Royal Families – Top of The Jupiter / Saturn Index

The Capricorn Research Project contains a breakdown of over 20,000 charts into 72 different categories. The charts are separated into groups based on choice of career, lifestyle or specific actions or incidents that occurred in these peoples lives.

Many of the articles under the research heading will look at the astrological patterns that people in the same groups have in common, but it is also very interesting to compare all of the separate groups to see what the differences are. There are so many different ways that this could be done, for example looking at the strength of Mars in each group to see if there is a difference between boxers and painters. There are so many possibilities for analysis which would take many years to process but Capricorn Research has made a start in this direction with the Jupiter / Saturn index.

Jupiter and Saturn are polar opposites. Jupiter is the great benefic, the planet of expansion, the bringer of joy along with material benefits and success. Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter as well as an optimistic outlook and a view of life as an adventure. People with a strong  Jupiter are likely to enjoy the good things in life but they may also come to expect them by right. This can result in an overindulgent nature but also in a laziness because they don’t see the need to work hard for things.

Saturn is the great malefic, the planet of limitation, the bringer of sorrow and hardship. Saturn is the planet of misfortune, it gives a serious and pessimistic outlook although people with a strong Saturn would describe it as a realistic one. Life is a struggle working against obstacles and restrictions and nothing comes easily or quickly. Saturn’s role however, is to make people find self discipline and to work hard to overcome these restrictions. If people respond positively to Saturn’s teaching they can achieve great things particularly in terms of self mastery but it will be done the hard way.

In order to look at all the relative strengths and weakness of Jupiter and Saturn in these groups of charts we would have to come up with a very complicated weighting formula for the many different aspects, sign and house positions of the two planets relative to everything else. To simplify things the Jupiter / Saturn index only considers one aspect : the frequency of the Sun’s conjunction to both planets.

The results are based on the percentage score of the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter and Saturn relative to the expected score. The Jupiter / Saturn index result is the percentage score for the Sun conjunct Jupiter minus the same for the Sun conjunct Saturn. So people with the highest index score would have the highest frequency of Sun / Jupiter conjunctions and the lowest of Sun / Saturn conjunctions. So we would expect people at the top end of the index to have lots of benefits in life many of them inherited and these advantages would come to them with little or no effort of their own. They would naturally feel comfortable with the authority systems around them and would express themselves easily in society. Those people at the bottom end of the index would view life as a struggle against the world with many disadvantages that again could be inherited. They would frequently come up against authority figures that would want to restrict them and hold them back and would not feel at ease in society in general.

The results of the Jupiter / Saturn Index are quite astonishing.  The group that comes top by a massive distance is the sample of 229 Royal Families. The index score is 125, and the next highest is 81. The Royals result is made up of the highest Sun / Jupiter conjunction figure of 204% and a relatively low Sun / Saturn figure of 79%.

Its important to know that the sample for Royal Families does not actually include Rulers. There is a separate sample of 118 Rulers which perhaps surprisingly has a Jupiter / Saturn index figure of zero. These Rulers have a high Sun / Jupiter figure of 137% but they also have exactly the same high Sun / Saturn figure.  This finding could be explained by the view that whilst rulers undoubtedly have all the advantages associated with a strong Jupiter they also experience an acute level of responsibility and in many cases have had to sacrifice much of their own personal lives to their role, characteristics that would be linked with a strong Saturn. A good example of this is our Queen who has a very strong Saturn at the top of her chart.

The Royal Family group may contain a few characters who will probably go on to become rulers themselves, like Prince Charles and William, but the vast majority of them have been taken from past royalty so it is essentially a group that receives all the benefits of a royal birth but very few of the responsibilities of actual rule. It is a quintessentially Jupiterean experience of vast inherited wealth and privilege. In most of these cases the individuals concerned have not had to work like the rest of us and any that chose to do so would have explored avenues of interest to themselves and certainly not been required to do so in order to survive.

Out of all of the 72 groups, Royal Families are the one that would be expected to top the Jupiter / Saturn index, having all the Jupiter benefits and relatively few of the Saturn hardships purely because of the apparent accident of birth. Of course astrology proves that these things are no accident. The fact that the Royals lead the index by a staggering distance is yet another extraordinary confirmation of our wonderful subject.

This is only part of the story, however. If the inherited benefits of the Royals help them to the very top of the index, which group would we expect at the bottom ? It would naturally be a group of people who come into the world with a major disadvantages  materially, socially and psychologically. These issues would impact throughout their lives and any success would have to come from their own hard work and establishment of a strong inner identity that wasn’t dependent on external factors. In other words a truly Saturnian group.

It is a scarcely credible fact that the group at the bottom of the Jupiter / Saturn index, again by a massive distance is the group of 88 Adopted subjects. Out of all of the groups involved the Adopted subjects are the ones with clearly the least inherited benefits and the loss of those fundamental relationship with natural parents that the vast majority of us take completely for granted. In deed we take these things so much for granted that it is hard for us to understand what an advantage they in fact are.

The Adopted group is an absolute opposite of the Royal Family group and the actual results provide a bizarre mirror image view. Whilst the Royals scored a staggering + 125 with the next highest group getting + 81, the Adopted group scored  – 123 with the next lowest group on –  93. The Adopted group’s score is made up of a very low Sun / Jupiter at 61% and an extremely high Sun / Saturn at 184%.

This finding on its own should be enough to prove astrology to most people.

Whilst these two groups have such a massive lead over the other samples at both ends of the index it is interesting to look at some of the other collections that score highly.  In second place with a score of 81 we have the group of 359 Lawyers. It is perhaps appropriate to point out that the majority of lawyers in this sample are American and probably have greater income and status than members of the same profession in other countries. The Lawyers Sun / Saturn result is an average one of 100% but the Sun / Jupiter is a very high 181%. So according to the index Lawyers receive tremendously high Jupiter type benefits but they do also have to do an average day’s Saturn type work for them.

In 3rd place we have the group of 117 Aviators scoring 77 on the index. This might be rather surprising but isn’t at all once we examine more of the Jupiter character.  Jupiter is expansive, adventurous and optimistic and is constantly looking to expand its horizons and explore new territory. It insists on the freedom to do things in its own way and will not accept restraints imposed by others. If any planet looks to the skies it is Jupiter. It is relevant to point out that many of the Aviator samples come from the early days of flight and as such would be real pioneers who would naturally have a strong drive for adventure and risk taking even at the possible cost of their own lives. Many people might suggest that the Saturnine characteristics of mental toughness and concentration would also be required by the aviators and the results do reflect this as the have an above average Sun / Saturn score of 108% but this is blown away by a Sun / Jupiter score of 185%.

In 4th place we have 123 Classical Conductors with an index score of 73. Their Sun / Jupiter score is 132% lower than many groups further down the table but their Sun / Saturn score is very low at 59%. In the world of classical music, conductors do obviously stand out as leaders and the placing at the front of an orchestra is very Jupiter. Its interesting to note that the the groups of 404 Classical Musicians and 262 Classical Composers reside firmly in mid table with index scores of  9 and -6 respectively.

5th place might also be surprising in that it is a group of 116 Basketball players particularly as Sport in general is strictly mid table stuff. This group have an index figure of 62 but this is mainly due to an enormous score for Sun / Jupiter of 202% along with a quite high Saturn score of 140%.   Perhaps the Jupiter effect here is in sheer physical size. Jupiter is the largest planet and people with strong Jupiters tend to be larger and there is a tendency to be overweight particularly compared with their Saturn counterparts who are of leaner, sparer build. It may be that Jupiter has an influence over height as well, a possible future topic for research.

The top 6 is completed by 299 World Leaders who are Presidents or Prime Ministers or the equivalent in their own countries. This group has an index score of 60 which is made up 144 Sun / Jupiter and 84 Sun / Saturn. Again, World Leaders would be expected to have a strong Jupiter and so its not surprising that they are so high in the table.

One point to make is that it is a little harder for groups with larger sample sizes to make the extreme top or bottom of the tables so a mention in passing should go to a group of 916 Famous Families who are made up mainly of the spouse and children of celebrities. This group are in 13th place in the table with an index score of 45. Much like the table topping Royal Families, this group inherits considerable advantage in terms of material and social status.

At the bottom of the table eyebrows might be raised to find the three places above the Adopted group to be Jazz Musicians, Comedians and Pop Musicians with scores of  – 93,  – 77 and – 57 respectively. It is probably true that many members of these groups have an alternative and unconventional approach to the world and may have experienced a restrictive Saturnian response from the authorities.

The vast majority of the Jazz Musicians group come from a generation that was active during the middle of last century and probably came from underprivileged backgrounds. They may have acquired a certain degree of fame but many of them probably didn’t make a lot of money. This might explain the exceptionally low score. In fact the Jazz Musicians had the lowest Sun / Jupiter score of 46%.

Pop Musicians had quite a decent Sun / Jupiter score of 126 % but a very high Sun / Saturn score of  183%. This is not so easy to explain but it might be related to drug and alcohol issues that followed many of these subjects around.

Speaking of which the next lowest scoring group is 337 Alcoholics with an index score of  -53. Alcohol is something that most of us pursue with varying degrees of interest but Alcoholism has been the subject of much study with no clear ideas as to its causes.  This group scores an above average 112 % on the Sun / Jupiter but a significantly high 165 on the Sun / Saturn scale. Jupiter has generally been seen as the planet of indulgence but alcoholism is of a much greater degree and its probably used as a escape from life rather than a Jupiterean enjoyment of it. A very strong Saturn together with the difficulties coping with the harsh realities and frustrations that the planet brings seem to be significant factors in driving someone towards alcoholism.

The Jupiter Saturn Index is an interesting astrological scale. It cannot be the final word on the relative impact of both planets as there are so many astrological factors. Research on a wider scale might reveal similar trends from the other aspects between the Sun and Jupiter and Saturn. It would also be worth looking at the aspects of other planets to these two, particularly the Moon and Mars. We could also look at the relative sign and house positions of the two giants to see what impact they have. Capricorn Research is keen to look at some of these areas in time.

But the absolutely staggering fact of this index based simply on the conjunctions to the Sun is that the Royal Families come top by a country mile and the Adopted group come bottom by much the same distance. So whether you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you’ve decidedly drawn the short straw seems to be very much in the province of that bringer of joy Jupiter or the bringer of sorrow Saturn.


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6 thoughts on “Royal Families – Top of The Jupiter / Saturn Index

  1. continuously i used to read smaller content that as well clear their motive, and
    that is also happening with this article which I am reading here.

  2. Spectacular analysis! Bravo!

    Observing extreme relationships of Big-Picture Planets is an excellent way to see how astrology works, and how little we have to say about it, free-will be damned. We might, therefore, infer from this that all of the planets in even the less-extreme aspects would operate in the same way, even though weights and strengths of the less-obvious planets and aspects are beyond our capabilities to measure.

    • Thanks Franklin. I have often thought that this kind of method would be a good way to prove astrology. Rather than seeing how many times a planet occurs in a particular sign, we should try and formulate a system that gives weight to a planetary energy.
      As Jupiter and Saturn are just such obvious opposites I thought I’d compare the two and hey presto royalty at one end, adoption at the other.
      I may look to do similar indexes with other planetary combinations to see what’s there.

  3. I have recently come to believe that if we could properly measure the strength of every planet in relationship to every other planet in every situation, even when seemingly out of aspect, that we could see the future as clearly as the past.

    In so doing we run the risk of possibly discovering that we are but passing events in a chain of causality stretching all the way backward to the Big Bang, and all the way forward to a future that is already written.

    • I tend to agree with you. So many scientists think that its all accident and chaos, which is absurd given the perfection of sheer order that exists all around us. Maybe they are just projecting the chaos in their own minds.

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