The Importance Of Domiciling Uranus

There are basically two types of astrology, natal and horary. There are other branches like mundane and electional but they use the methodology of the the first two albeit in different areas.

For those readers unfamiliar with horary, it is the way astrology used to be practiced. Hundreds of years ago, very few people knew their birthdate never mind their time, so to construct a birth chart for them was not possible.

Also the average person was less interested in their own psychology, but more concerned with what was going to happen to them.

So they would visit their astrologer with a specific question about something in their lives. A chart would be drawn up for the moment the question was asked to find an answer to it.

So a horary is more a type of divination than a natal chart, it is concerned specifically with events. A natal chart can also foretell events but as a natural extension of the client’s psychology.

In any chart the houses denote the areas of our lives so this would be the more important focus than the signs, which would just add a description of the activity enquired about.

Over the last hundred years, natal horoscopes became the biggest thing. Horary had gone out of fashion.

But during the 1980s it started to experience a revival. Nowadays its quite common for horary to be offered as part of an astrologer’s services.

Some look at horaries similarly to the way they view a birthchart, but there are very specific methods that are tied up with the system of planetary rulerships.

Because a horary does not belong to the client, the most important thing is to find which planet in the chart signifies them. This would be the ruler of the Ascendant.

Then the astrologer would look to see which planet represents the thing enquired about, this being the ruler of the house associated with that area of the person’s life.

In simple terms, if there was an applying angular relationship between these two planets, the thing enquired about would come to pass.

So rulerships are extremely important in horary. If you got it wrong you would be likely to give entirely the wrong answer.

And in this type of astrology there are simple right and wrong answers. Its not like natal horoscopes where you can wing it with some vague psychobabble.

This is one of the main reasons for horary making a comeback, because many astrologers had become disenchanted with their subject becoming so loose and non specific.

Horary practice mostly dates from pre industrial revolution days, so the rulerships used by most astrologers are the traditional ones, not including the newly discovered Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

While there are some hipsters that refuse to use those three at all even in their natal readings, most would condescend to offer them some part but would deny their role in horary rulerships.

There are obviously a number of reasons for this stance, but mostly they are because their heroes of yore didn’t use them ( despite the fact that said heroes were the most farsighted and intelligent people of their day who would almost certainly have used them if only they had known they existed ).

The other most frequently stated objection is because the traditional rulership scheme has a certain symmetry and looks elegant.

No doubt they all use a fountain pen in their day job rather than a computer then.

Anyone who has read even one of the articles on these pages will be left in no doubt as to the sheer awesome power of Uranus, Neptune and particularly Pluto in both natal patterns and transits.

So there surely is a case for using them as rulers.

Granted, when we come to looking at birth charts, rulership has a smaller role to play but there is a case for it.

And the more traditional astrologers refer to rulerships a lot when discussing natal charts, particularly when discussing the relative strengths of the planets.

So this is an important issue to consider. It should be one of the things to check out with these murder articles.

Out of the 7 murders so far, 3 of them have been serial killers. For the other 4 the identity of the victims has been indicated either by the house position of planets pointing to the murder or the houses that they rule.

So how about this one ?

Ernest Anthony was sentenced to 5 years for attempted murder by firing a gun at his girlfriend.

On his release he began a relationship with Donna Manion.

After an argument with him, Donna went home to her mother’s house Ernest went round and grabbed her, bundled her into his car, shot and killed her mother and backed his car over her body and fled.

When cornered by the police he committed suicide.

It’s pretty clear what points to murder in this chart – a very tight Mars / Uranus / Pluto conjunction in extremely close square to the Sun.

So what about the victims ?

Anthony has nothing in his 7th and the house that would signify Donna’s mother, Gertrude, would be his 10th ( 4th from the 7th ) with Jupiter in attendance. So no indicators there.

However the signs on the cusps are Aquarius and Aries.

Taking traditional rulerships we are looking at Saturn and Mars. Mars is clearly involved but Saturn is dignified and unaspected.

Uranus however is exactly conjunct Mars right next to Pluto. So if we use the modern rulership of Aquarius its very clear we have covered all the victims.

The only other chart available in this saga is for Donna

By any method of assessment, this is a difficult chart.

Donna has a Fixed Grand Cross involving the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th opposite Uranus square Venus opposite Neptune in the 4th house.

This does suggest some serious tensions involving both her partner and her mother.

Also the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th opposite Uranus gives the impression of someone who is more suited to the Uranian symbol than the Saturnian one.

Donna’s relationship with Ernest and her mother’s murder occurred while her Progressed Sun was moving through the Grand Cross. This was the only time in her life that this could happen.

If an aspect pattern in a natal chart suggests a particular incident will occur in the person’s life, the most likely timing of that will be when that pattern is repeated by transit.

Ernest Anthony’s first shooting and subsequent imprisonment occurred in 1985 when Uranus was conjunct his Sun and square to his natal Mars / Uranus / Pluto conjunction.

The second fatal one and his own suicide happened in late November 1992, when both Uranus and Neptune were exactly conjunct his Moon.

Saturn made no transiting aspects to anything in his chart in 1985 and was only sextile his Sun at the end of 1992.

So if there was any doubt about Uranus role depicting both his partners, this would be put to bed by the transits at the time.

For Uranus, both shootings show the importance of being Ernest’s 7th house ruler.

Posted 5th Sep 2020


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