Jupiter and Pluto, Masters Of The Universe – The Astrology of the Green Jacket

The 2019 Augusta Masters was one of the most extraordinary of its 75 year history.

Tiger Woods emerged from a 11 year slump with no major victory to take the green jacket once again. Who would have predicted that one ?

Well Capricorn Research did and once again the bookies were made to suffer.


Woods has an unusual chart in that there are 3 T Squares. This accounts for his dominance and power over the world of golf. For more information on this see Tiger Woods – An Open And Shut Case

Unlike the vast majority of golfers, Woods birth time is available. This was fundamental to predicting his victory at Augusta last year.

Over the course of a day the Moon will move as much as 13 – 14 degrees. So without a birth time it would be impossible to be exact about a major planet’s transit to it.

Last March Jupiter was conjunct Tiger’s Moon.

Jupiter’s cycle is 12 years long. The last time Woods won a major was the US Open in 2008 when Jupiter was in Capricorn, his Sun sign.

Since then nothing. Until 2019.

Tiger’s Moon / Mars opposition is a very important part of his chart and his golfing prowess. It was triggered when he first won at Augusta in 1997 when Jupiter was trine his Mars.

His next Green Jacket came in 2001 when Jupiter was approaching a conjunction to that Mars.

His 3rd in 2002 came as Jupiter was opposite his Sun.

His 4th was in 2005, when Pluto was conjunct his Moon.

But what about everyone else ? Is Jupiter and Pluto just about Tiger or does it apply to other winners too.

For a tournament that is convinced of its own superiority in the golf world, its not surprising it always falls when the Sun is in Aries.

The chart for the first ever Masters in 1934 sums this up perfectly.


I’m not absolutely sure of the first tee off time but any between 6.30 and 7.50 would give Aries rising.

So the Sun conjunct Mars on an Aries Ascendant is some statement.

Interestingly this chart resonates very well with Pluto transits, because if we think about the Masters we connect with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player ( who still tee off to open the tournament despite being in their 80s ) coming back to record astonishing victories in their 40s.

Nicklaus last two tournament wins were in 1972 and 75 and Player won in 1974.

Pluto was opposite the Augusta Sun and Mars from 1972 – 76.

Throughout the 2000s the Masters was dominated by Woods. It looked as if that would continue forever, but Tiger’s televised fall out with ex wife Erin and his last green jacket until last year coincided with Pluto being square to the Augusta Sun.

If we look back through the years we can see that most of the winners had major Jupiter or Pluto transits.

2018 – Patrick Reed had Pluto conjunct his Ascendant / Venus

2017 – Sergio Garcia had Pluto conjunct his Sun

2016 – Danny Willett – Progressed Sun conjunct his Pluto

2015 – Jordan Spieth – nothing exact but Jupiter was transiting his Sun sign Leo

2014 – Bubba Watson – Jupiter trine his Sun

2013 – Adam Scott – Jupiter probably square his Moon / Jupiter

2012 – Bubba Watson – Jupiter opposite his Sun

2011 – Charl Schwartzl – Pluto trine his Sun

2010 – Phil Mickelson – Jupiter trine his Moon

2009 – Angel Cabrera – no transits but Progressed Mars trine his Sun

2008 – Trevor Immelman – Jupiter conjunct his Venus

2007 – Zach Johnson – no transits but Progressed Sun sextile his Venus

2006 – Phil Mickelson – Pluto opposite his Sun

2005 – Tiger Woods – Pluto conjunct his Moon

2004 – Phil Mickelson – Jupiter sextile his Mars

2003 – Mike Weir – Jupiter conjunct his Moon

2002 – Tiger Woods – Jupiter opposite his Sun

2001 – Tiger Woods – Jupiter applying conjunct his Mars

2000 – Vijay Singh – Jupiter square his Mars and probably Moon too

1999 – Jose Maria Olazabal – Uranus conjunct his Sun and Progressed Sun opp Uranus

1998 – Mark O’Meara – No transits but Progressed Mars trine Mercury

1997 – Tiger Woods – Jupiter trine Mars

1996 – Nick Faldo – Pluto trine Moon

1995 – Ben Crenshaw – Jupiter conjunct Venus

1994 – Jose Maria Olazabal – Jupiter probably square his Moon

1993 – Bernhard Langer – Jupiter conjunct Venus

1992 – Fred Couples – Uranus square Mars

1991 – Ian Woosnam – No transits but Progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Pluto

1990 – Nick Faldo – Pluto square Mars

1989 – Nick Faldo – Uranus square Moon

I could go back further but I think 30 years is enough to give a flavour of it.

Out of those 30 winners, Jupiter was making major aspects for 15 of them, Pluto 7 and Uranus 3.

So where does that leave us for 2021 ?

Well Tiger is obviously out of it as Pluto conjunct his Mercury put him in hospital.

My tip for the Augusta Masters 2021 is Justin Thomas with Uranus exactly conjunct his Sun.


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