Murderers and other Criminals

Dial OM for Murder

The Zodiac Killer – 50 Years Ahead of His Time ?

Is She Still Alive ?

The World Cup Theft – A Quaintly Piscean English Pickle

Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko ? – Looks Like President Jupiter

April is the Cruellest Month – Fact

Helene and Louis Althusser – a tragic couple

The McCra Murders – A Family Tragedy

The Azar Family Tragedy and the Importance of House Cusps

Marie Besnard – Tried and Acquitted

Jacques Allaire – A Terrible Tale

Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper

The Amityville Stellium of Horrors

Harold Shipman – Lock up your Grannies

Whodunnit, Lizzie or Emma Borden ?

Myra Hindley – If Looks Could Kill

The Mafia Killing of Giovanni Falcone

Cheryl Amirault and the Dark Side of Scorpio

Alejandro Avila – Child Killer

Klaus Barbie – The Butcher of Lyon

Roberto Calvi – The Killing of God’s Banker

Jurgen Bartsch – The Tragic life of a Serial killer

Bob Berdella – Pluto’s retribution

Francois Besse – The Tale of the Eel

At Home with the Borgias

Christian Brando – Famous Son of Pluto

Dennis Bulloch – Scorpio Sex Games Gone Wrong

Mark Chapman – The Man who Killed the 1960s

Caryl Chessman – The Ram Lies Down

Frank Collin and the Destruction of Atlantis

Dean Corll – The Lowest of All Low Life

Is there such a thing as a Victim Mentality ?

Freddie Krueger – Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

Clayton Lockett – Instant Karma, Grand Crucifixion Gone Wrong

Rolf Harris – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

John Darwin – Survival of the Fittest ?

Mexico’s Jupiter / Pluto Conspiracy

Eldridge Cleaver – The Panther Who Changed His Spots

The 8th – Keeping an Eye on Crime

Josef Fritzl – An Attempt to Rectify a Monstrous Wrong 

Right Place, Wrong Time ? – The Murder of Gianni Versace

The Dunblane Massacre – A Crashing Knock on Heavens Door

Howling for Columbine

Charles Albright – The Eyes of a Killer

Giulio Andreotti – The Italian Beelzebub 

The Desperate Story of Michelle Bica

Casey Anthony – Trial by Social Media

Carol and Michael Damon and the Finger of Fate

Susan DeAngelo – Charlestown’s Bonnie Parker

Marc Dutroux – A Real Nasty Piece of Work

Who Was Jack the Ripper ?

The Kray Twins – Smashing Blokes, They Loved their Mum

Albert DeSalvo – The Boston Strangler

The Princes in the Tower – Whodunnit ?

The Intoxicating Story of George Duke of Clarence

Is There Such a Thing as a Crime of Passion ?

Richard Baldwin and Beth Brode – A Teenage Love Tragedy

Ruth Ellis – Hanging Too Bad For Her ?

Assassination of Martin Luther King

The Lambeth Poisoner – Jupiter in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

Darlie Routier – The Mother of all Dubious Death Row Convictions ?

Didier Begi and the Perils of Astrology Online Dating

The Sopranos – Born Under Two Bad Signs

In a Silent Way – The Tragic Story of June and Jennifer Gibbons


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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