Evasion or Frustration – Englands’s Latest Offering in Australia

Following the England cricket team in Australia is like watching their football counterparts anywhere.

You know we’re going to lose but there’s always the faintest glimmer of hope that this time they might pull it off. Until you look at the contest charts that is.

The Ashes series went much the way it was expected to with a 4 – 0 defeat. The contest charts predicted 3 of them with the other two matches being unclear.

Capricorn Research backed all 3 at the bookies although the odds available were not enough to assuage the guilt of benefitting from your team’s misfortunes.

A study of the contest charts for this Ashes series is here Ashes to Ashes – Match Fixing Down Under ?

The Test series was followed by 5 One Day Internationals. Now we all know that the two forms of cricket are very different. For one thing the ODI side are not lead by a Capricorn with Saturn about to sit on his Sun.

But the sense of pessimism that hangs around is hard to dispel even with a chart like this

Aus v Eng 1st ODI 2018

Venus for Australia is in a sorry state combust in a sign ( Capricorn ) that doesn’t suit her nature whereas Mars for England is dignified ( in Scorpio ), in its own house ( 7th ) and conjunct Jupiter.

This is a pretty clear way of saying that England will win, but Capricorn Research’ s automatic response to anything is one of caution and was reluctant to place his hard earned winnings from the Ashes series on a chart that had an early degree rising and the Moon not making an aspect to either significator.

Needless to say, England won the first ODI quite convincingly by 5 wickets



Aus v Eng 2nd ODI 2018

The chart for the 2nd ODI had the same significators. Venus had moved into Aquarius but again in a sign not fitting her nature and was still combust. Mars remains happily conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio.

Yes the chart has a late degree rising, but with the Moon separating from a conjunction with Venus and applying to a square aspect to Mars, Capricorn Research was more than happy to invest in a comfortable England victory.

And so it proved with a 4 wicket England win inside 45 overs.


Aus v Eng 3rd ODI 2018

The 3rd match shows the state of Venus and Mars little changed and the Moon applying trine to the latter points to another England victory, although with Mars steadily creeping away from Jupiter and the distance between it and the Moon suggests the margin of victory would be smaller.

England were still the better team but won by a mere 16 runs.


Aus v Eng 4th ODI 2018

The 4th ODI chart on the face of it points to an England victory with the Moon applying to oppose Mars but its just as moments when you’re ahead of the game and getting confident that you have to be careful.

Mars is now out of orbs of the conjunction with Jupiter and the Moon’s aspect to it is a tricky opposition.

But more than that a closer inspection reveals Mars to be at 29.45 of Scorpio and about to go into Sagittarius, a move which happens before the Moon can perfect its aspect to it.

In horary astrology such a change of sign means that the matter enquired about will, despite promise, not come to fruition. The ancient astrologers called it Evasion, William Lilly called it Frustration.

When applied to England’s performance in this match both terms apply. With a surprisingly swinging ball, Australia had the England top order at 8 – 5, an absolutely unheard of score and went on to win comfortably in 37 overs.

Many pundits analysed the England performance as complacency and overconfidence once they had wrapped up the series, a fair comment particularly as Mars was about to move into Sagittarius.


Aus v Eng 5th ODI 2018

The start time for the 5th match has changed so now Mars is the Australian significator and Venus is for England.

Basically this chart has nothing much to say. Fortunes may have changed but the Moon is separating from aspects to both sides’ planets. Many times when a series is over, the chart for the final game reflects this and becomes irrelevant. Its as if the Universe has got better things to do.

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