Neptune – Ruler Of Pool Boys

I came across my first American evangelist preacher at the tender age of 12. My aunt had emigrated to the States before I was born and came over to visit along with her husband.

In his mid 50s at the time, Uncle Horace was quite possibly the largest man I had seen up to that point. Dressed in a suit jacket that was brown with a large check pattern which whilst being enormous still seemed ill-fitting, he had a mouth and a personality to match.

A booming voice and opinions that scattered everyone to the corners of the room, the thing that disturbed me most was his claim to be a Doctor of Divinity and the pastor of a church somewhere back home.

When I asked my father how this could be his response was that the qualification was worth tuppence and anyone could get one over there and set up their own church.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to do this, but in those days I didn’t get that given the naivety and stupidity of their flocks, it was the easiest way to make vast sums of money since the Popes of the Middle Ages.

I never did get Horace’s birth details but if pushed I would imagine he had some kind of affliction from Gemini to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is said to rule religion but it does so only in the established church type of way. There is very little of the true Christian message of humility contained in that sign – that is much more the province of Virgo / Pisces.

But in terms of telling other people what to do and how to lead their lives you cant beat the sign of the archer.

Actually going to church themselves is less likely to be a feature. You are more likely to encounter one propping up a bar on a Sunday lunchtime regaling all and sundry with their ” philosophy “.

So someone with the Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius is likely to rant on forever using religion for their own self promotion. If you threw in a Mars / Ascendant conjunction in Leo they would openly tell you they were the Lord God himself.

This accounts for the current President, who has all those features.

Imagine what it must be like for someone who has the same Gemini / Sagittarius opposition but is forced to try and keep the lid on it all by having Capricorn rising.



Jerry Falwell Jr has that Sun Gemini / Moon Sagittarius opposition, in fact at a mere 25 minutes it is considerably tighter than Trump’s.

The Sun and Moon relationship in a man’s chart can often have a lot to say about how he sees women in general as well as the ones in his life.

A close opposition between these two suggests that ( like Trump ) he has serious issues there.

But unlike Trump ( who has it 10th – 4th houses ) he has to keep it quiet because he has the Moon in the 12th and a carefully manicured controlled image ( Capricorn rising ).

Falwell has 2 T Squares.

One is a Jupiter in Pisces 2nd house / Pluto 8th  / apex Mercury in Gemini which is astrological shorthand for being a total religious con man, making vast fortunes for spouting bullshit.

The other has his Mars in Taurus in the 4th house opposite Neptune apex Saturn.

The first one is boring and shows his rise. The 2nd one is fascinating and depicts his fall.

Mars will always show you your sexual drive, its strength and it way of being expressed. The aspects it receives from other planets will show where that will get you in your life.

Mars in Taurus definitely likes sex, has an earthy sensuality.

But opposite Neptune ?

Neptune rules secrecy, hidden things. In Scorpio in the 10th house we are looking at something scandalous that is likely to have an undermining effect on a career.

Neptune also rules water.

Mars is in the 4th, so this kind of thing occurs in the home.

So it’s easy to see Jerry Falwell as Mars sitting in the corner of his home, watching Neptune, the pool boy having sex ( Scorpio ) with his wife.

And this focuses onto an apex Saturn which will bring him nothing but trouble.

Although this affair took place a number of years ago it is only now that the pool boy in question has brought it to our consciousness.

This is because Uranus has reached that T Square and over the next year or so it will be joined by Saturn.

More revelations are sure to come.

But when will this arsehole reap his true deserts ?

Falwell inherited the Presidency of Liberty University on the death of his father in 2007 when Pluto was conjunct that Moon and opposite his Sun.

He is in for a spectacular fall once Neptune reaches 26 degrees of Pisces.

Much as Donald Trump has his coming up over the next two years, Jerry Falwell will receive his comeuppance between 2022 and 24.

The pool boy has started it, but who knows how many secrets are there just waiting to be aired in public.

What can you do when Neptune is approaching ? You can cling on with your fingertips like Trump, knowing that the moment you let go you will end up in prison.

Or you can accept the dissolution of the life you knew with dignity and surrender to something way bigger than yourself.

When advising clients I always try to show them what the upcoming transits are requiring from them.

For this particular motormouth religo con artist, Neptune is simply saying…

Jerry.  Fall well.



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