Just Like A Conjunction That’s Gonna Win The FA Cup….

Capricorn Research has always had a love / hate relationship with the F A Cup.

My beloved Watford has only reached the final twice in its history. Last season they were thrashed 6 – 0 by moneybags Manchester City, in a contest that really should have been stopped on humanitarian grounds at half time.

The other time in 1984 confirmed my status as a bad luck charm for my favourites.

As a teenager I had been an avid follower of the Hornets, even going to reserve games and away matches, despite the fact that my team languished for the most part in the lower divisions.

We had one magnificent tilt at the old trophy in 1970, beating Liverpool on the way only to get thrashed 5 – 1 by the eventual winners Chelsea in the semi final. I was there, right behind the goal where Chelsea’s all went in.

When I left Watford to go to University, the last match I saw was at the end of the 1974 – 5 season as we were relegated to Division 4 after a dismal showing against Walsall.

Understandably I lost interest in football and missed the Elton John takeover and Graham Taylor’s unbelievable rise up to 2nd place, behind Liverpool in Division 1 and a place in the UEFA Cup in just 6 years.

The first match I actually watched live was the 1984 F A Cup Final, which marked the beginning of the Hornets fall from such lofty heights.



At this point in my astrological education, I had only recently come across horary and certainly had not looked into applying those rules to contest charts.

Maybe if I had, I would have been less upset as this chart clearly gives the cup to the bluenoses, who I reluctantly had to admit were favourites as they were at the beginning of their own purple patch in the mid 1980s.

A contest chart at a neutral venue would always ascribe the Ascendant ruler to the favourites and Descendant ruler to the underdogs.

The relative strength of the two sides can be seen by assessing the strength of those significators. The result would be indicated by the Moon’s movements. Is she moving towards or away from an aspect to one of them ?

So the Moon’s separation from a conjunction with Jupiter ( Descendant ruler ) clearly shows the match moving away from my golden boys.

Regular readers will know I have been researching the contest chart as a means of predicting the results of matches and that I like to gamble on the results.

This is not for financial reasons, although I won’t be handing back my winnings. It is because I like to test astrology, and this is the simplest and most effective way of doing that.

Most astrologers make predictions that are vague, general and often could be predicted by anyone with no knowledge of the subject.

One example of this is that Uranus in Taurus will cause financial crises. This of course gives the astrologer concerned the opportunity to claim that any fall in the stock markets anywhere around the world over a whole period of 7 years proves their prediction to be on the nail.

This is not the same as predicting who will win the 3.30 at Newmarket. In doing this the astrologer will be right or wrong come 4.00 and no amount of spin can disguise that simple fact.

We would also know the chances of such a prediction being right because the horse concerned was 10 / 1 before the race began.

Whereas bookies would probably offer about 1 / 1000 on a fall in some market sometime over the next decade.

I first came across the idea that astrology could be an effective tool in predicting sports results when a group of astrologers in London came together to predict the winner of the 1986 Grand National.

The Moon at the time of the race was in the 7th house, close to the Descendant so the astrologers looked through the card to try and find a horses name that was a good fit for this symbolism.

As the Descendant is the western side of the chart it was suggested that West Tip would be the horse to back.

This horse was 2nd favourite for the race at 15 / 2, but the National is a notoriously difficult race to predict owing to the crowded field and difficulty of the fences, which can and frequently do cause accidents.

I was quite impressed with this method, although I also failed to see how it could be replicated consistently. After all its not as if that many horses have the word West in their name.

Some people will claim to have success on predicting horses by their colours, but those same people don’t actually announce their favourites before the race.

The chief problem with the astrology of horse racing is that the nags don’t actually have birth charts.

All horses born during any particular year are said to have a birthday of January 1st in the northern hemisphere and August 1st in the south.

So apart from the occasional hit like in 1986, it isn’t a very productive area.

Individual sports are the easiest, because you just have one person and their birth chart.

For team sports, you can use the transits of the manager in football or the captain in cricket, but this method still leaves something to be desired because there are too many variables.

But the contest chart is an interesting idea.

For the 2014 World Cup I decided to publish my predictions for every match using this method.

I had a success rate of 17 – 10, which was decent because quite a few of these were upsets. When I checked back later I could see that astrology could have indicated the winners 28 times out of 33, but I didn’t always catch the particular pointers.

For more information on this see – How To Predict Football Matches

I have always been looking for something that would tighten up this ratio, however, a specific pointer that could be relied upon to work almost every time.

So I thought I would apply the same criterion to F A Cup Finals.

The reason for doing this is that traditionally the English F A Cup Final was the most commonly watched match in the entire world for many decades.

Fairly quickly into this piece of research I realised that the common rules of contest charts were not working any more often than chance.

There was one thing, however that only appeared occasionally, but did seem to work every time it did. Not only that, but it was also able to identify some of the biggest shocks in football history.



In the 2013 final Manchester City were massive favourites. They were 2nd in the Premier League that season, Wigan were 18th and relegated. The odds against them winning the final were 8 / 1.

But the Moon was separating from a conjunction with Venus ( City’s significator ) so despite everything, Wigan won the only major trophy in their history, 1-0.

Going backwards from the present day, this was the first time that the Moon had been in the same sign as one of the team’s significators, and its first pointer was a massive one.

The next time this happened was in 2006.



Liverpool were the favourites here at 1 / 3 so it was not such a surprise that they won. However they were 2 – 0 down to West Ham and only won it on penalties after an emphatic 3-3 injury time equaliser from Steven Gerrard.

The chart shows the Moon separating from a conjunction with Jupiter ( West Ham’s significator ) so giving it to Liverpool.

It is also interesting that the Moon is also separating from an opposition to Mercury ( Liverpool’s planet ) which could explain why they made such heavy weather of it.

I do feel that a contest chart is capable of describing many things about the feel of a match as well as the result, but for the purposes of this article, I am going to stick with the Moon’s conjunctions only.

The next time this happened was in 2002.



Arsenal were the league champions and this was before Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea, so the gunners were favourites.

The above chart shows the Moon separating from a conjunction with Neptune ( Chelsea’s joint significator ).

This not only gives the match to Arsenal but also shows that modern rulerships have to be included in these charts.

The next time the Moon was conjunct a significator was in 1988 and an even bigger shock than Wigan beating City.



Liverpool were league champions and in the middle of their 1980s dominance. Wimbledon were 7th, but their status as newly arrived in the top tier after coming top from non league meant they were odds of 17 / 1 against.

Not according to astrology, however as the Moon’s application to Jupiter gave them a 1 – 0 victory.

The next year ( going backwards ), the Moon was at it again.



Spurs were firm favourites having won on their previous 7 Wembley visits and were packed with stars.

But once again the Moon showed a complete disregard for the status of traditional giants both of football and astrology as its close applying conjunction with Neptune gave the match to Coventry City, who won 3 – 2.

Next up was Man Utd in 1985.



This is probably the only time in recent history that Everton would be the favourites but they were league winners and aiming for an historic double.

The Moon had other ideas, however and its separation from their significator Mercury gave the match to United courtesy of a young Norman Whiteside’s injury time goal.

The next one was another gobsmacking giant killing.



Southampton were in Division Two while United had finished 3rd in the top tier, but the 5 / 1 outsiders took the Cup because the Moon was separating from United’s significator, Mercury.

The next one with a lunar conjunction was 1968.



Everton were favourites but the Moon’s separation from Mercury gave it to West Bromwich Albion as Jeff Astle scored the only goal of the game in extra time.

Next in line was 1962



Spurs were big favourites for this one as they were the current holders having won the double the previous year.

The Moon’s immediate uninterrupted applying conjunction to Mercury gives it to them and they beat Burnley comfortably, 3 – 1.

Interestingly the first one to break the trend is nearly 60 years ago.



As already mentioned, Spurs were the league champions in 1961 and strong favourites. This 2 – 0 win over Leicester gave them the first double of the 20th century, a fantastic achievement at the time.

The Moon’s application to Jupiter, however, should have given the match to Leicester.

So is this the first break in the pattern ? Or is it a repudiation of traditional rulerships ?

The next one reinforces the idea that Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.



The 1958 final was a difficult one. It came a mere 3 months after the Munich Air Crash which decimated the Man United Busby Babes team, and Bolton were very much the favourites for this game.

The Moon separating from Neptune for United gives it to Bolton, who won 2 – 0.

The 1950 final between Arsenal and Liverpool showed the Moon applying to Neptune, thus giving it to the underdog, but its very difficult to know who the favourites were, so I will leave this one out of the analysis.

The Cup was suspended during the 2nd World War but the last one before that was clearly back on course.



Wolves were clear favourites as they finished 2nd in the league and Portsmouth were relegated.

However the Moon’s applying conjunction to Neptune gave the match to Portsmouth, which they won emphatically 4 – 1.

The 1937 final had the Moon applying to Jupiter for the underdog. It is difficult to find betting details for some of these early matches but Sunderland did finish a few places above Preston. Sunderland won so if anything this would be another question mark over Jupiter’s rulership of Pisces in these charts.

But Jupiter got back on board for 1934.



Man City should be considered favourites for this based on a higher league placing than Portsmouth and the Moon separating from Jupiter would have given it to them. They won 2 – 1.

There were no other Moon conjunctions going back to the first Wembley final in 1923, so rather than continue to trace the competition back to its more obscure roots 50 years earlier with the difficulty in being sure who were favourites, I believe we have enough evidence to indicate proof of an astrological effect.

Whether this same influence can be replicated in other tournaments or for football or other matches in general that don’t have such a large profile, I cant say at the moment, but you can be sure that I will be following these indicators enthusiastically with my own cash.

Capricorn Research has supplied many statistically verified projects that prove astrology. For more info on these see Does This Prove Astrology

I have been surprised by the relatively low interest in this research, even amongst astrologers.

But since most people think with their wallets rather than their brains, perhaps this piece will attract more attention.

Because if you had taken out an accumulator on all the finals that showed the Moon in conjunction with one of the team’s significators using modern rulerships, based on an initial bet of £ 10, you would now be sitting on a fortune in the region of £ 50,000.

Mind you, I would happily hand all of that over to see Watford win the bloody thing.



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