Return Of The 27 Club

Some astrologer ” All those musicians dying at 27 and thats when they had a Progressed Lunar Return “

Everyone ” Wow, astrology rules once again “

Capricorn Research ” How come the rest of us survived then ? “

Everyone ” Bloody Capricorn pain in the arse – blocked “

The above pretty much encapsulates my relationship with most of the astrology community.

My problem as a triple Capricorn is I need proof of an astrological effect, not just some anecdotal coincidence, plucked from nowhere in particular and rehashed as gospel for the believers.

Occasionally one of them will try and extend the conversation

Astrologer – ” Well it only applies to people with an afflicted Moon “

Capricorn Research – “

Kurt Cobain’s Moon is dignified in Cancer, elevated in the 10th house and is applying to a conjunction with Jupiter and a place in his extremely favourable Kite formation.

About as unafflicted as its possible to get.

Astrologer – ” You can’t just call it on just one example, thats the kind of trick I’d pull “

Capricorn Research –

Moon in Cancer conjunct Jupiter
Same only with a wider conjunction.

Moon exalted in Taurus

Astrologer ” Bloody pain in the arse Capricorn – blocked “

At this point in the discussion I always think ” good now I can get on with researching it properly “

Secondary progressions are worth looking at though, even if we cant just go on the whole 27 + Moon thing.

The dramatic pattern in Kurt Cobain’s chart was the Uranus / Pluto / Ascendant opposite Mercury / Venus / Saturn.

Cobain’s whole musical career was contained within the period that the Progressed Sun was traversing this pattern.

Nirvana was formed with the Sun opposite his Uranus and Ascendant.

In April 1994 when he committed suicide, Kurt Cobain had his Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn.

The tightest aspect in Jimi Hendrix’s chart is the Sun in Sagittarius opposite Uranus.

His death in September 1970 was accidental but drug related. It happened with his Progressed Sun quincunx ( an aspect associated with health and death ) his Uranus.

There were no significant progressions for either Joplin or Morrison.

Brian Jones is one member of the 27 Club who could be said to have an afflicted Moon, as its conjunct Pluto and opposite his Venus and Ascendant.

Jones died in July 1969 with an exact Progressed Lunar Return, so this one does back up the statement at the beginning of this article.

With it in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune and square her Sun and Mercury, Amy Winehouse could also be said to have an afflicted Moon, particularly if drugs were involved.

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 but had no progressions to speak of, the Moon clearing Neptune earlier in the year.

Another put forward as a member of this club is artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

This is a noon chart. Some might say that his Moon’s opposition to Uranus and Pluto could count as being afflicted but its also sextile his Sun.

Either way, his death from a heroin overdose in August 1988 was not accompanied by any major progressions, although his lunar ones could have been.

The other member of the 27 club was Robert Johnson, a blues musician.

Johnson died in August 1938. His ” poorly documented life and death have given rise to much legend. The one most closely associated with his life is that he sold his soul to the devil at a local crossroads to achieve musical success.”

With the Moon exactly square to Pluto, this is of course possible, but we have to also bear in mind it’s a noon chart.

However his progressed Moon was exactly square to Pluto at the time, so maybe the devil cashed in on the deal then.

So out of 8 members of the 27 club, its fair to say that Secondary Progressions fit with 4 of them.

What about transits ? You would expect them to have a major say.

They probably did for Kurt Cobain, Saturn having just passed a conjunction with his Sun in a neat link up with his progressed Sun conjunct Saturn.

Jimi Hendrix had Saturn opposite his Scorpio Mars when he died.

Janis Joplin had Uranus square her Moon ( from the 8th house ).

Jim Morrison had no transits that could account for his demise.

Neither did Amy Winehouse.

Brian Jones had Neptune opposite his Mars.

Robert Johnson had Uranus conjunct his Sun when he died.

But the transit trophy would have to go to Jean Michel Basquiat who had both Uranus and Saturn conjunct his Sun.

So transits score 5 out of 8, possibly 6.

What about eclipses ?

The last lunar eclipse before Kurt Cobain’s death fell at 3.43 of Gemini / Sagittarius, square to his Sun.

This was echoed for Jimi Hendrix with a lunar falling at 8.04 of Virgo / Pisces.

The last lunar eclipse before Janis Joplin’s death fell at 23.54 Leo / Aquarius, right on her Ascendant.

This was replicated in an extraordinary way by a lunar eclipse a year later at 13.41 Leo / Aquarius, right on Jim Morrison’s Ascendant.

Amy Winehouse was caught by one as well, the last lunar before her death was at 24.23 Gemini / Sagittarius, slap bang on her Moon ( with an orb of 4 minutes ).

The eclipse degrees in 1969 seemed to have no relevance for Brian Jones.

The one in May 1938 fell 6 degrees from Robert Johnson’s Sun but we have to be fairly tight with these because otherwise we could say everyone is killed by eclipses.

But I think it’s fair to count the 1988 lunar one for Jean Michel Basquiat which fell two weeks after his death at 4.28 Virgo / Pisces, just over 4 degrees from his Moon.

So lunar eclipses get 6 out of 8.

Its also worth noting that solar eclipses get none at all.

What about Solar Returns ?

Kurt Cobain’s looks like a very good fit.

The Sun is closely conjunct Saturn ( within a degree ) and is square to Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house.

The Moon is quincunx Uranus and Neptune.

Jimi Hendrix SR has nothing that would help us

Brian Jones’ however is a powerful testimony on its own.

Pluto bang on the Ascendant quincunx a Venus / Saturn conjunction in the 8th house is about as strong an indicator as you are likely to get.

Janis Joplin’s has Mars on the 8th house cusp opposite Pluto and forming a T Square with the Moon.

There is another T Square with Jupiter opposite Saturn focusing on an apex Sun.

Jim Morrison’s Solar Return has Saturn opposite the Ascendant within a degree.
Amy Winehouse’ one says virtually nothing.

We can’t use the Returns for Robert Johnson or Jean Michel Basquiat because we don’t have birth times.

So Solar Returns score 4 out of 6.

I have an ambivalent relationships with Solar Returns. While I feel that they definitely do provide an insight into the conditions for the year to come, I feel that their power often diminishes fairly quickly after the first month or two.

So maybe Lunar Returns can help here.

Jimi Hendrix’s last Lunar Return is a powerful one.

This time its Neptune on a Scorpio Ascendant but opposite Saturn creating a T Square with an apex Mars.

The Moon is in the 8th house and Mercury, its ruler is closely conjunct Pluto.

Amy Winehouse’s last Lunar Return has a Grand Cross involving Venus, Pluto and the joint rulers of the 8th house, Saturn and Uranus.

Brian Jones last lunar return has Pluto and the South Node right on the Midheaven.

There’s also an 8th house Moon in square to Saturn.

Janis Joplin’s lunar has a Sun / Pluto conjunction and an exact Moon / Uranus square.

Jim Morrison’s is less convincing, but Uranus is on the Ascendant and the Moon is in the 8th
Kurt Cobain’s has the Sun exactly quincunx Pluto and square Uranus and Neptune ( the 8th ruler ).

Mercury is also in the 8th closely square the Moon.

This gives the Lunar Returns a score of 6 out of 6.

Certainly if we combine Lunar Returns with Lunar Eclipses we have an unarguable case.

Even if its not the Progressed Moon as suggested by the astrologer at the beginning, it is the Moon what dunnit.

Capricorn Research – ” All of the above “

A few intelligent readers who are able to follow the argument – ” Wow, that’s fascinating “

Everyone else – ” They would have had their Saturn Return two years later “

Capricorn Research – ” xxx!!??xx “

Everyone else – ” Bloody pain in the arse Capricorn – blocked again “

Posted on May 18th 2022