide to the winners.

As well as backing my picks at the bookies I have taken to putting them up for free on my Facebook page for the benefit of my followers but also to show confidence in my own judgement.

The most recent one was the African Cup Of Nations that finished last weekend.

I checked the transits of the managers of the top ten countries. Most of them had nothing particular going on during the tournament. There were two that did.

Allou Cisse, the Senegal manager has Venus at 11 Pisces, Carlos Queiroz the Egypt coach has the Sun at 10 Pisces.

The tournament final would kick off with Jupiter at 8.30 Pisces, so both of these teams were in the frame.

These were the two favourite teams, Senegal at 7 / 1 and Egypt at 8 / 1, probably on the strength of the two top players in the tournament, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and Mo Salah.

Which one to back then ?

I had the same experience in the Euros last summer, with England’s Gareth Southgate and Italy’s Roberto Mancini having the strongest transits. It was difficult to choose between them so I picked both.

In this case, although neither side were favourites for the trophy, if they proceeded as expected they could not meet each other until the final, so it made sense to back them both.

As it turned out Italy beat England to win the final of the Euros in a penalty shoot out. Having backed both sides each way, I won significant sums on both of them.

With the Afcon, the likely path would see Senegal play Egypt in the semi finals, so it would make sense to choose one of them rather than back both.

On balance I chose Egypt because I feel that Jupiter transits to the Sun are generally stronger than to Venus. Also the orb for Queiroz transit was tighter.

As it turned out, Egypt lost their first group game but still qualified. This meant that they could not meet Senegal until the final. Which is exactly what happened.

I would always recommend betting each way. You might make more actual cash by going for an outright win, but with an each way bet you are significantly ahead if your team reaches the final.

So I made 2 / 1 on Egypt reaching the final, but would have picked up 5.5 / 1 on a win.

The contest chart for the final was no help.

Contest charts are read based on horary principles. Readers who are familiar with horary will straight away see the problem here.

The first thing you should always do before predicting from a horary chart is check whether there are any Considerations Before Judgement. These are rules that indicate that a chart is unsafe to judge.

In this chart there are two.

The first is the late degree rising. This would indicate that any action taken or prediction given would be too late. It may be that a decision has already been reached.

The second is the Void of Course Moon. This one would suggest that nothing will come of the matter for the question asked.

This is fine and very useful in dealing with horary questions. It is not very helpful for a contest chart, because the game is going to be played anyway and if its a cup final there will be a result on the day.

The main way to predict the result of a contest chart is to look at the Moon’s applying aspects. If the Moon applies to the significator of one of the teams, they will win.

When the Moon is Void of Course it has no aspects to make at all.

Under these circumstances you might check the relative strengths of the significators.

By the time these two reached the final, Senegal were by far the favourites.

Egypt had scraped their way through to the final scoring only 4 goals in 6 games requiring two penalty shootouts and one extra time victory to get there.

In the final chart, the Sun ruling Senegal as favourites was in Aquarius, the sign of its detriment. Saturn for Egypt was dignified.

However Saturn is conjunct the Sun and therefore combust and weak. So no hints there at all.

As it turned out the final also finished scoreless and Senegal won on penalties.

Why ? Well, you could make out a case for the Egypt manager using up all his Jupiter luck simply to get through to the final.

But with a late Ascendant and VOC Moon perhaps the Universe couldn’t decide which way it would go. More likely the powers that be were so fed up with goalless draws and Egypt’s blanket defence, playing for penalties they couldn’t be bothered to watch and just gave it to Senegal as karmic payback anyway.

Either way, when trying to interpret horary or contest charts like this you have to be very careful with the Considerations Before Judgement.

Which is something I wasn’t when looking at a horary for a client this week

My client was asking about a job that his wife had interviewed for recently. She was feeling very optimistic about the outcome and was expecting to hear soon.

So the first thing to take into account is the late Ascendant.

My feeling was that the job decision had probably already been made so it was safe to proceed to judge the chart.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a favourable chart.

The wife’s significator is Pluto as 7th house ruler.

The ruler of her 10th house is Mercury. Mercury is applying to a conjunction with Pluto.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and applying to a trine aspect with an exalted Mars, the wife’s co ruler, Venus her 6th ruler, Mercury her 10th ruler and Pluto, her ruler.

It also applies to a sextile with a dignified Jupiter at the Midheaven of the chart.

I told my client that I was confident she would get the job, that she would hear quite soon and probably start work in 6- 8 weeks time. This timing was based on Mercury to Pluto being 2 degrees ( months ) and the Moon to Jupiter and Mars being 6 – 8 degrees ( weeks ).

I was right about one thing – that the decision had already been made. My client heard just a few hours after the chart but they had decided to give the job to someone else.

So the Consideration of the late Ascendant was right because Lilly would safe its not safe to judge the chart as the decision had already been made.

The irony is that I very seldom judge a chart for a client straight away. I’m usually so busy that I put people on a waiting list. The only reason I judged this one so quickly was I had a spare half an hour and I knew that they would hear the result quite soon anyway.

If I had waited they would have got the result anyway and not needed an astrological interpretation.

So the moral of this story is a true Capricorn one of ” act in haste, repent at leisure “.

Which just goes to confirm my trusted method.

Although astrologically speaking there is never any loss. Every time you win and learn as well.

Posted on February 9th 2022