Bewitched by an Apex Neptune

Dedicated to Karen

Many people believe astrologers all wear black, cackle in manic loud voices, ride around on brooms all day and only come out on Halloween. Of course not, we are just like the rest of you. We work 50 weeks of the year.

In fact there are some astrologers who would object to being called witches, but these same people would happily stick pins in an effigy of their granny to get a chart like this


If there were any symbol to describe a career card carrying witch ( or astrologer for that matter ) it would have to be the Moon in wacky Aquarius in the 10th house.

That Moon’s exact opposition to Venus in Leo in the 4th also means she would have to be uncommonly beautiful and also be the perfect homemaker.

But of course this opposition creates a T square. To an apex Neptune in Scorpio bang on the 7th house cusp. Anyone who doesn’t see that this refers to the most famous witch of all time, needs to get their own brain rectified.

The whole premise of this fantastic series is that some poor unsuspecting bumblehead of a man finds himself married to the most gorgeous looking witch on the planet. For those readers who are too young to understand how TV was meant to be, the very first episode explains it all perfectly

And the witch in question ?


Now Capricorn Research has to admit to a serious interest here, because Bewitched came out just before my 10th birthday and Samantha was my first ever crush and I was convinced we would get married.

Over the last 50 odd years I have managed to rationalise this by seeing that her Moon is conjunct mine and her IC is exactly on my Sun.

But she has the drop dead gorgeous Sun / Venus conjunction in the 7th house of marriage so I expect there would have been a fair bit of competition.

Of course this Sun / Venus is closely conjunct Uranus all in Aries which is exactly what you would expect from someone who gives her husband the runaround so often that he has to sit down and wipe his brow at least three times each episode.

Elizabeth Montgomery had her Aries Sun in square to a 10th house Pluto which points to being suddenly and dramatically propelled towards fame and career achievement. Which is what happened when Bewitched began in 1964 with Pluto conjunct her Jupiter. The show ran for 8 years and finished when Pluto was right on her Ascendant.

And she also died young in 1995 when Pluto was square her Mars.

One of the problems with the show, particularly from the perspective of 10 year old Capricorns was that Samantha had taken a vow not to practice witchery magic for the sake of her marriage to boring husband Darrin ( played by Dick York who as you have probably guessed was a Virgo with a Taurus Moon ). We were all going ” do the nose thing ” and she never did until 20 minutes in when the circumstances gave her no choice.

But that didn’t matter because there was always her Mum around to do the real stuff.


Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead was the real witch and that Sun Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius is testimony to a broomstick queen that would have left Harry Potter completely bludgered and crying under his invisibility cloak.

Opposite the Moon / Pluto conjunction in Gemini casts the funniest spells imaginable and most of them were aimed at Darrin, who’s Sun incidentally sits right at the apex of a T Square to Endora’s opposition.

Needless to say a quick check on Pluto position in the Bewitched chart reveals it to be exactly square Endora’s Sun. Uranus was there too, so what we were all witnessing was a truly groundbreaking astrological combination not seen in a summer sign since the witch trials around the turn of the 18th century.

Just like the TV show itself, I have a T-square apex Neptune. It is square to an exact Jupiter / Uranus conjunction on my 7th house cusp.

And just like my first crush Samantha, the love of my life has the Sun in Aries with Mercury in Pisces. And her brand of magic has me as dazed as Darrin on a daily basis.


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