Going Down with the Kardashians

“I did a little research about Libras and Geminis and found out they’re a perfect match!

“One website even said that we were one of the best matches in the zodiac. We’re both air signs on the same wavelength. SO true! We’ve had an amazing connection right from the start….

“Libra/Gemini sex gets a 5-star rating because we’re so in tune with each other.”

Thus speaks Kim Kardashian about her relationship with husband Kanye West.

Recognizing that any more than a ” little research ” can be tiring,  Capricorn Research has decided to do it for her.


Kim Kardashian

Kanye West

Sun sign synastry is all well and good but KK’s astrology would have us believe that any Air signs passing each other in the street would be unable to resist a bit of 5 star action. Which would be an interesting challenge for the Capricorns amongst us who would instantly start planning a mountain path over and around them.

Of course there is a little more to it than that.

Relationships are mainly the province of the Moon, Venus and Mars.

Both Kim and Kanye have the Moon in the same sign, Pisces.

Kanye has the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, indicating that he has a very big mouth, a perfect placement for a rap star.

His Sun / Jupiter is square to Kim’s Venus showing where he’s most likely to put that mouth when he’s not on stage.

Kanye has a powerful Mutable T Square with his Sun / Jupiter opposite Neptune focusing on an apex Moon in Pisces.

Kim also has a T Square involving her Moon in Pisces opposite Jupiter and Venus focusing on Neptune.

And these T squares sit on top of each other.

Fascinatingly Kim’s Sun ruler, Venus completes a Grand Cross with Kanye’s T Square.

Kanye’s Sun / Jupiter does the same for Kim’s T Square. It also sits right on the cusp of her 7th house of relationships.

Kanye’s exact Venus and Mars conjunction at the beginning of Taurus is opposite Kim’s Sun.

So this goes a little bit further in explaining the 5 star attraction between them. But why do their goings on draw the attention of so many others ? Its something to do with Neptune.

Neptune’s role is that of the unexplained. When connected to Venus it creates a mysterious attraction and glamour. The history of Hollywood is full of women and men with powerful Moon / Venus / Neptune aspects.

When asked why we are so intrigued with the lives of these people, we can’t put our finger on the reasons for it. But they are attention magnets.

Kim Kardashian is a veritable Moon / Venus / Neptune attention hoover.

Her T Square between these three also includes Jupiter which always magnifies everything and it focuses on an apex Neptune in the 1st house conjunct her Ascendant.

The Ascendant and planets rising is all about image projection, so to have an apex Neptune there points to the phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian.

Astrological patterns often do run in families and considering that KK’s family are all largely known for pretty much the same thing, we should definitely expect something going on there.

And a look at a few charts does not disappoint.

Khloe Kardashian.jpg

Sister Khloe has the Moon / Neptune signature as well. It is an opposition and like Kim’s T square is placed at the end of the Mutable signs.

Khloe also has a Venus / Jupiter contact, an opposition.

Khloe has had a fair few problems to deal with in her life much of it indicated by the Mars / Saturn conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th house.

Fortunately for her this conjunction is trine her Sun / Venus and sextile her Jupiter so she has been able to ride them and come out the other side and if anything her troubles just increase the amount of media attention in her life.

If we adopt Kim’s guide to astrology we can see that Khloe’s a Cancer and ex husband Lamar Odom is a Scorpio. This would be a question of 6 star action surely ?

But perhaps a little more detail might come in handy here too.


Lamar Odom.jpg

We don’t have a birth time for Lamar but we can see that his Sun at 14 Scorpio is trine Khloe’s at 7 Cancer.

Staggeringly he also has the Moon in Gemini opposite Neptune.

Lamar’s Moon / Neptune is part of a T square that focuses on an apex Saturn. This is a really tricky one.

It basically means that playing with the whole Neptune experience is going to get him into serious trouble. In the noon chart, this focuses on the 8th house. Lamar’s experiences with drugs and the death of his mother and young son Jayden while coming close to it himself, have been well documented and sadly fit this T Square to a tee.

An important thing to note in the synastry between Khloe and Lamar is that his Sun is conjunct her Mars / Saturn.

Their relationship came to an end when Khloe had her Saturn Return and it was conjunct Lamar’s Sun.

Of the 3 Special K sisters, Kourtney has the lower profile.


Kourtney Kardashian.jpg

She still has the Venus / Jupiter / Neptune connection.

Venus is square Neptune, again in the latter stages of Mutable signs. It is also trine Jupiter which gives her prominence without quite the same level of public thrusting that happens around Kim and Khloe.

Her Moon is also in the more restrained sign Capricorn and not involved with Venus or Neptune.

However she does have her Sun exactly ( to the minute ) on the Ascendant and my statistical study of 25,000 charts of famous figures, the Capricorn Research Project proves that whatever celebrity is, Courtney Kardashian definitely has it.

What she doesn’t have right now is ex and father of her children Scott Disick.

Again if we look at Kim’s astrology we note that Aries and Gemini get on pretty well together. However…


Scott Disick.jpg

Scott doesn’t have a prominent Moon / Neptune issues but he’s got enough of his own stuff going on.

Again we have no birth time but the Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini, opposite the Moon conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius is the very definition of playing away from home.

When an astrologer sees a chart as concentrated around one particular theme as Scott’s, the very first thing that needs to happen is to check how this pattern fits with his partner’s chart.

Scott’s Sun / Mars / Moon / Jupiter / Uranus opposition forms a T Square with one particular planet in Kourtney’s chart – Saturn at 7 degrees Virgo in the 5th house of affairs and children.

And Saturn in 2015 when they split up was going through the early degrees of Sagittarius hitting Scott’s primary pattern and squaring Kourtney’s Saturn.

Much play has been made in the media of Kourtney sticking by her kids and wanting to provide as much stability as possible for them, but with that Moon in Capricorn, she would of course.

To really do justice to the astrology of the Kardashians a whole book would be required, but Capricorn Research has a reputation for publishing immensely long articles with vast numbers of charts containing a few flippant but essential comments about them, so why stop now.


Kris Jenner.jpg

Perhaps there is a rule in the Cosmos that all families whose name begins with a K have to have similar chart features. Who knows but it certainly works with the girls’ Mum, Kris.

Despite being born in an entirely different era with Neptune obviously nowhere near a Mutable sign, Kris still manages to pull off the Moon / Venus / Jupiter / Neptune thing.

The Moon at 26 Cancer is square Neptune at 29 Libra and trine Venus at 29 Scorpio. Venus herself is square Jupiter at 29 Leo. The closeness of these aspects is fairly staggering.

And if Kim reckons Libra / Gemini is 5 star, what would she say about Scorpio / Scorpio. Got to be 8 star surely ?


Caitlyn Jenner.jpg

Particularly when both Kris and Caitlyn / Bruce have Scorpio rising as well.

Caitlyn has a Moon / Jupiter conjunction and a sextile between Venus and Neptune. She also has Venus in the late degrees of a Mutable sign, Sagittarius, so the Kardashian theme is carried on here.

But this is not the essence of the chart.

Even the simplest understanding of astrology would place transgender issues under Scorpio. So its exceptionally fitting that the member of this group with by far the highest profile has the Sun in Scorpio smack on the Ascendant.

Capricorn Research only has 34 timed charts of people who have undergone gender realignment surgery. It is almost unheard of for a sample this small to come up with anything that could pass a statistical ‘ p ‘ test.

Nevertheless Venus occurs in Scorpio 9 times at 318 % of the expected score with a p figure of 0.00817, where anything under 0.01 is considered to be statistically significant.

Its also interesting that in this group Venus in Cancer comes 2nd with 6, Aquarius 3rd with 4, Capricorn 11th with 1 and Taurus 12th with 0.

By the way the 2nd highest planet in sign combination is Mars in Virgo ( sexual surgery ? ) with 283 % of the expected figure.

Caitlyn has Mars in Virgo in sextile aspect to her Sun / Ascendant.

But probably the crucial thing in Caitlyn’s chart is the square aspect between her Sun and Moon.

The two lights rule the masculine and feminine sides of our nature. When they are in square aspect to each other its likely that the person will feel pulled in different directions by these two aspects of themselves.

So if this square is in the signs of Scorpio and Aquarius, they might decide to do something exceptionally radical and transformative about it.

Its interesting that Caitlyn’s Moon / Jupiter conjunction is opposite Kris’ Moon / Uranus.

Really Kris and Caitlyn deserve an article of there own, but I have included them here because I shall probably never get round to writing it.

But back to the Moon / Venus / Jupiter / Neptune focus of this article.

How come these people are still getting so much of our attention ? After all they’re not exactly bright young things anymore.

If there’s one planet that makes a lot of noise and courts publicity big time its Jupiter. And Jupiter has been working its way through Virgo this last year, ticking off significant points in the charts of Kim, Kanye and Lamar.

Jupiter will move through the last decanate of Virgo over the next 6 weeks, so we will probably hear plenty more about the Kardashians in that time.

Just over the horizon however things don’t look so promising.

Many people with Mutable sign dominance have been suffering owing to the Saturn and Neptune square in Sagittarius and Pisces.

Apart from Scott who, with 3 – 7 degrees Gemini / Sagittarius prominent, has already been through his troublesome period, the rest of these characters have this to come soon.

Saturn came close to opposing Kanye’s Sun when he got into trouble appearing to suggest Bill Cosby’s innocence earlier on this year but this was mitigated by Jupiter being square to it at the same time.

By the 2nd half of November Saturn will be back and it looks like he will have his hands full.

December sees Saturn square Kim’s Venus and conjunct her Neptune, so Christmas is not likely to be such a happy time in the West family residence.

Kim does have Jupiter coming into Libra and conjunct her Sun at the beginning of October 2017, but the overall theme for the Kardashian sisters between now and 2018 is a Saturn one.

But the years 2020 to 2025 will see Neptune hit the late Mutable points in all these charts

Maybe they will all disappear in a puff of smoke, or perhaps it will be revealed that the Kardashians were a virtual reality generated phenomenon and only existed in our imaginations anyway.

Much as they have provided plenty of entertainment whilst looking at their charts, Capricorn Research is secretly hoping that a Bajoran warship under the command of Major Kira Nerys suddenly emerges from a wormhole and zaps them all into oblivion.



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