Rugby World Cup – A Battle of Jupiter and Pluto

Capricorn Research is happy to admit that he didnt learn anything useful or relevant until he left University. This may seem like a complete dismissal of the education system although it has to be said that Capricorns are notoriously slow learners, so maybe it was all my own fault.

There is one particular thing that I do hold against my old school. It was a single sex grammar with pretensions above its station which were most obvious when it came to sport. We were not allowed to play football at all and forced into more manly pursuits like rugby. Whilst this state of affairs might have suited more macho Fire sign types, for a triple Capricorn with Mars in Pisces it was a nightmare.

Capricorns might not be so good at sports that require explosive speed and overt aggression but they are very good at playing the long game. Any slights felt in their younger years can quickly become grudges held over a long period, and I have always held one against rugby for this very reason.

However one thing about reaching ones 2nd Saturn Return is that you generally see theres no point in holding these resentments so I will break the habit of a lifetime and apply some astrological insight into the coming rugby World Cup.

They say rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen, my feeling is they’ve got the first bit of that right, but perhaps astrology can provide a clearer picture.

Its a well known fact that the Brits invented just about every sport, and then made the terrible mistake of teaching johnny foreigner how to play  them better than us.

Consequently the first international match in most sports was played between England and Scotland, and rugby is no exception.

I don’t actually have a time for this match but as they had no floodlights at the time it had to be over before it got dark and any time between 12.30 and 2.15 gives Leo rising with a 9th house Sun.

England Rugby

There are aspects of this chart that seem to sum up rugby to me. The Sun in Aries evokes someone charging along with head down and horns raised. It is however square to a very strong Saturn in Capricorn showing that this player will run straight into a brick wall, or be felled by a crunching tackle.

Despite the fact that this brutality is the central point of the sport, rugby seems to carry with it an appearance of nobility, a feat that can only be understood from the fact that the chart has Leo rising and a Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Gemini in the 11th house of the media.

Perhaps its a game for hooligans played by public relations experts.

The Sun in the 9th seems appropriate as this is the first international match.

The only problem is which team does this chart represent Scotland or England ? The Moon / Jupiter conjunction obviously points to success but whose ?

One transit in recent times gives the answer. In 2003 when Jonny Wilkinson kicked that famous drop goal in extra time against Australia, Pluto was opposite this Moon.

Scotland had been knocked out in the quarter finals, so this chart obviously represents England.

But to most people there is only one team that is king in rugby union and this one doesn’t need a Leo Ascendant to claim its supremacy.

New Zealand

The chart for New Zealand’s first game is extraordinary.

The Sun is in Leo in the 9th house, but it also has two exceptionally powerful aspect patterns.

There is a Grand Cross between Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, which has very close aspects with the Sun.

There’s also a very close T Square with the Moon in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio focusing onto an apex Saturn.

With that Moon and Mars you can almost hear the haka being performed but its the apex Saturn that strikes fear into the opposition and gives the name The All Blacks.

This team has dominated the sport but surprisingly has only won the World Cup twice in the seven tournaments since it began. The first victory was in the inaugural tournament in 1987, when Pluto made exactly the same transit as it was to the England chart in 2003.

In 1987 Pluto was opposite the New Zealand Moon.

The All Blacks didn’t win it again for 24 years, until 2011 when Jupiter was in that T square, conjunct the Moon and opposite Mars.

The other big heavyweights of international rugby union are their neighbours Australia.

Australia Rugby

This chart is also very powerful with a very tight T Square focusing onto an apex Mars.

There are 3 oppositions not least the Sun in Cancer in the 9th house opposite the Moon in Capricorn in the 3rd. This surely suggests that their biggest enemies are their neighbours from over the Tasman Sea.

If there’s any doubt about this we need only to look at the other opposition. Saturn opposite Pluto is surely going to point to one’s nemesis and this opposition is very close to the Uranus / Pluto of New Zealand.

But the most powerful thing in the Australian chart is the T square and they first won the World Cup in 1991 with Jupiter transiting through it conjunct Mars square Uranus and Venus.

They won it again in 1999 with Pluto opposite Venus.

The other big player in international rugby is South Africa.

South Africa rugby

An exact conjunction between the Sun and Mars in Leo shows is the power of this side.

But any reading of the chart for South African rugby has to take into account the years of sporting isolation that came as a result of the apartheid regime and their refusal to play non whites in their own team and even against others.

Capricorn Research has noticed the role that Neptune often plays in charts where racial discrimination is part of the behaviour.

The Moon in this chart is conjunct Neptune and Pluto and both these planets are the apex of a wide T Square including a Jupiter / Saturn opposition.

Throughout the 1970s the opposition to Springbok rugby tours was immense and this culminated in the Gleneagles agreement in 1977, which discouraged all sporting contact with South Africa.

For much of the early 70s Neptune was opposite the Moon / Neptune / Pluto conjunction and in 1977 it formed a T Square with the Jupiter / Saturn opposition.

In 1990 – 91 apartheid was abolished in South Africa as Jupiter was conjunct the Sun in this chart. Normal sporting links were resumed.

The South Africans won the 1995 World Cup in an emotionally charged home tournament with Jupiter opposite the Moon / Neptune / Pluto conjunction.

In 2007, they won the tournament again with Uranus conjunct Jupiter opposite Saturn and Jupiter exactly square itself and Saturn.

So out of the 7 World Cups to date, 4 of them have been won by teams with Jupiter transiting the most potent areas of their chart and the other 3 have been won by Pluto doing the same.

So what about 2015 ?

The final is on 31st October and Pluto is at 13.18 Capricorn and Jupiter is at 16.33 Virgo.

Pluto makes no aspects to anything significant in the major players charts apart from an opposition to the Australian Mercury, but this can be discounted by Saturn’s position.

In fact for Australia this World Cup is coming about 2 months too late. Jupiter goes through their T Square at the end of August and through much of September but its gone past by the time the World Cup gets under way.

The final sees Saturn square the Australian Mars, so the Wallabies are unlikely to win it.

Jupiter however is opposite the South African Jupiter and applying square to the England Moon.

Its also only a month away from hitting the All Blacks Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto. Ominously both Venus and Mars are at 21 and 22 Virgo on the day of the final, triggering the New Zealand Grand Cross.

Perhaps we should look at the managers’ charts.

Heyneke Meyer

South Africa’s Heyneke Meyer has Pluto square his Sun and Jupiter square his Mars

Steve Hansen

New Zealand’s Steve Hansen has Pluto about to oppose his Mars and trine his Sun

Stuart Lancaster

England’s Stuart Lancaster has Pluto about to square his Sun / Jupiter and Jupiter will soon conjunct his Moon. If he was born in the early morning the Jupiter / Moon transit would be exact.

All 3 are pretty impressive and each could make a case for winning the World Cup. But with that natal Sun / Jupiter conjunction together with the Moon / Pluto, I feel that the next year or so is going to be massive for Stuart Lancaster. And what could be bigger than winning the World Cup on home soil.

It looks like its going to be New Zealand or England, but backing the All Blacks will not yield anything at the bookies, so Capricorn Research’s tip for the World Cup is England.

There is only one problem with this prediction. As its based on the first ever chart for an international, Scotland could equally claim it to be theirs. So if the jocks confound all expectations and common sense by winning in October, Capricorn Research will take the credit for that as well.


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