Princess Diana And The Four Apoc-Eclipses For The Royal Family

Most observers whether astrological, political or just the man in the street hold the view that the English royal family’s days are numbered.

Once the Queen dies – see – The Role of Eclipses , it’s expected that the standing and role of the Windsors will be downgraded. It’s even likely that a largely obsessed and sychophantic press will grow tired of their antics and start to hand out the kind of treatment that they currently only reserve for Meghan.

How has the oldest and most influential monarchy come to this ? It’s largely because of one woman, a shy, anxiety prone, bulimic, kindergarten assistant who refused to accept the role cast for her of provider of an heir and a spare while her husband continued philandering at polo parties in the same way that his ancestors had done.

I have written articles about Princess Diana before – see Charles and Diana – A Match Made In Heaven and Princess Diana’s Death – Why ? .

As we approach the 25th anniversary of her ” untimely ” and tragic death, this feels like this is an appropriate time to reassess her role in the broader scheme of things.

Diana was an archetype. Her life can only be really understood if it is perceived in this way.

She is a daughter of the Moon, even named after the Moon goddess. She has the Sun in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, in the 7th house of marriage.

Diana also has the Moon in Aquarius opposite Uranus, a placement that the keenest revolutionary would kill for.

And it is by simply fulfilling the role required of her Sun and Moon that she brought the English monarchy and the establishment virtually to its knees during her lifetime.

Readers may consider this an exaggerated interpretation of her life, but consider her synastry with the chart for the country itself.

This is the chart for the coronation of William the Conqueror, almost 900 years before Diana was born. To this day it still resonates strongly as a symbol of Englishness.

Here we have a chart for the UK timed for the Unification with Ireland in 1801 which works very strongly as the political chart for the nation.

Note the one thing they have in common.

The Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn, a mere quarter of a degree separates them.

Diana’s Sun at 9.40 Cancer falls exactly opposite to both of them and right on the MC / IC axis of the two charts.

So this great Capricorn institution that has stood for almost a millennium faces its greatest symbolic threat from the Cancerian Princess Of Hearts.

Note also another feature that both the 1066 and 1801 charts have in common – Pluto at 2 – 3 Pisces.

Princess Diana has a Mars / Pluto conjunction at 1 – 6 Virgo opposite the Pluto of England and the UK.

Diana’s Mars / Pluto is in the 8th and is symbolic of her tragic death.

On that fateful night in Paris, the Sun was conjunct Diana’s natal Pluto. Transit Pluto was square to Diana’s Mars / Pluto.

And Pluto was also in exact square to the 1066 and 1801 Pluto placements.

All this Pluto stuff was hitting another royal chart very powerfully.

George 1’s coronation in 1714 marked the beginning of the reign in England of the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha ( later to be renamed the Windsors ).

Note the Mars / Pluto conjunction at 6 – 7 Virgo in the 8th house of death.

Diana’s natal chart marked the Pluto Return of the Windsor dynasty.

This is the way astrology works, not in the A to B to C, cause and effect view of life.

Astrology works through the synchronicity of symbolic resonance.

The 1066, 1714 and 1801 charts all contained the seed of their own ending and Diana’s birth in 1961 and death in 1997 reflected this back to them.

It’s interesting that a Moonchild like Diana could have such a powerful darkening impact on solar institutions that had stood for hundreds of years, but that is built into the relationship of the lights.

Because four times a year we have eclipses that do exactly that.

And the main turning points of Diana’s life were strongly connected to and identified with eclipses.

They would never admit it but the Windsors would always have used astrology to elect coronation charts. You only have to look at Liz’s to see that the real reason for leaving it until the year after was that she was waiting for the planets to create a chart that would do justice to her reign.

They certainly had a decent attempt here.

The Sun is exactly on Charles’ Ascendant and the Moon is conjunct Diana’s Sun.

Both lights are in dignity.

Jupiter is rising.

What could be better ?

Well how about not choosing a time a mere 40 hours before an eclipse.

The solar eclipse right on Charles’ Ascendant bodes ill for this marriage. The South Node right on the Descendant confirms it.

This would be a schoolboy error on behalf of the court astrologer, but as we all know many of the popular Astros are barely out of kindergarten.

And of course they were all falling over themselves to praise the happy event the following year.

This was mostly based on the fact that the Sun was in exact trine to Jupiter on the Midheaven.

So he will become king.

But William was born on the day of another solar eclipse.

The fact that this eclipse falls right at the end of a sign on the Midheaven for London. Its right on the solstice point opposite Neptune as well, so he could well be the last king of England.

As soon as we see the eclipse we realise that William’s Sun and Moon in Cancer in the 7th house symbolises the end of his parent’s marriage.

In 1981 / 2, I had been a practicing astrologer for about 5 years, but I was sure that these two events were indicators of doom for the royal family and certainly no cause for the outpouring of sycophantic adulation from the press, the general public and every astrologers that expressed a viewpoint in print.

I had to wait for a decade for another eclipse to be proved right.

This one fell exactly on Diana’s natal Sun and coincided with Pluto transiting conjunct Charles’ Sun when Andrew Morton’s book revealed the desperate state of the royal marriage and Charles’ affair with Camilla.

1992 was the Queen’s ” annus horribilis “, a fair assessment of an eclipse falling exactly opposite the Sun in the charts for England / UK of 1066 and 1801.

Diana died on 31st August 1997.

Two days later there was yet another solar eclipse.

The eclipse degree is conjunct Diana’s 8th house Pluto and the 8th house Pluto of the George 1 chart.

The rising degree in Paris is exactly ( 10 minutes ) conjunct Diana’s Sun.

Pluto’s own position is square Diana’s Mars / Pluto and square to both the 1066 and 1801 Pluto.

The 25th anniversary of this tragic event will no doubt bring back some of the outpouring of grief that accompanied it. It’s also quite possible that the conspiracy theories that name check the royal family for being somehow involved in it will also resurface.

This year has already been a difficult one for the Windsors with Andrew’s shenanigans. He will no doubt feel his payoff will have put it all behind him.

This will definitely not be the case as Pluto will still be around his Mars / Venus conjunction until the end of 2023. And Saturn will be conjunct his Sun next year.

Liz is about to turn 96 this month and with next April’s eclipse falling right on her Sun you wouldn’t want to bet on her surviving 2023.

As said eclipse also falls on Charles’ 10th house Moon, it looks like the crown is finally going to be wedged onto those big ears.

But Pluto moving into Aquarius has not been great for royal families. The last time brought about the French Revolution.

So when will Diana get her revenge ?

We may have to wait until

This solar eclipse falls right on Diana’s Sun.

It’s also important to note that Pluto will be conjunct her Moon.

Pluto will also be in Charles’ 8th house and square to his Sun.

Whether there will be anything left of the English crown to pass onto William we will have to wait and see.

Posted on April 10th 2022