The Future Of Coronavirus And The Need For A Science Of Astrology

There is one subject that has definitely benefited from the outbreak of coronavirus – science.

Scientists and other experts have had a hard time recently. Not only have they been ignored on vitally important issues like global warming but they have been consistently dismissed by politicians over the last few years.

This suspicion of experts certainly influenced the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum. These events were the result of an extraordinary manipulation of public opinion to persuade the masses that the views of these experts were somehow elitist and against ” common sense “. While at the same time the real elitists were the ones telling people not to trust elitist experts.

This is a state of affairs that could be seen through astrology.

To look at global long term trends we have to consider the sign positions of the slow moving planets.

Since 2012 Neptune has been in the watery, emotional sign of Pisces ( a placement that many have linked to coronavirus itself ). This has coincided with a tendency to distrust logic more and more and to go along with faith, trust and even delusion.

Since 2008 Pluto has been in the sign of big government ( Capricorn ) and these years have seen a serious lurch to the right and people tending to believe what the authorities and bankers tell them.

This lurch to the right has become more entrenched since Saturn and now even Jupiter joined Pluto in that sign.

It’s true that the likes of Trump, Johnson, Morrison et al have not suddenly abandoned their suspicion of intellect overnight. They are happy to go along with ” the science ” over coronavirus because it means no-one can blame them too much for their response to the pandemic.

But both Jupiter and Saturn will move into Aquarius, a sign that is more rational and logical ( although also possibly unfeeling ) in its approach to the issues of the day.

So maybe these two in Aquarius will give science a boost. Astrology will certainly get one because of its associations with the sign. Maybe there’s even the possibility of bringing these two subjects closer together.

The wikipedia definition of science is ” the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment “.


” Real science is about data that can be measured, about facts and biological processes that can be established by observation and experiment, about results that can be replicated.”

Science seeks to build a model to predict future behaviours based on previous observations and experiments.

Astrology was the first science.

This may seem strange now, but thousands of years ago people had very few toys to distract their minds with. They were left to simply observe the natural phenomena around them. And by far the most fascinating of all that would have been the night sky.

It was clear that some of the starry objects moved and over millennia people observed a correlation between these movements and their own lives.

The simplest example would be that of the Sun. As it moved in its path against different constellations, this coincided with seasons on earth. The knowledge of this and the ability to predict it was basically what allowed early agriculture to occur.

These days we dismiss this simple fact and talk about the year, but think about it. In those days there was no conception of what a year was, it was only discovered by looking at the Sun’s path through the 12 signs.

If the movement of that one ball of light had so much of an impact on earth its only natural to assume that those smaller ones would also have an effect, albeit smaller.

So astrology was born out of this. These planetary movements were observed and noted and there was a desire to find out if they also had an impact on nature and human behaviour.

Slowly, over time some of these patterns would repeat and people began to see that certain behaviours were repeated as well. So early predictive models began to become established.

It’s true that no combination of planets can truly be repeated exactly. Each combination is different. People had to take the parts of the patterns that were being repeated to help them predict what would happen.

But this is the same issue that scientists face. No one phenomena is the same as another.

Coronavirus is not the same as Sars, or Ebola or even Spanish Flu. We also live in a different situation now in terms of how much global travel there is and also information. But scientists will still look to predict the spread of this virus based on previous experience and an understanding of how these things work, which is then projected onto current conditions.

Which is exactly the same approach as astrologers would take, or at least those practitioners who are attempting to operate in a scientific way.

So what would these astrologers say about coronavirus ?

Many had been predicting major global catastrophe for January 2020 due to the Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Its just that no-one was really sure what sort of catastrophe.

The conjunction occurs roughly every 35 years, it generally lasts for a few months, sometimes up to a year and it is true that it has coincided with extremely difficult times for the world.

The last one was in Libra in November 1982. It was exact on November 8th. On the 10th Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev died.

Brezhnev was succeeded by Yuri Andropov. Andropov was already elderly and in poor health, which deteriorated significantly within a few months, creating immense uncertainty throughout the world.

Andropov struggled on until February 1984 when he died. He was succeeded by Konstantin Chernenko but he was terminally ill and only lasted until March 1985.

Chernenko was finally succeeded by Mikhail Gorbachev, and the rest as they say is history. Within a short time the new young leader had introduced reforms and a new atmosphere of openness which ultimately led to the Dissolution Of The Soviet Union   

But the interim between Brezhnev and Gorbachev saw a massive crackdown on dissent and an intensification of the Cold War. This was fuelled by the west’s confrontationist tactics led by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and all the talk of evil empire. For a few years World War 3 looked like a serious possibility.

The Saturn / Pluto conjunction before that occurred in Leo during August 1947. This coincided with the start of the Cold War and the announcement of the Truman Doctrine, an American policy determined to hold up the advance of the Soviet Union and to try to prevent its taking over other countries.

Again this conjunction occurred at a frightening time for the world when another war ( maybe even a nuclear one ) seemed on the cards.

The previous conjunction occurred in early Cancer in the summer of 1914 at the start of World War 1 –Causes of the First World War 

The last time the Saturn / Pluto conjunction occurred in Capricorn was at the end of 1517 – early 1518.

Martin Luther pinned his Ninety Five Theses to the door of the All Saints church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517 and these were widely printed and distributed while the conjunction was in force.

This single action began the Reformation and the birth of Protestantism.

So from these studies of previous events connected with the Saturn / Pluto conjunction, we can conclude that it goes with a sudden, unexpected shocking event that creates a great deal of fear and loathing, the impact of which can be expected to last for some time.

Maybe coronavirus has a similar result to those with the Cold War fears during the last conjunction – that it eventually forced changes that benefited the world.

It could work like Protestantism. Let’s hope there won’t be as many deaths though.



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