Neptune’s Finger Of Fate – An Allarming Tragedy

To understand Pisces you always have to remember that they, more than any other sign, are able to contain opposing narratives quite comfortably.

This comes from the idea of the two fishes, one swimming along with everyone else, the other heading for oblivion and their own dissolution.

This is particularly true if they also have a strong Neptune. The longing to merge with the beyond can take over. There is often part of them that feels as if it would be ok if they didn’t exist at all.

For the most part this simply results in the need to retreat for a while but in some cases it can result in taking that final step.

Obviously much would depend on other elements of the chart, but if there was a focus on the 8th house, which is traditionally associated with death, it could be a pointer to suicide.

This is always an unbearably sad route out for someone to take, particularly for those left behind who would inevitably wonder what, if anything, they could have done to help, if only they had known.

But the most tragic of all would be someone who feels so bereft, hurt and lost that they take a young family with them.

Nadine Allaria was a policewoman with three children. She was so devastated when she separated from her partner that she shot her kids while they slept, and finally turned the gun on herself.

What kind of birth chart would prompt a mother to do something like this ?

This kind




Nadine Allaria had the Sun in Pisces in the 8th house but there was much more to it than that.

If Neptune can in certain circumstances symbolise suicide, then Pluto can equally cover homicide.

The Neptune / Pluto issues in this chart are profound and powerful.

The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pluto’s sign Scorpio. This combination is also in the 4th house of family, indicating why she made the terrible decision to take her children with her.

Pluto is in the 1st house so powerfully placed on its own.

However the finishing touch is applied by the fact that the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Pluto form an aspect pattern called a Yod, or a Finger of Fate.

This pattern is composed of two or more planets that are sextile that both aspect another by quincunx ( 150 degrees ).

This pattern has a tendency to act like a T Square in that the apex planet and its sign and house become particularly important as the energy from the other planets is thrust onto it.

But the difference between a Yod and a T Square is that the former has something of the 6th / 8th house quality to it.

The Yod can often point to issues around health or even death.

When it so powerfully focuses onto an 8th house Piscean Sun we can see suicide. But even this is not the whole story.

Because Allaria had not one Yod but two.

The second one starts with the sextile between that Pisces 8th house Sun and Mars at the beginning of Gemini in the 10th house.

And this one focuses on an apex Moon / Neptune conjunction in the 4th house.

This is why she took her children with her.

When did this happen ?

Because of these two Yods there is a square aspect between Mars and Pluto. This is the act of violence that did the actual killing.

Pluto would only make one aspect by transit to Allaria’s Mars in her lifetime, the opposition in 1996 when she shot her kids and herself.

It might be appropriate to stop at this stage of the article but because the information is all in the public domain and one of the themes of these pages is to explore the relationship between murderers and their victims, I will proceed to publish the charts of the three children.

The oldest was Gregory, aged 17 when he was killed.



Gregory Allaria had a Virgo stellium including the Moon and Venus opposing his mother’s Sun.

Also for those of you that feel the nodes have a vital part to play its interesting that his South Node is exactly conjunct Nadine’s Sun.

All of his planets are contained within 140 odd degrees so there are no major aspect patterns. For astronomical reasons this can happen more often than you might think.

What it does tend to do is give more emphasis to the aspects that are there.

For Gregory this means the Moon’s square to Neptune ( repeating the theme from his mothers chart )

And the Sun in Leo in the 10th house in square to Uranus in Scorpio, indicating a confident personality with a bright future ahead of him only to be cut down by a sudden, erratic act.

Also the Sun is in exact aspect to a rising Pluto and although it is a sextile, the closeness of the orb shows the intensity of a transforming event in his life.

Gregory was killed when Pluto transited square to his Mercury / Saturn conjunction.

But the strongest pointer to his death was the fact that his progressed Sun was exactly conjunct Saturn on the very day he was killed.

This would have to be one of the toughest of all progressed aspects and would only occur in the lifetimes of 1 out of every 4 people, even if they lived to a ripe old age.

The second son, Matthieu was aged 15



Matthieu was another Sun Leo but unfortunately for him it was the Moon’s membership of a T square that sealed his fate.

He shared the Moon / Neptune conjunction with his mother and this is opposite a 4th house Venus which focuses by apex onto Saturn.

Placing Nadine’s 8th house Sun into this chart turns this T square into a tragic Grand Cross.

Pluto was transiting square to Matthieu’s Ascendant when he was killed.

Nadine’s daughter Amelie was only 5 years old.



Amelie did not have a Moon / Neptune contact like the rest of them but she did have the Sun ( in Moon ruled Cancer ) in very close opposition to a 4th house Neptune.

So basically the same theme then.

She also had a difficult T Square including a 4th house Saturn with an apex Mars in Aries in the 8th house.

Now when you have a life that only lasts 5 years it’s not likely that you will have any major transits kicking in.

This was not the case for poor Amelie however as she was killed by her mother when the transit Pluto was exactly conjunct her Moon.

This tragically sad story inevitably brings all sorts of upsetting reactions.

People often ask whether or not astrology is fate.

Do these things have to happen to us, or do we have some kind of say in it all ?

Can we, through our own consciousness, mitigate the powers of the planets and enable their energies to work more positively in a way we would prefer them to.

After the best part of half a century studying the subject I would say that there is a lot that we can do in this regard.

Much of the harm that the planets do to us all is because of our own reactions to the demands of the time. If we can stay in touch with what the Universe needs from us we can respond accordingly and even grow and benefit from some of the most difficult influences.

But those choices obviously do not apply to everyone.

Maybe Nadine Allaria could have found a more constructive way of dealing with her pain, but I doubt it given those two Yods.

For Gregory, Matthieu and Amelie, killed in their sleep, those Fingers of Fate gave them no chance at all.


Posted on 31 Aug 2020



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