President Harris ? Might Be Sooner Than You Thought

The first 100 days after an election is the honeymoon period. Any victorious political astrologers can put their feet up, bask in the success of their prediction, be condescending to others who got it wrong and suggest which parts of their methods need fine tuning.

After that it’s all about predicting the next one.

Everyone moves on, particularly the bookies. They happily payed out Capricorn Research at 40 / 1 on Trump in 2016, because they made much more on people backing the overwhelming favourite Hillary Clinton.

And pretty soon after the Orange Revolution, they were taking bets on 2020. Obviously Donald was short odds favourite because Presidents generally serve two terms, the economy was booming, American voters are stupid and their algorithms don’t include the transits of Neptune.

Which is dumb, because the nebulous planet was always going to bring him down, it was only a question of how and exactly when.

It was a race between losing at the polls and impeachment. The Republican controlled Senate narrowly came out in favour of the former. Which was also pretty dumb of them because if they had got rid of him before all this Covid stuff had occurred, President Mike Pence would still have lost in November but they might have kept control of the upper house.

But Neptune wasn’t going to be headed off so easily. Its mode of attack was through Covid 19 and it arrived square to Trump’s Moon in March.

Of course the closer you get to the actual election the date the more likely your predictions are to be right. But also the lower the odds are.

In an attempt to make as much money as in 2016, I have at one time or another placed small amounts on Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders because of their transits,  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ( 61 / 1 and 5,000 / 1 ) for a laugh and the knowledge that we are dealing with Americans and more serious amounts on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


Some astrologers would question why back Harris ?

After all she has natal Saturn conjunct the Midheaven and transiting Saturn square to both her Sun and Moon in November.

To these people I would suggest they don’t have a sufficiently strong understanding of Saturn and that natal placing did no harm for Elizabeth Windsor.

I might also refer to the fact that many astrologers backed Hillary in 2016 because Trump had Saturn transiting conjunct his natal Moon and opposite his Sun.

Taking on the highest office in the land is a major responsibility so Saturn would be expected to play some kind of part.

Kamala Harris also has Jupiter square to her Sun and Moon at election time but this is still not the reason that I backed her.

It’s all about what’s coming after.

One serious mistake in astrology prediction is to see transits as one offs.

They don’t exist on their own. Every one is part of a pattern.

A President’s term is for 4 years, you don’t expect the powerful transits to be over after the election.

And what’s coming up for Harris is the most powerful of all.

From 2021 to 23 Pluto will be at the apex of a T Square including both her Sun and Moon.

Pluto will be transiting her 8th house.

Her 2nd Saturn Return will also fall in this time frame.

So will she be murdered then ?

That is possible, but there is a more plausible alternative.

This is the Jupiter / Saturn curse. In traditional astrology, Jupiter equals the ruler, Saturn equals death.

A conjunction between these two heavyweights occurs every 20 years.

Between 1840 and 1960, 7 Presidents were elected under a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction.

Not one of them survived their term of office.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan was so scared of this that he employed his own astrologer, Joan Quigley, no doubt in an attempt to assuage the planetary gods. And there was an assassination attempt on his life within a few months of his inauguration.

George W Bush escaped this fate in 2000 but maybe 9 / 11 was his version.

Forecasting in most sciences is based on looking at similar patterns in the past and seeing how the results turned out. From there experts would attempt to predict what will happen this time while acknowledging that no two events can ever be exactly the same.

In weather forecasting, a build up of a low pressure system out to sea with prevailing winds is likely to result in rain on the land over the ensuing 24 hours.

The scientists involved might allow for unexpected developments but come out with an assessment that may say the chances of rain would be 80%.

The lady next door might tell you over the garden fence that it would rain because she could feel it in her bones.

There are times when she might well be right, but this does not mean that she should be given a job as a TV weather forecaster.

In the world of astrology, there is no such distinction between practitioners.

There are many that would tell you that such and such a thing might happen and if you ask them why, they defer to their intuition. Which is just a posh New Age name for your next door neighbour’s bones.

They are also prone to use the word ” might “. This allows them to claim correctness whether or not the thing predicted occurs.

On reading this, most astrologers would be up in arms. They would say that their predictions are based on readings of a subject that is thousands of years old and could quote any number of predecessors who would have predicted the same results from a transit of Jupiter over the native’s Sun for example.

But how many have really researched what has happened in the past every time that combination has occurred ?

As a rule they would cherry pick examples but again this method has no more real reliability than the next door neighbour’s bones. Because no doubt there was once a time when her knees hurt and it did rain.

To copy what someone else said on Astrotwitter takes little real study or effort.

To research and test what actually happened every time the similar astrological patterns occurred takes a lifetime of study.

Fortunately readers of these articles don’t have to do that because Capricorn Research has done it for them.

So to look at these previous Jupiter / Saturn incidents in detail.

There was a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in 1841 – 42.

William Henry Harrison was inaugurated in 1841.  At 68, Harrison was the oldest President to take office, a record not beaten until Reagan in 1980.


According to Wikipedia ” He died of typhoid, pneumonia or paratyphoid fever 31 days into his term (the shortest tenure), becoming the first president to die in office ”

Harrison’s close Venus / Pluto conjunction opposite his Mars suggested he could meet a violent end.

He also had the Moon at 20 Virgo conjunct Saturn and Neptune.

Harrison was succeeded by John Tyler.


Tyler had the Moon at 22 Virgo opposite Venus.

Transit Uranus was opposite both mens Moons throughout 1841.

The next Jupiter / Saturn was in 1861, the year Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated.


Lincoln had a Saturn / Neptune / Midheaven conjunction.

He was assassinated in 1865 with the transit Neptune conjunct his natal Venus.

His successor Andrew Johnson was born only a few weeks before Lincoln.


Johnson had the Moon in the 8th house opposite Saturn.

Transit Neptune was square to his Sun and opposite his Mars in 1865.

The next Jupiter / Saturn was in 1881.

James Garfield was inaugurated that year and lasted a mere 6 months, another victim of assassination.


Garfield had an 8th house Moon in opposition to a Scorpio Sun.

He was succeeded by his Vice President Chester Arthur.


Both men had major natal Pluto oppositions. Garfield had it opposite his Venus and Arthur opposite his Sun.

It’s important to remember that transit Pluto would have moved so slowly in those days that there would not be time for it to make another aspect to either of these placings during their lifetimes.

However in 1881, Garfield had Pluto opposite his Sun and Arthur had it trine his Mars.

The next Jupiter / Saturn occurred in 1901.


William McKinley was a few months into his 2nd term in 1901 when he also was assassinated and succeeded by his VP, Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt had a fascinating chart, one which so clearly showed that he would reach high office due to someone’s sudden and unexpected death.


The Sun in Scorpio opposite an 11th house Pluto suggests as much.

It’s backed up by the Moon opposite an 8th house Capricorn Mars.

Even the Jupiter rising opposite Venus helps out too.

Again its important to remember that Pluto was moving so slowly that it would only make one major transit to any of these in Roosevelt’s lifetime.

And it was opposite his Venus in 1901.

But even more than that the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction fell conjunct Roosevelt’s Mars and opposite his Moon.

It also fell conjunct McKinley’s Saturn which put paid to him.

The next one occurred in 1921. The man inaugurated that year was Warren Harding. It was as if the Republican Party had cottoned on to this Jupiter / Saturn curse and deliberately picked the bloke most likely to keel over, which he did in 1923.


With the Sun in Scorpio in the 8th house conjunct Mars and Saturn and opposite the Moon and Pluto in the 2nd house, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this bloke died as soon as he was born.

However he had a number of different Scorpio / 8th house themes to explore first, financial and judicial scandals and extra marital affairs that Donald Trump would have been proud of. And in true Scorpio fashion, these did not come to light until after his death.

Maybe this explained why he died of a heart attack while Jupiter was conjunct his Sun. It finished him off before all the bad stuff came to light.

Uranus was also exactly on his Ascendant when he died.

Interestingly his successor Calvin Coolidge had pretty strong synastry with him


Harding’s 8th house Scorpio stellium was trine Coolidge’s 11th house Cancer one.

So the Jupiter / Uranus transits that bumped off Harding fell exactly trine to Coolidge’s Sun.

The next Jupiter / Saturn occurred in 1941, at the start of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 3rd term of office.


FDR’s Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer in the 10th and Uranus rising in Virgo showed a powerful reformer who was a true servant of and much loved by his people.

He was also born during a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction ( which included Neptune ). This fell in his 8th house square to his Sun so he was always likely to leave office in a box.

FDR died in 1945 just at the beginning of his 4th term.

Pluto was opposite his Sun at the time.

Saturn was conjunct and Neptune was square to his Moon.

The 8th house theme continued with FDR’s successor


With a stellium in the 8th including the Sun in the 8th conjunct Neptune and Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Moon in Scorpio, it’s not surprising that death was such a feature of Harry Truman’s presidency.

It was the reason that he got it in the first place and he wasted no time killing as many Japs as he could in one fell swoop.

The Saturn / Neptune square that fell on FDR’s 10th house Moon that killed him hit Truman’s Venus at the same time.

After that, the next Jupiter / Saturn conjunction occurred in 1960 / 61.

And we all know what happened then.


JFK had an 8th house stellium.

Pluto made its only transit to his Sun ( a square aspect ) when he was elected.

Uranus followed suit in November 1963 when he was assassinated.

And just in case Uranus missed, Saturn was square his 8th house Mars as well.

His successor also had a stellium.


LBJ’s Moon and Mercury were inconjunct his 8th house Saturn.

They were also square to JFK’s Sun.

Which meant that Pluto would have been square to Johnson’s Moon / Mercury when he became Vice President and Uranus was square to them when he took over after Kennedy’s asassination.

Given that this was such a monumental event in US political history, Capricorn Research has obviously had it covered from a number of angles. For more information on this see –  The Assassination of JFK  ,  Curse Of The Kennedys , Coincidence – The Biggest Conspiracy Theory 

So what do we have here ?

7 US Presidents who were inaugurated under a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction who did not survive their full term.

There were Pluto / Scorpio / 8th house themes occurring in each situation.

And each one was marked by major transits.

Why did this happen ?


The leaders of a nation would be signified by the ruler of the 10th house of its natal chart.

The US 10th ruler is Mercury, placed in the 8th house opposite Pluto. This is as clear an indication as possible of deaths and assassinations of the Presidents.

Which brings us up to date.

The next President will also be inaugurated under a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction.

Pluto is also returning to its natal position in the US chart over the next 2 – 3 years.

The next President will be 78 by the time he is inaugurated.


We have a similar theme coming up.

Joe Biden has a Scorpio stellium with Pluto in the 8th square to his Moon.

Biden’s chart is not particularly Presidential.

There are no really powerful transits around for him at the time of the election. Granted he has Jupiter and Saturn sextile his Sun, but on his own nothing much.

This was the reason that I was initially reluctant to bet on him winning.

It was clear that Trump was on the way out but I was looking for someone with stronger transits to reach the White House.

Maybe Biden’s role in all this is simply as a bit part player on the way to the first female Presidency.

So where does this all leave us ?

If we use the weather forecasting model I would state that the astrological chances of Joe Biden succeeding Donald Trump were about 75 %.

Having picked Kamala Harris as his running mate he will be tapping into her transits so those chances have now increased to 90 %.

The other 10% would be due to Trump either refusing to leave the White House having lost the election or arranging for some of his goons to bump off Biden.

What happens after the election ?

Given all of the above, I would think the chances of Kamala Harris becoming President sometime between 2021 and 24, because Joe Biden is either assassinated, dies of old age or retires due to ill health is somewhere between 60 – 70 %.

If anyone can find a bookie willing to give odds on this happening please let me know.

Then I can start looking at November 2024.

Posted on August 16th 2020