Peering Out On A Post Brexit Landscape

I often ask myself what is an astrologer’s job and how should they be judged ? If there was a version of Ofsted, what would it be called ? Ofscope or Oflimits ?

More to the point how would such an organisation assess us ? Presumably in the same way that all its other incarnations judge the hapless souls that are trying to do their own jobs to the best of their ability. Simply on hard and fast results.

How would this impact on astrology ? We would inevitably be tested on the accuracy of our predictions of events, because these are the only things that can be assessed in this manner.

This would result in a predictions being watered down. There would be a much greater propensity even amongst astrologers to talk in vague general terms that can be applied to anything ( many would say that happens anyway ).

The one thing that we could be sure of is that our services to our clients would suffer as a direct result, much in the same way that the box ticking culture that has become endemic in the world of teaching and health has had a negative impact on the education of our children and the wellness of our people.

Is it our job to predict events anyway or are we pandering to an invisible Ofsted version of the Universe by doing so ? Are we guilty of putting too much emphasis on ends rather than means ?

Our job, as I see it is to educate other people in the essentially symbolic nature of the Cosmos, by pointing out the energies and themes that are being played out in their own lives and also on the broader stage. Hopefully with the result that they will be better placed to make constructive choices that dovetail with the themes of the moment rather than finding themselves constantly at odds with them.

Some astrologers say ” Astrology says this will happen, its written in the stars “. No it doesn’t.

At any one moment, a study of the planets positions will give all kinds of information, much of it contradictory as anyone who has had a computer generated birth chart analysis can testify.

The astrologer’s job using their own favourite methods is to sift through all this information in order to give their clients the most likely description of the major energies impacting on their lives at the time.

And then afterwards we claim that our predictions were right, when in fact what happened was that the description that we picked was reasonably accurate.

So when Capricorn Research claims to be one of the very few in astrology and politics to have predicted David Cameron’s outright election victory in May 2015, I may have ticked Ofscope’s Satisfactory box, buts thats not quite what I said.

What I actually said was ” The most sensible reading of all this is that David Cameron will gain an outright majority at the next election and the coalition will be over, and as a political force so will Nick Clegg.”

At around the same time I started to mention that Donald Trump’s progressed Sun being conjunct his Ascendant and Uranus and Jupiter transits for 2016 and the beginning of 2017 warranted much more consideration of a successful Presidential campaign than was being assessed at the time.

At that time he was 40 / 1 for the White House, something that I took as being a remarkably generous offer to fund my research.

Even at the current odds of 11/4 I still think thats worth a punt.

Every other astrologer that I’m aware of has gone for Hillary by the way.

But if Trump does not make it to the White House, I won’t accept being put into ” special measures ” by Ofscope.

It is simply a reading of the energies available which perhaps should make people challenge their assumptions. Since I first made those observations about Trump, we have seen a scary political shift towards the right, with its two fingered gestures towards the established political elite and so called experts.

Maybe this trend will continue unchecked by humanity and will usher in President Trump. Maybe the UK’s taste of it through Brexit will enable the American people to see the dangers and to mobilise the vote in sufficient numbers to avoid such a scenario.

I don’t believe that fate is immutable, but the less conscious people are of the astrological energies of the time, the more they are bound to them, for better or worse.

And this is where we find ourselves currently in the UK. Maybe if the 18-24 age group that only managed to get off 30 % their arses to vote, had been trained in the niceties of the 1066 and 1801 charts for Britain, perhaps they would not now be so angry at the electoral choices of their parents generation.

Harold Wilson is famous for two things, for being Prime Minister when England won the World Cup ( for which he took an unreasonable amount of credit ) and for saying ” a week is a long time in politics “.

I am writing this paragraph exactly a week after waking up to the apocalypse of Brexit and the last week in politics feels not only as long as the 50 years of hurt since 1966 but also the current assessment of how long it will be until we win it again.

Perhaps the main reason for studying astrology is to gain a more accurate understanding of our true place in the Universal scheme of things.

Last week the majority of the people of England acted on being given visions of their true place as that of the great empire of the past that should be standing on its own two feet and not being told what to do by foreigners.

This week the same people have been forced to come to terms with that place now being politically and sportingly just below Iceland.

Boris Johnson, the person responsible for cultivating these illusions in the first place in order to try and get the job of Prime Minister, has run off into hiding admitting that he was never up to the job anyway.

Its difficult to know what an astrological representation of being ” all mouth and no trousers ” would be but perhaps a stellium in Gemini including Mars at the apex of a Tsquare, with an exact Jupiter / Neptune opposition paints the picture quite well.


Boris Johnson

Johnson is basically a journalist and his chart shows that he’s perfectly cut out to be one. For Geminis it doesn’t much matter what is being said, as long as there is communication. In fact its much better if the topics and opinions are constantly being changed because that adds freshness and interest to the debate.

But you can’t force someone with a stellium in Gemini to take responsibility for opinions voiced on the path. That’s like trying to grasp at thin air with your fist. They have moved on to another topic, they only said that at the time for you to be their friend anyway.

That Mercury in Gemini would simply be voicing the flavour of the moment never mind the month.

And at 19 Gemini, Johnson’s is remarkably close to the Mercury of that of the Brexit poll chart.


Here Mercury is assailed by a Grand Cross in Mutable signs which, as astrologers all knew, meant that the debate would turn very nasty and would certainly focus on the Saturn / Neptune / Jupiter fears around immigration.

Johnson’s own Mercury inevitably got entangled with all this and he gave voice to it. He didn’t actually believe it himself, not like Nigel Farage. Its just that everyone was chatting about it so he thought why not ?

Much the same as fellow Gemini Donald Trump is not really going to build a wall along the Mexican border if he becomes President. Its just what you say at the time to entertain your mates.

Fortunately, Michael Gove has arranged things so that we don’t have to spend the next 4 years listening to the disconnected witterings of an apex Mars in Gemini, only the readers of the Daily Telegraph are left with that privilege.

And poor old Boris is left spluttering ” I thought you were my friend “.

All of us could do with a little bit of knowledge of astrology, but perhaps Gemini stelliums need it more than most, because they are prone to see things as they appear rather than as they are.

Michael Gove

Gove also has a stellium in a Mercury ruled sign, hence Johnson would have thought they were on the same side.

However Gemini and Virgo are signs that are in antagonistic square to each other, and if there’s one thing Virgo hates, its people who change their minds and will probably bugger off before the work is completed.

Johnson’s apex Gemini Mars is in the 8th house in square to Uranus and Saturn, nicely pointing to the fact that his political death ( 8th house Mars square Saturn ) will come suddenly, unexpectedly ( square Uranus ) from one of his mates ( in the 11th house of friends ).

We don’t have an accurate birth time for Julius Caesar, but the suspicion is of something similar.

Johnson’s Uranus being at 6 Virgo makes it pretty clear who the friendly assassin is. Gove has the Sun, Mercury and Venus between 2 and 8 Virgo.

So will this 21st century version of Brutus take over as Tory emperor, or will he be outmanoeuvred by a modern day Mark Antony ?

As Gove’s Sun is early Virgo it seems that his best chance would have been Jupiter’s transits and that has already passed. If he was born in the late evening he might get a little bit of help from it being trine his Moon, but really we would need something in late Virgo to make the most of the big planet’s auspicious rays.

Liam Fox

Fox has the Sun at 29 Virgo and interestingly will have Jupiter on his Sun for the first couple of weeks of September.

Perhaps more importantly he also has Uranus opposite his Mercury and Mars for the next 3 months so we should see him strongly stating his Brexit credentials during the leadership elections.

Virgos do not generally make great leaders. They are usually the ones doing all the work behind the scenes. The Labour party has had three of them but that’s more understandable given its Virgoan nature. None of these three, George Brown, Arthur Henderson and John Smith have actually made it to Prime Minister however. The Conservative party has only had one Virgoan in charge, Andrew Bonar Law.

Also just like in the US, we have not had a Piscean Moon Prime Minister. I wonder why that is ?

In fact the only leader of either party to have the Moon in Pisces was the lovable and aptly Piscean named Michael Foot. Which probably explains a lot.

Its possible that Fox was born before 10 am in which case he would have the Moon in Aquarius. But of course the Tories have never had a leader with the Moon in this sign, unless you count Tony Blair.

So the Old Etonian Tories don’t normally go for male Virgoans with the Moon in Pisces or Aquarius. Those signs just don’t really resonate with the Bullingdon club.

But when they are in trouble, they are rather keen on Libran nanny figures with a strong  Pluto / Saturn influence and the Moon in Leo, to hold their hands and give them a clip round the ear whilst making them take their medicine.

Margaret Thatcher

For more details of the Wicked Witch of the West see Margaret Thatcher – The Plutonian Lady

So now when the events of this momentous week have reduced the likes of Cameron and Johnson to quivering wrecks running to the doors of their nursery and calling for Mary Poppins, we have to look round and see if there is anyone whose chart looks remotely similar.

Theresa May

Obviously this one’s nowhere near as rabid as the original. That Libra Sun isn’t conjunct Mars at the apex of a nasty Jupiter / Pluto T Square.

But the Moon could be in Leo and it certainly is conjunct Pluto.

And although we don’t have a birth time for May, the noon chart puts Saturn bang on a Scorpio Ascendant.

So in the absence of a real grade A scumbag, this one will probably have to do.

May has a Jupiter Return just about now and the big planet will be conjunct her Sun just in time for a rousing Churchillian speech at the end of the Tory party conference in October.

So while not completely ruling out Liam Fox’s Brexit credentials, Theresa May has to be the astrological favourite.

As for looking at the charts of Stephen Crabbe and Andrea Leadsom, I really can’t be arsed even if I do get downgraded by Ofscope for it. I just can’t be bothered to tick all their boxes and fill in their forms.

Just like the overworked teachers and doctors of this country, I have charts of actual real people to do.



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