MM – Should We Mention The M Word ?

I have a 12th house stellium consisting of Sun, Moon, Mercury and North Node.

So I have spent the greatest part of my 67 years on this planet exploring ( and some would say obsessing over ) the nature of mind. 

But since that stellium is all in Capricorn I have come to the conclusion that there are actually only two dimensions of thought. 

Readers who inhabit more broad minded signs would understandably be horrified, but let me explain. 

These two dimensions are the horizontal and vertical. 

Most of us live exclusively in the horizontal. This is the dimension of cause and effect or stimulus and response where one thought and / or action leads naturally to the next one. 

It is the terrain of what Monty Python referred to as “ word association football “ where the brain will continue make connections based on its experience of previous ones that have been made. 

Horizontal thought is very addictive and the mind will continue to do this and make the connections extremely entertaining and interesting in order to keep us stuck on this plane. 

It will even convince us that by sticking with the horizontal we are exploring many fascinating and different dimensions.

But it isn’t real. It is only maintained by our being caught in it.

The true nature of existence and indeed mind is vertical. 

But in order to witness this we have to allow our minds to quieten and not be distracted by the fascinating delusions of the horizontal. 

Astrology is the science of the vertical. 

Reality is actually downloaded immediately in the moment. Astrology is simply a code to help us understand what that moment is and what is required of us. 

But we are mostly to distracted by horizontal entertainment to see it. 

In the past, this was less so. There were far fewer distractions so naturally the average person had a greater sense of astrology. 

These days clever people dismiss astrology. This is understandable because because there is so much more fascinating nonsense in the horizontal dimension for them to explore. 

So much so that they can’t see verticality at all. 

People who explore astrology are operating in both dimensions. They go about their lives “ thinking “ ( mind wandering ) in the usual fashion.

But every so often verticality slaps them across the face with yet another gobsmacking astrology connection. 

The more they observe this phenomena the stronger and more frequent it becomes. 

I seem to get slapped by verticality many times a day. Sometimes I respond and run with it, sometimes I can’t be bothered. 

When I do follow it, the train of thought will often result in one of these articles. 

As it has for this one.

I was watching TV the other evening and noticed a comment on my page with a question.

This happens a lot. I receive many questions about all sorts of things. People ask many questions that are largely academic and not related to their own lives. 

However This particular question produced a dialog between the vertical part of my mind – let’s call it the Universe and me.

Universe “ Do a horary on it now “

Me “ I’ve been doing astrology all day, I’m tired and want to watch something mindless on the telly “

Universe “ Don’t give me that all day bullshit. There’s no such thing. There is only now. So do the horary now you idiot. What else are you for anyway “ 

Me “ Ok but can I do it in the morning if I record the time “

Universe – “ Whatever. But you know there’s no such thing as morning don’t you “

Me – “ Yawn “

So when I cast the horary in the morning, I was gobsmacked. Again.

Ordinarily in horary the Ascendant and its ruler signify the person asking the question. But this is a different kind of question. Its not about the person who asked it, nor is it about anyone they are related to.

So in this case Libra and Venus refers to Marilyn Monroe herself. And if there was ever a more Venusian figure than Marilyn, a lot of men would like to see the photos.

Venus is wedged in between a Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in Pisces in the 6th, which is an absolutely perfect description for someone suffering health issues from a massive drug overdose.

The Moon is in Taurus in the 7th house and about to eclipse the Sun. The eclipse forms exactly on the 8th house cusp.

So this is not just an overdose, it’s one that kills her.

Was this an accident, a suicide or something altogether more sinister ?

Let’s come back to the horary later.

Because we can actually see something about the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death in her natal chart.

Readers will note the Mars / Uranus conjunction in Pisces in the 8th house of death.

It’s interesting to see the horary degrees of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune contained inside this aspect.

But there’s more to it than that.

The most challenging pattern in Marilyn’s chart is the close T square.

That Moon in Aquarius in the 7th opposite Neptune in the 1st focusing onto an apex Saturn clearly shows the difficulties she experienced in relationships with powerful men ( particularly political ones – Aquarius ).

Neptune rules her 8th and Saturn her 6th so we could even see that these relationships could result in a drug related death or suicide.

But there is also a suggestion that someone symbolised by that Moon might have had something to do with it.

Pluto went through Marilyn’s T square between 1950 and 53, which was her breakthrough period.

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5th 1962.

We have to fit this event into a very particular time frame.

This is between November 1960 and November 1963. And it involves someone else whose death triggered even greater conspiracy theories.

The 8th house in astrology is said to rule sex, death and other people’s money.

Kennedy had a stellium there, quite fitting for someone whose life contained a great deal of all three.

JFK’s assassination was for many people a turning point in history but he was also known for a rampant sex life and cheating on his wife Jackie with a number of partners, including Marilyn Monroe.

His 8th house Venus in Gemini in close square to a Moon in Virgo in the 11th, showed the difficulties involved in balancing this with the need to appear as pure as the driven snow in the political arena.

Readers will note that JFK and MM have their Suns in close conjunction ( 2.5 degrees ) in Gemini.

So this puts Marilyn centre stage in Kennedy’s sexual / political high wire act.

This is important, not just because it brought these two together but because of the most powerful astrological theme of the 1960s.

The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo was the reason that decade stood out for so much social and technological change.

And the first few years was very much focused on Kennedy and Monroe.

JFK won the election on 8th November 1960 with Pluto at 7.52 Virgo exactly ( within a minute ) square to his Sun.

Pluto moved into the same aspect with Marilyn’s Sun towards the end of 1961.

At that time the Cold War had accelerated sharply as a result of Kennedy’s failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and a potential nuclear collision course with the Soviet Union culminated in the Missile Crisis of the following year.

During this time Marilyn had been mixing with Communist sympathisers and Kennedy needed to distant himself from their relationship.

Marilyn died with Pluto at 8.54 Virgo in square to both their Suns.

JFK was assassinated in November 1963 once Uranus had reached the same place in the Zodiac, square to his Sun.

But Uranus had already made the same aspect to his brother’s Sun in 1962.

Bobby Kennedy had a 7th house Scorpio Sun in square to Neptune in the 5th together with a close Venus / Pluto opposition.

This is astrological shorthand for cheating on your wife with a glamorous film star.

And that Sun / Neptune square sat very strongly in Monroe’s T Square.

Bobby’s Saturn in the 7th is exactly square Marilyn’s 7th house Moon.

When Marilyn died Jupiter was at 10 Pisces opposite Pluto creating a T Square with her natal Sun.

Almost 60 years on we are still asking questions about it.

The Netflix documentary states that she was dead long before what was previously thought.

A housekeeper had discovered her body at 3.00 am on August 5th ( which also brings the question why would this woman be around at that time of day ).

But according to the reports of ambulance people and others she actually died on route to hospital some time before 10.30 the previous evening. The ambulance crew were then told to return her to her home and leave her there.

Why was this ?

It seems that Robert Kennedy had been in the neighbourhood and probably had even visited Marilyn earlier that day. In the intervening time between her death and the announcement of it, Bobby had caught a plane out of LA.

It appears that secret service agents were detailed to clear Marilyn’s house of anything that might connect her to the Kennedys and certainly any evidence that Bobby had been there earlier that day.

What does the astrology say about this ?

The official time of Marilyn’s death chart has some interesting features.

The T Square with the Sun in Leo opposition Saturn square to an apex Neptune falls with Saturn and the South Node in the 8th house of death, which seems appropriate.

But one interesting point is the placement of the Jupiter / Pluto opposition.

Jupiter is the ruler of the 10th house and is retrograde in Pisces in the 9th.

This does have the feel of an important person making a hasty retreat on board a plane.

However I have an alternative proposal

If Marilyn Monroe died at 9.00 pm the previous evening, the T square falls in similar houses but this time with the apex Neptune in the 8th.

This might also cover the mysterious circumstances that surrounded the events of that evening.

Again Jupiter is 10th ruler but this time it falls on the Ascendant in opposition to Pluto in the 7th house.

This looks suspiciously like the same powerful person trying to extract himself from a relationship and therefore causing a suicide.

Is there any astrological suggestion that Marilyn Monroe might have actually been murdered or at least helped on her way by Robert Kennedy ?

Jupiter being in Pisces could be suggesting that he might have supplied her with the drugs that caused her death.

At this point, perhaps it would help to look back at the horary that triggered this article.

We have already linked the Venus / Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in Pisces in the 6th house to a massive drug overdose.

But its the eclipse on the 8th cusp that turns it into a death.

With a solar eclipse the Moon puts out the light of the Sun.

Who or what does the Moon symbolise in this chart ?

The Moon rules the 10th so would be pointing to a powerful or prominent person. The Moon is at 2.41 Taurus and the eclipse will fall at 10.28 of the same sign.

Robert Kennedy’s Ascendant is 5.53 Taurus.

The astrology seems to be suggesting that Bobby either supplied Marilyn with some drugs to help ease the pain of him ending their relationship or deliberately bumped her off using the same method.

He also engaged secret service agents to clear any evidence that he had been at her house and instructed an ambulance crew to return her to her home to give him the time to get away from LA before her body was discovered.

This seems to be what the astrology of the situation is suggesting.

But the use of a horary asked by an apparently random person in Australia nearly 60 years after the event is hardly likely to be accepted in a court of law.

But there you have it. This is the vertical view of things. If something is connected symbolically it has a resonance that is not tied to time.

Horizontalists would claim that it is all a massive coincidence.

But what do these deluded people know about anything anyway ? There is only one word that it’s appropriate to say in response.

” Whatever “.

Posted on May 5th 2022