The Dark Side Of The NRA – The Role Of Eclipses in US School Shootings

Whenever I’m looking for the dates of birth of famous people or institutions, I will first of all google ” horoscope of x ” just on the off chance that someone has already found a birth time for them.

So after another horrific murder of a whole class of schoolchildren in Texas this week I thought I’d check out the NRA chart.

The search took me straight to the NRA blog page – ” What’s your Gun Horoscope ” which rather than give me the date and time of birth of this hateful institution, presented me with a thoroughly detailed description of the most appropriate firearm for my Sun sign.

Capricorn—Earth sign with a hard-earned reputation for being calm, cool and self-disciplined. You haven’t missed a beat for years and, like the reliable Henry Steel Big Boy .44, always keep running in the toughest conditions. All your friends know the only thing more buttery smooth than this lever-action is you under stress, so you might as well make them doubly envious by claiming the second-place finisher for yourself. “

So the only thing a self respecting old goat can do is take my Big Boy and aim it at straight at the heart of the biggest bastards on the planet.

Since so many of my articles on murderers seem to contain Scorpio placements, I feel I have to add a rider.

Scorpio is all about transformation. The essence of the sign is to explore experience in its deepest form, to reach down into the darkness and to immerse oneself in it in order to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

However, most of the characters on these pages, are not able to manage the last bit and seem to be quite happy to stay down there.

This is particularly likely to be the case if the Scorpio Sun has a hard aspect with Pluto as in the NRA chart.

There is also an exact Mars / Saturn conjunction in Capricorn to consider.

The Aquarius Moon opposition with Uranus could be speaking about the quality of the opposition to the gun rights lobby.

What about the trigger happy nut job child killer ?

The synastry with the NRA chart is scary.

Ramos Sun is opposite the NRA Sun by about a degree.

He has a Mars / Saturn conjunction, opposite the NRA’s Mars / Saturn conjunction.

Ramos has a Jupiter / Uranus opposition. The NRA has the two in conjunction.

And Ramos has a Venus / Pluto opposition thrown in for good measure. The NRA has a Sun / Pluto opposition.

Given the heading of this article, astute readers will instantly see the relevance.

The traumatic lunar eclipse of 15 May falls right on the NRA Sun and opposite Ramos’ Sun.

The Moon is with half a degree of the NRA Sun and opposite Ramos’ Sun

The Sun in this chart falls in the 5th house of children.

The apex Saturn of this nasty T square is exactly – to the minute – square to both NRA and Ramos’ Suns

So the tragic murder of 19 young students and 2 teachers was indicated by the eclipse and the chart shows the true killer to be the NRA.

Not convinced ?

Well have a look at the others then.

School shootings in the US happen at the rate of over 1 a week. There have been 7 with a casualty rate of over 20.

The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Parkland Florida of February 14th 2018 saw 17 children killed and as many injured.

The following day there was a solar eclipse.

This eclipse degree falls at 27 Aquarius in very close square aspect to the NRA Sun.

For Parkland the eclipse falls in the 8th house of death.

This eclipse would also cover the Santa Fe High School shootings in Texas on May 18th 2018 when 10 children were killed and 14 injured.

You may think that 3 months is too long for an eclipse to impact on something but take a look at the chart.

The Sun is exactly square to the eclipse degree and opposite the NRA Sun.

I don’t have details of the exact time that this tragedy occurred, but the Moon in Cancer opposite to a 5th house Saturn fits the symbolism well.

Another that stands out in many people’s memories is the Columbine High School massacre.

Again there is a Cancer Moon but the main focus here is on an exact Mars in Scorpio / Saturn opposition which is part of a T square with an apex Neptune.

This combined with Venus exactly opposite a 5th house Pluto painted a picture of pure evil – for more information on this see Howling For Columbine

The timing of it was to celebrate Hitler’s birthday but the connection with the eclipse of February that year again points the real finger of blame.

Eclipses have a 19 year pattern and this one falls at exactly the same minute 27 Aquarius 08 as the Parkland one.

So again the eclipse degree is closely square to the NRA Sun.

The Sandy Hook school shooting of December 14th 2012 saw 20 children aged 6 -7 murdered together with 7 adults.

The Moon was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

And the eclipse a month before it….

The eclipse falls within 3 degrees of the NRA Sun.

The University of Texas tower shooting on Aug 1st 1966 saw 18 people murdered and 31 injured.

The eclipse before that one…

At 28.55 Taurus, this one fell a within a minute of opposition to the NRA Sun at 28.56 Scorpio.

The worst school shooting in terms of sheer volume was the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16th 2007, in Blacksburg.

The eclipse before that one.

Again it falls at 28 degrees. Granted this one is trine the NRA Sun but that is more than compensated by the fact that it falls in the 5th house and is in exact square to Pluto.

So the top seven worst school shootings in the US are all linked to eclipses that fall right on the NRA Sun.

Ted Cruz might not see the connection between these murders and the National Rifle Association but his 2nd house Jupiter is at 25 Scorpio so he is probably getting paid by them for his observations.

Given that he is a Texan Senator and that state has been the centre of 3 of the worst 7 shootings, you would think he might be tempted to keep his mouth shut but nope.

And he’s not the only one.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has the Sun at 21 Scorpio, conjunct the NRA Sun.

He also has a Moon / Uranus conjunction falling within a few degrees of the NRA opposition between the two planets.

And Abbott’s Venus is within half a degree of the NRA’s Mars / Saturn conjunction.

One very interesting thing about all this powerful synastry is the upcoming transits.

Uranus is about to oppose both the NRA and Abbott’s Suns.

Given that it is powerfully placed in both charts, this transit should have a strong impact.

Maybe it will in the governorship election in November.

The chart for the poll opening in Texas is stunning.

The election, yes you guessed it falls right on another lunar eclipse.

Abbott is obviously represented by the Ascendant as the incumbent and he just happens to have the Sun at 21 Scorpio.

The challenger is represented by the Descendant. Yes of course he is.

Beto O’Rourke’s Moon is in Taurus, close to the Moon in the election chart.

So what will happen in November ?

Uranus, as you can see is absolutely taking sides, in close conjunction with the Taurus Moon and opposite the Scorpio Sun.

Abbott’s significator in the Midterm contest chart is Mars, O’Rourke’s is Venus.

The Moon has no relationship with Mars but is applying to an opposition with Venus.

Beto O’Rourke challenged Greg Abbott in his press conference after the Uvalde shooting.

The governor’s response was ” How dare you try to make political capital out of our inhumane and shit policies “

It is looking like this combination of eclipses will cause a seismic change in the Texan gubernatorial mansion.

Ramos choice of weapon was a newly acquired AR 15 rifle which according to the NRA website…

” A sign that sees something they want and goes for it. That’s the new Ruger Precision Rifle, of course. You’ve already called FFLs in your area, across the state and every adjoining state. You have Ruger on your speed dial, two dealers are now blocking your hourly calls and there’s no way you’re going to be the second person at the range with one. “

That’s Aries.

So I guess murdering a school full of innocent children is a Moon sign activity.

But he was just the one to pull the trigger.

I have taken into account the exact orbs of these eclipse aspects to the NRA Sun and have calculated the odds against this occurring by chance to be 100 trillion to 1.

The guns were loaded by the NRA. This article proves it.

Posted on May 28th 2022