Marc Dutroux – A Real Nasty Piece of Work

The greatest gift that anyone can have in this life is understanding of ourselves and other people. Because of this fact the role of an astrologer is one of the most important in the world today.

An astrologer helps us to understand ourselves without judgement. They simply show us the energies that are in play in our psyche and in our life. A good astrologer will also help us to make the best of them, and hopefully give advice on how to safely express and deal with some of the more negative traits that are there.

Capricorn Research does not claim the title astrologer. I do occasionally give astrological advice to clients based on my own experience and understanding, but I do not feel it is my calling.

I am essentially an astrological researcher. I work with an enormous database of charts of people, many of whom are famous, some not so but none of these people are my personal clients. I do not take it upon myself to offer any of them advice on how to make the best of their charts.

I try as much as possible to steer away from any character assessment. This, however accurate, does involve a fair amount of subjectivity and value judgement. I wish to stick as closely as possible to proven events and to explain the connections between the person’s chart and these moments in their lives.

My job is simply to report the connections between events and astrology.

When I make a link between the symbolism of the chart and a particular event, I don’t suggest that it was inevitable or that the same symbolism in another person’s chart will trigger the same event. If one person commits an act with a planet in a particular sign, house or aspect to another, I am in no way suggesting that other people with similar placings are likely to commit similar acts.

However if a collection of charts of people with a similar experience shows that a particular planetary placing comes up significantly more than average, I feel that it is my duty to report that fact.

I would hope that my work helps astrologers in gaining a greater understanding of the forces at play within their discipline and maybe it helps them in the constructive advice that they give their clients.

Regular readers of these pages will know that a lot of them are devoted to murderers. This is not because of an  infatuation with the macabre but simply because a murder is an event that is so unique. It is without question the lowest that a human being can sink to, but it is also a moment in time that encapsulates and symbolises the indications in a chart like no other.

It may be that a politician becomes a president or prime minister, or a prince inherits a throne. The moment of their attaining this office would be extremely significant, but so would their whole period in that office.

In the case of serial murderers we could say that the period during which they commit murders would have a similar significance, but even in these cases the first act when a human being sinks to these depths is a moment so horrific that it generally has a much stronger astrological connection than almost any other.

The reason Capricorn Research looks at so many charts of murderers is because they are often the most singular and dramatic ones.

This is definitely so in the case of Marc Dutroux a Belgian serial killer who made a career of kidnapping, raping, torturing and killing children.

His pattern dated back to at least 1983 when he was charged in the rape of a 50-year old woman.

Dutroux was an abusive husband who beat his wife, he divorced in January 1985. By then he was involved with Michele Martin, a former teacher later convicted as an accomplice to the rapes.

In 1989, Dutroux had been given 13 years in prison for raping five young girls between the ages of 12 and 19, but had been released in three years.

When Dutroux was released from prison in 1992, he and Michelle quickly acquired at least six houses, all inexpensive and run-down, in Charleroi and other towns in southwest Belgium. Police suspected that he was trafficking in guns, pornography and prostitution. They confiscated stolen goods that they found but did not arrest Dutroux.

In the summer of 1995, two vacationing girls disappeared. They had been snatched, chloroformed and shoved in a van. On December that year, Dutroux was arrested for car theft. When police investigated his home they heard the girl’s voices but did not find the cell that Dutroux had built in the basement. When he was released from jail in March, he found the girls dead of starvation. He was so angry at the neglect of his colleague, Weinstein, for allowing this to happen that he drugged him and buried him alive in the garden.

Other girls were disappearing from the local villages, young teenagers. As kids had been disappearing, the community was on alert and when he was seen picking up a 14-year old, someone got the license number of his car and the cops investigated.

Finally Dutroux was arrested, along with his wife, in August 1996. He broke down under interrogation and led the police to Sabine Dardenne and Letitia Delhez, both drugged and suffering multiple rapes, locked in the basement cell.

Four days later Dutroux led police to the bodies of Julie and Melissa two eight-year old girls who had been kidnapped in June 1995. They had been raped, tortured and abused for eight months, then starved to death.

Later, more bodies were uncovered to complete the monstrous nightmare. The Dutroux case gained worldwide attention, not only because of the horrific nature of the crimes, but also the gross negligence and amateurism of police and government officials involved in the investigation, causing the resignation and dismissal of several officials.

Marc Dutroux was a Sun / Ascendant Scorpio. It should be pointed out that neither Sun nor Ascendant occur significantly more frequently than others in the charts of the 545 Murderers that are on my database. Scorpio is the most common Moon sign however, with a figure of 128% of the expected score.

I do realise, however that this sign does feature a lot in these articles. This is not because I have an axe to grind with Scorpio, in fact it is a sign that I have the utmost respect for because I know that people with it strong in their charts are dealing with an intensity of feeling and experience that is beyond the rest of us.

The reason that it comes up so often is that these articles are principally about the power of Pluto transits to affect dramatic events and turning points in the subjects lives. As Pluto rules Scorpio its likely that people with this sign strong are even more powerfully effected by its transits.


Marc Dutroux

Dutroux has the Sun conjunct the Ascendant. Scorpios as a rule like to keep their own stuff to themselves. Other people would be entirely unaware of the seething mass of intense emotions that they experience.

However with the Sun on the Ascendant, keeping a lid on your emotions is not possible. Everything has to be projected outward into action.

Dutroux also has the Moon in Sagittarius, a sign that is emotionally extrovert and not one to restrain its behaviour. What’s more this Moon is the apex of a T Square based on an opposition between Mars and Jupiter. This pattern is likely to produce an extremely selfish character whose own feelings and urges would dominate everyone else.

The Scorpio combination with this T Square could easily produce sadistic violence on a grand scale.

Saturn is also square to Pluto, an aspect that everyone born during the autumn of 1956 would have, but it has more personal relevance when it comes to transits.

Capricorn Research has 5 charts of Dutroux’s victims but does not like to publish the charts of children in these kinds of cases, but each one has powerful distinctive features that indicate their gruesome and horrific fate.

One had a Sun / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the 12th house of imprisonment square to the Moon in the 8th house of death.

Another had a Sun and Moon conjunction in the 8th opposite Saturn and T squared to an apex Uranus.

Another had a Sun / Saturn conjunction in the 12th, with a Moon / Venus / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio.

Another had a Sun / Moon / Venus / Neptune conjunction in the 8th all square to Saturn

Another had a TSquare with an apex Moon / Neptune conjunction in the 8th.

Coming back to Dutroux, Pluto is the one planet that could stoop to murder. Its transits could well be the ones that trigger this horrendous act. But in the charts of serial killers it often seems to have a different impact.

Pluto is the planet of karma. When you get your Pluto transit, it may seem to be something completely unexpected and dramatic, something that blows away all past experience. There is often major loss involved. But on some level, Pluto gives us what deep down we really deserve.

Invariably it’s major transits in the charts of these killers come when its retribution time. When they are finally arrested and have to be punished for their deeds.

Among the many examples of this are Peter Sutcliffe, who was finally arrested when Pluto squared the Moon / Saturn in the 8th house that was instrumental in his killing spree.

Harold Shipman, the medic who killed off lots of elderly women had Pluto opposite his Moon when he was arrested.

The child killer Alejandro Avila was sentenced to death when Pluto squared his Sun.

Bob Berdella was arrested when Pluto was square his Sun and died in prison when it squared his Mars.

Dean Corll, another serial child killer was himself shot and killed by one of his accomplices when Pluto squared his Sun.

Clayton Lockett was born with Venus conjunct Pluto in the 8th house. He was executed when Pluto squared that Venus

And Klaus Barbie the wartime Butcher of Lyon was arrested when Pluto was conjunct his Sun despite it being 40 years after his crimes were committed.

In Marc Dutroux’s case Pluto was conjunct his Sun and Ascendant in 1989 when he was arrested for raping 5 young girls and sentenced to 13 years.

Really this should have been final and the end of his vicious and brutal career, but owing to the incompetence of the legal system, he was released after 3 years, and continued his vile deeds.

So Pluto had to have another go at him, which it did by repeating its natal aspect to Saturn, this time by conjunction in 1996 when he was finally caught.

We all have a choice about how we choose to live our lives, even double Scorpios. If we choose to do our worst, Pluto will definitely find us out and dole out the necessary punishment.



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