December 12th 2019 – The Start Of A Winter Of Discontent ?

For a while now, Capricorn Research has been asked by many followers to predict the result of the next UK election. This may be because it is the most unpredictable one in living memory.

As a rule, astrological election coverage is fairly patchy. This is mainly because it is the one area in life where there is one clear winner and usually one clear loser. So your prediction is either going to be right or wrong. Like most social science punters, astrologers prefer to make general observations about conditions rather than actually come out and say who is going to win.

So what tends to happen is that many astrologers go with their own political preference or their reading of the opinion polls and try to find an astrological indicator of that and predict accordingly.

Unfortunately, a number of recent elections have produced surprising results that confounded not only the pollsters but astrologers themselves.

Perhaps that starting point for any reflection on politics would be for the astrologer concerned to come clean about their own affiliations and reading of the current state of the parties, and only then to go from there with the astrology.

In that spirit, Capricorn Research would like to confess to being a lifelong Labour / Green voter who loathes Boris Johnson and the rest of the Tory pig fuckers with a passion only equalled by how much they hate the people of the UK.

However, my own reading of the political situation and the polls is that the majority of people in this country could never vote for Jeremy Corbyn, not because of his policies, which are eminently sensible, but because they have been blinded by the British media with their ceaseless barrage of negative coverage.

According to various polls, the personal standing of the leaders of the main parties has the biggest liar ever to hold the office of Prime Minister on a satisfaction rating of – 7 % and his hapless opponent – 1000 %.

Corbyn has not helped by refusing to accept that Brexit is the key issue and if he could only grasp the mettle on this and campaign clearly on a Remainer platform, his own standing would surely make it up to – 500%.

Another factor is that some astrologers will say ” Astrology says this ” and ” Astrology predicts that ” while furnishing their own opinions, failing to acknowledge that there will be almost as many different predictions as there are astrologers.

On top of this, some astrologers will make their predictions, without clearly showing their workings – i.e what planetary transits to which charts they are basing them on.

Capricorn Research does not follow this approach. I try not to talk down to my readers. In all my articles, I seek to show them what it is in the astrology that indicates the conclusions that I have come to. I also provide a lot of charts, some people say far too many. But my aim is make people think and reflect on what the symbols might mean in each case, not to provide easy shortcuts that save them the trouble.

And because the situation around the December 12th UK Election is so complicated, this article will have to reflect that.

So where to start ? Well the obvious place is the chart for the contest itself.

In a previous article, I covered 50 years of UK General Elections, showing that the chart for the time of the opening of the polls in Westminster shows the result. I would say that over 80% of them do so clearly with only the odd one being in serious doubt. For more information on this see Electional Astrology – How They Try To Control Us

The very idea of calling an election in the winter is bizarre anyway.

One point that the above article makes is that the Tories arranged a Fixed 5 Year Term for the elections with the idea of holding them in early May, guaranteeing a Taurus Sun and because the polling stations opened at 7.00 am, Gemini rising.

So not only were they fixing it so that the Sun was in the most conservative sign of the lot, they were also creating a very strong likelihood that the chart ruler – Mercury ( and hence the planet that symbolised the governing party ) was either also in Taurus or in its own sign and probably rising too, which would be a very strong astrological indicator for the government to win.

The same thing goes on in other countries too. In the USA, the Presidential election occurs in Scorpio, which means that whoever gets elected will inevitably turn out to be a right ****.

But despite this near as damn near foolproof plan presumably cooked up by the only Tory that actually understood how the real world works, they were never able to make the most of it.

In 2017, Theresa May ( you’d think the clue would be in the name ) decided that she could do better than an overall majority of 17 and went for an election in June ( Gemini Sun, Cancer rising ), immediately throwing away the built in advantage and placing the Tories future in the hands of an inconstant Moon.

So the best laid plans of mice…. and rats.

Never mind. Boris Johnson to the rescue. Why not go for an election in Sagittarius ? At 7 am the Ascendant would be in the same sign and the ruler Jupiter is in its own sign.

Oh wait, hang on, by December 12th it won’t be. Never mind, we’ll bluff our way through anyway.




Blowjob may have a big lead in the polls, but he could have hardly picked a worse day to go for an election.

Jupiter for the Tories is in Capricorn, the sign of its fall and heading towards the South Node.

On top of that there is a Full Moon that is Void of Course.

Surely no good can come of this.

Well, there is still Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party in this chart are ruled by Mercury, in detriment and close to the Ascendant, which would make them weak and some astrologers would say in the hands of their opponent.

Some astrologers might also suggest that it’s the ruler of the Midheaven which indicates the incumbent party. If so Venus fairs even worse being besieged in Capricorn by Saturn and Pluto. And Mars for their opponents is strong in Scorpio.

But the best that can be said for this chart is that it is inconclusive. Which in itself may well be pointing to the result. From the evidence of this chart, there is a good chance that neither of the main parties will emerge with anything approaching a workable majority and will be dependent on an uneasy coalition which might not last very long.

So where else do we go. Obviously the charts and transits of the main protagonists.



Boris Johnson has a stellium in Gemini, which is astrological shorthand for – it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you keep on saying something.

For more details about what this chart actually does say, read Boris Johnson – An Acuri(t) Portrayal 

Johnson has Jupiter transiting opposite his Sun / Venus and sextile his Moon although this will actually be over by Election Day.

This is another testimony that he should have stopped whining on about getting his stupid bill through before he was dead in a ditch and concentrated on arranging an election for the last week in November.

So what of the hapless Jeremy Corbyn ?



Ironically, Corbyn also has a 4 planet stellium in Gemini, so he also is big on talk and short on content.

The only difference between the two is that Johnson has Mars there and Corbyn has Uranus. So perhaps Johnson will say anything to get his end away and Corbyn will do the same just to appear weird.

They both have Scorpio prominent, Johnson with the Moon and Corbyn the Ascendant. Maybe they are equally devious.

In terms of transits for December however, Corbyn has Saturn and Pluto trine his Moon / Mars conjunction in Taurus.

And on the day Venus joins in with this trine.

There is no doubt that Pluto’s journey through Capricorn has been linked to the movement to the right in global politics over the last few years. For the last 4 years, it has played a major role in the Tory party’s struggles with Brexit.



This chart is for the signing of the Tamworth Manifesto which formed the Conservative party. It has always resonated very well with the party’s fortunes and leaders. For more information on this see – The Conservative party – A Cancer At The Heart Of British Politics

Pluto was opposite the Tory Party Moon / Mars conjunction in Cancer from the early part of 2016, when David Cameron declared there would be a referendum in order to get rid of the Brexiteer faction in his own ranks.

Given that the natal chart has Pluto opposite Saturn creating a T Square to the apex Moon / Mars, it’s interesting that the transit Pluto is still playing a part, square to the Tory party natal Saturn.

This year things have got even more complicated as Saturn has joined in, opposing the party Moon / Mars.

So the Venus / Saturn / Pluto conjunction is in square to the Tory party Saturn.

It is trine to Jeremy Corbyn’s Moon / Mars conjunction but equally it has no significant part to play in the Labour Party chart.

So what does this all mean ?

Could it be that in the campaign itself Corbyn does well and becomes a significant figure perhaps due to the fact that the TV and Radio media at least are forced to provide an even coverage of his speeches ?

But that the leader’s positive campaign does not mean that Labour would actually win.

Maybe we need to look at some of the other players.


We don’t have a birth time for Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson which is a shame because it would really help to know which houses her T Square covered.

An Aquarius with Venus in Pisces is a dreamy idealist. As that Venus is opposite Saturn and square to Neptune its unlikely that those dreams are going to come to reality.

She has no major transits to speak of at the moment, but is in the middle of the biggest progressions of her life.

Her progressed Sun entered her T Square in 2015 with a square to Neptune as she lost her seat in Parliament.

She regained it in 2017 as the Sun moved on to conjunct Venus.

This progression was still in place when she was elected party leader and her Sun was also trine Uranus.

The Venus progression has passed now and she has the Sun opposite Saturn for 2020.

So despite Swinson’s dreams of becoming Prime Minister and doing a Bollocks to Brexit, it doesn’t look like that will be happening.

However Swinson does have comfortable synastry with Corbyn.

Her Sun is exactly trine his Venus and Mercury.

His Sun could well be trine her Moon.

So there is a possibility of some kind of deal, or at least an informal tactical vote arrangement between supporters that might help the Labour leader.

But perhaps the real winner here could be… ( cough, splutter, choke ), Nigel Farage.



Farage sees things in Aries black and white. He also has the optimistic Moon in Sagittarius closely trine Jupiter and Mercury.

In December the transiting Jupiter will conjunct his Moon, trine itself, trine Mercury and sextile his Mars.

On the day of the election it will be exactly trine his ruler, Mercury.

So Farage has the strongest transits of any leader on the day.

However his Mercury is opposite Johnson’s Moon and his Moon is opposite the PM’s Sun, so it doesn’t look as if there will be a deal between the Tories and the Brexit party.



SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has some very interesting transits coming up over the next few years.

In 2020 both Saturn and Jupiter will oppose her Sun and Uranus will oppose her Ascendant and square her Moon.

In 2021 Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct her Moon and the real big one – Pluto will oppose her Sun 2021 – 22 and oppose her Mars 2023 – 24

You would have to expect an independent Scotland would emerge from these transits.

Sturgeon and Corbyn have quite strong synastry.

Her Moon is trine his Sun and her Sun is sextile his Moon.

However Sturgeon’s Saturn is conjunct Corbyn’s Moon / Mars.

What about the situation surrounding Brexit ?

It has been acknowledged that Uranus presence at 23 degrees Aries was the factor that caused the referendum victory. This is mainly because that is the degree of the Ascendant in the 1066 chart and it was at 23 degrees of the opposite sign Libra in 1975 when the UK joined the EEC.

Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct at 22 Capricorn in square to both of these placings in January. So what does that mean ?

Bad news for Brexiteers or Remainers ? It’s hard to tell what will happen , but no doubt once it has there will be a massive queue of astrologers lining up to say that’s exactly what they did.

So what to make of all this ?

It’s as complicated as all the punters suggest it will be, but it is possible to see a way through it.

Farage and Johnson being the fools that they are could split the fascist vote and Corbyn, on the back of a good personal campaign would make a deal with Swinson and Sturgeon to hold two referendums, one for Brexit and another for Scotland.

This uneasy truce is unlikely to last long, and it won’t  give Corbyn enough support to truly govern in the way that he would like, given that it would be the barest of minority coalition numbers, but at the moment Capricorn Research would take that scenario.

Whatever happens, the Full Void of Course Moon on December 12th doesn’t look like saving us from a winter of discontent.




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