Ringo Starr – Birth of The AntiChrist

Some dates stand out more than others. Feb 5th 1962 saw not only a solar eclipse but also  an unprecedented 7 planet stellium in Aquarius. This had prompted astrologer / psychic Jean Dixon to predict that the antichrist would be born on this day.

Dixon also went on to say that a child would be born “somewhere in the Middle East”, who would “revolutionize the world and eventually unite all warring creeds and sects into one all-embracing faiths”, and who would bring peace on Earth by 1999.

Needless to say this was one more of those high profile predictions that was laughably dismissed by those who see astrologers as people who wear blackboards with ” the end is nigh ” written on them.

Until yesterday I had not heard of this prediction, but was alerted to it by someone who’d read my piece on Eddie Izzard  who was born two days later and suggested this must be the figure Dixon had in mind.

In many ways I can see this connection. Izzard has long been my favourite comedian, and only a couple of days ago, I watched his first ever filmed piece. His wonderful take on religion could well be seen by some nutcases as belonging to the antichrist and if ever anyone could bring the world together in peace it would have to be someone whose method was to make them laugh.

But the two days late thing made me question it.

There are a lot of astrologers who will happily assert that an eclipse can have an effect at any time over the following 6 months until the next one, without batting an eyelid. No wonder statisticians take us to the cleaners.

For me an eclipse can definitely have a major impact on that day but the vast majority of events that have been ascribed to them can be put down to other astrological factors. So much as I wanted Eddie Izzard’s stellium and Pisces Moon to reflect both saviour and antichrist I felt the need to research this thing further.

On googling Feb 5th 1962, I came across an event that was relatively unnoticed at the time but proved to mark the birth of the single biggest thing in popular culture and has been unmatched since then.

On Feb 5th 1962 an unknown local band were scheduled to play at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The drummer told his fellow musicians that he was ill and wouldn’t be able to appear. Determined not to cancel the show, they looked around for a replacement and found someone whose own band had the day off to play in his stead.

Needless to say this band was the Beatles and the temp was Ringo Starr, who within a few months became the permanent replacement for Pete Best. Love Me Do was released and the world changed beyond recognition.

So in effect this is the chart for the birth of The Beatles.


The time of the gig contains a touch of poetic licence but it is almost certain that the bulk of this stellium would fall in the 5th house of creativity.

Some people might call this thing the antichrist, what with John Lennon’s observations about being more popular than the other one but many more would say the impact that the Beatles was the main reason we didn’t have World War 3.

So Jean Dixon was largely right. Her prediction was that the child would be born in morning with Aquarius also rising, but actually the Moon being exactly opposite Uranus ticks that box even more profoundly.

And Middle East ? Liverpool in the early 60s ? Its an easy mistake to make.




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