Enrico Caruso – The Voice of God ?

One of the most wonderful skills that humans have is the ability to sing, whether its high opera or drunken karaoke we can all belt out a song or two. It may be debatable whether we actually hit the right notes but most of us can get them in the right order.

But what about those who actually make a living at it, what would we expect astrologically for such an ability. Most astrologers would mention Taurus, mainly on the grounds that it is the sign that rules the throat.

Well if they are talking pop singers, they would be right. Capricorn Research has a collection of 680 pop singers and the Sun in Taurus has the highest score at 141% of the expected score with Pisces coming 2nd with 129%. This distribution is statistically significant having a Chi Square score of 0.0175.

A collection of 170 classical singers have a merely average score for Taurus, however, with the strongest being Pisces at 141%. Perhaps this could be explained by saying the pop stars sing with their throat whereas the opera stars with their whole body, not least their feet ( Pisces ) !

The remarkable thing is that whereas classical singers do not have an emphasis on the Sun in the 2nd sign, Taurus, they do very powerfully on the 2nd house with a score of 226%. This is an unprecedented result which produces a Chi square figure of  0.0019, almost unheard of in a relatively small sample.

It seems then that we have found the astrological signature of the great opera singer, the Sun in Pisces in the 2nd house. It certainly worked for one of the greatest tenors in history, Enrico Caruso.


Enrico Caruso


Caruso was an Italian opera singer who was noted for his strong, romantic voice, he captivated audiences with his musical range and depth of feeling.

He also had the Sun and Moon in Pisces in the 2nd house. As well as that an important feature of his chart was the exact conjunction between the creative Venus and the musical Neptune.

Caruso was one of the most famous personalities of his day and his fame has endured to the present. He was one of the first examples of a global media celebrity. Beyond records, Caruso’s name became familiar to millions through newspapers, books, magazines, and the new media technology of the 20th century, cinema.

Caruso’s fame was due not only to his voice and musicianship but also to a keen business sense and an enthusiastic embrace of commercial sound recording, then in its infancy. Interestingly the 2nd house is the province of money and possessions and people with the Sun or Moon there usually have a good commercial brain.

For Caruso, born and raised in the slums of Naples, singing was a way of escaping a life of poverty. He began to sing for money on street corners in 1889 and trained with many of the greatest singers in Italy as Pluto was in square to his Sun and Moon between 1889 and 94.

When Puccini was struggling to win favorable notice for his new “La Bohème,” young Caruso was scheduled to play the important “Rudolpho,” however, Puccini’s publisher was reluctant to use him with so much on the line. The decision was to have Caruso sing for the composer. He sang “Che gelida manina.” Puccini said, “Who sent you to me, God?”

With the Sun and Moon in Pisces in the 2nd house, there is no doubt about that.



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