Who Was Jack the Ripper ?

A question that probably no reader of these pages has ever asked is how are the subjects of these articles chosen ? In a strange way this question intrigues Capricorn Research almost as much as the charts themselves.

I have a collection of over 20,000 charts of famous people and in some ways you could make a case for writing a piece about most of them as they all bring up interesting astrological connections. However even a triple Capricorn with an obsession is not going to live long enough to do justice to such a project, so my criterion for choice is generally around the ones that would make the most interesting articles, hoping to avoid repetitive themes if at all possible.

However, many of the subjects that actually get written up do so because of something I’ve just suddenly seen or heard someone talking about, and the thought instantly occurs that a chart has to be drawn there and then.

I like this process most because it feels as if the Universe wants me to write a particular piece. Often when this happens the words come tumbling out of my subconscious quickly and effortlessly. This might not seem much of a feat but for a triple Capricorn who used to agonise for days about the wording of a particular chart interpretation that I was attempting to do, it is a seriously welcome change.

This article for instance comes to you because I was flicking through Netflix yesterday and stumbled upon the series ” Whitechapel “, a detective story base on the recreation of Jack the Ripper’s attacks. The following morning my brother rang to say that he was going to celebrate his birthday next month, by going on one of those organised Ripper experience walks. That afternoon I spotted an article in the paper claiming that the latest person to be connected with the Ripper mystery, Aaron Kosminski was probably not the murderer after all.

So even a triple Capricorn doesn’t need to be told more than three times in 24 hours. So here it is then – Who was Jack the Ripper ? There are up to 11 brutal murders that occurred between 1888 and 1891 that could have been attributed to this one man, but the ” canonical five ” that clearly bear the signs of the same perpetrator happened between 31st August and 9th November 1888.

The identity of the killer has been hotly debated, and over one hundred Jack the Ripper suspects have been proposed. Most of these are too stupid to even consider and many others have no date of birth available, but as astrological cluedo is a favourite pastime, lets have a look at the one’s we’ve got left.

A good place to start would be with the one thats attracted all the recent media attention.

A 23-year-old Polish immigrant barber called Aaron Kosminski was “definitely, categorically and absolutely” the man who carried out the atrocities, according to a detailed analysis of DNA extracted from a silk shawl allegedly found at the scene of one of his murders. However, the scientist who carried out the DNA analysis has apparently made a fundamental error that fatally undermines his case against Kosminski.

Kosminski lived in a Whitechapel asylum, however, he was largely harmless. His insanity took the form of auditory hallucinations, a paranoid fear of being fed by other people, a refusal to wash or bathe, and “self-abuse”.

So if DNA analysis is unable to solve this one what about astrological.

Aaron Kosminski

This chart really does not look like the one of the most notorious serial killer in British history. The Sun in Virgo with the Moon in Gemini, even if he was born late at night with them in square aspect does not sound that threatening.

The most difficult aspect in his chart is the Mars / Neptune opposition with a T Square to an apex Uranus. Mars / Neptune could explain the hallucinations and a refusal to wash, together with the self abuse and an apex Uranus in Cancer the fear of being fed.

At a push you might think that the Venus / Pluto square could point to a use of prostitutes but it would have to dominate the chart much more by other aspects to actually go round killing them.

Besides that the only transits he had for the time were Jupiter opposite his Moon.

Capricorn Research view of the chance of Kosminski being Jack –  3 / 10.

Montague Druitt was a schoolmaster who was dismissed shortly before committing suicide by drowning just after the last of the 5 murders. However the day after the first murder, Druitt was in Dorset playing cricket.


Montague Druitt


Again Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini doesn’t look like a serial killer. The Mars / Pluto square is always a possible indicator of violence but its not connected to anything else.

The Moon at the end of Gemini square to Neptune in Pisces, does look like someone who had just lost his job as a teacher and committed suicide, however.

The 1888 transit of Saturn to conjunct his Mars and square his Pluto does look a bit dodgy though.

Druitt’s chances  4 / 10.

Some claims were made by authors of various books many years after the murders took place. A lot of them were conspiracy theories that linked to some politicians or masons, but there is little or no evidence to take them seriously.

Lewis Carroll was once such, who was linked by an author using anagrams in his book


Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll has got to be the daftest one of the lot.  A Sun / Uranus conjunction in Aquarius is definitely the kind of thing that we would expect from the author of Alice in Wonderland but not of a murderer  even as a political rebel fighting for a cause.

The only slightly tricky aspects in Carrolls chart are far too wide anyway to cause serious trouble.

His transits for the time included Saturn opposite the Sun / Uranus but also Jupiter conjunct his Moon

Lewis Carroll as Jack  0 / 10

Sir William Gull was a physician to Queen Victoria. He was named as the Ripper as part of a widely discredited Masonic/royal conspiracy theory.

Gull has never been taken seriously as a suspect due to sheer lack of evidence, he was in his seventies at the time of the murders and had recently suffered a stroke.

William Gull

Gull with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Gemini has an extremely harmless chart.

Transits wise, nothing much going on. Pluto had just moved away from a conjunction to his Moon, which in a chart of a murderer might signify something, but there’s nothing to see here. Astrologically speaking its just a time waster.

William Gull as the Ripper  1 / 10


James Kelly murdered his wife in 1883 by stabbing her in the neck. Deemed insane, he was committed to the Broadmoor Asylum, from which he later escaped in early 1888. Police searched for Kelly at the time but they were not able to locate him.  Kelly’s file is a good profile match for Jack the Ripper.

James Kelly

Kelly is another Taurus but this time with the Sun conjunct Pluto. He also had a Mars / Jupiter / Moon in Aries T square.

Its difficult but not as dark as you might expect from someone who was deemed insane and murdered his wife.

For transits, Uranus was square both Mars and Jupiter in 1888.

James Kelly as the Ripper  6 / 10

James Maybrick was a cotton merchant who it was claimed confessed to being the Ripper in a diary, but document experts pronounced the diary a fake as the handwriting did not match that of Maybrick’s will. Maybrick’s wife Florence was convicted of poisoning him with arsenic.

James Maybrick

Maybrick had the Sun in Scorpio together with a difficult sounding Venus / Pluto opposition that made a wide T square to the Moon.

Mars is also square Saturn

In terms of transits Uranus was conjunct Venus and opposite Pluto which might indicate something, but all of this could easily be explained by him being killed by his wife.

James Maybrick as the Ripper  3 / 10

Walter  Sickert was a German artist who had a fascination with the Ripper murders, and appeared as a character in the  royal/masonic conspiracy theory. However, Sickert is not considered a serious suspect by most who study the case, and strong evidence shows he was in France at the time of most of the Ripper murders.

Walter Sickert

Sickert had the Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini together with a Venus / Jupiter / Mars / Moon T square.

The only transits at the time were Jupiter opposite his Sun / Uranus

Walter Sickert as Jack  2 / 10

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence was mentioned in print as a potential suspect in 1962 on the basis of vague rumour. The suggestion was widely dismissed, as Albert Victor had strong alibis for the murders.


Prince Albert Victor

Albert Victor was a serious minded double Capricorn with the Sun square to Saturn but there is nothing in his chart that suggested he could be a murderer.

And the only transit of Uranus square the Sun does not change this.

Albert Victor as the Ripper  2 / 10

James  Stephen was suggested as a suspect based on his misogynistic writings and on similarities between his handwriting and that of a letter, supposedly written by the Ripper. It was suggested that Stephen may have had sexual feelings for Albert Victor, and that Stephen’s hatred of women arose from jealousy because Albert Victor preferred female company and did not reciprocate Stephen’s feelings. However, this analysis was rebutted by professional document examiners and there is no proof that Stephen was ever in love with Albert Victor, although he did starve himself to death very shortly after hearing of the Prince’s death.

James Stephen


A Piscean with the Moon in Sagittarius, Stephen’s chart was relatively free of afflictions.

A transit of Uranus opposite Mars and square Venus might be a bit tricky but no chance.

Stephen’s Venus was conjunct Albert Victor’s Sun and his Moon on top of the Prince’s Mars so the rumours of an infatuation might be true however.

James Stephen as the Ripper  1 / 10

There were however a number of cases that were linked to the murders at the time.

Thomas Cream was a doctor secretly specialising in abortions. In 1881 he was found guilty of the fatal poisoning of his mistress’s husband. and he was imprisoned in  Illinois, from November 1881 until July 1891. He then moved to London, resumed killing and was soon arrested. He was hanged on 15 November 1892 and his last words were reported as being “I am Jack the…”. As he was still imprisoned at the time of the Ripper murders, most authorities consider it impossible for him to be the culprit. However, he could have bribed officials and left the prison.

Thomas Cream


Cream’s Sun was the apex of a T square including an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune. His Moon is opposite Mercury and Venus. It’s possible that someone with this chart could poison someone, but it just doesn’t look vicious enough to be the Ripper.

Uranus had been going through his T Square in 1880 – 1 when he poisoned his mistress’ husband.

Neptune was conjunct his Sun when he was hanged in 1892.

These are undoubtedly difficult transits, but the toughest of all would have been Pluto through that T Square and conjunct his Sun which occurred between 1888 and 91, when he was supposedly in prison.

So whereas the alibi and the natal chart seem to absolve Cream, the transits suggest it might have been a possibility.

Thomas Cream as Jack ?  5 / 10

Frederick Deeming murdered his first wife and four children in 1891. His crimes went undiscovered and later that year he emigrated to Australia with his second wife, who he also murdered. He was found guilty and hanged. He boasted in jail that he was Jack the Ripper, but there was an alibi that he was in South Africa at the appropriate time. 

Frederick Deeming


Deeming was another character with an apex Pluto, this time as the focus of a Mercury / Mars / Jupiter pattern. With Mercury and Mars in Cancer square to Pluto, killing his own wives and children would not be entirely beyond the realm of possibility.

The transits for these events in 1891 – 2 were Uranus square his Mars followed by his Sun and then opposite his Moon.

Uranus was square both Mercury and Jupiter in 1888, but on balance the transit is not quite enough for him to be the Ripper.

Deeming as the Ripper  6 / 10

Robert Stephenson was a journalist and writer interested in the occult and black magic. He admitted himself as a patient at a hospital in Whitechapel shortly before the murders started, and left shortly after they ceased. Stephenson’s strange interest in the crimes resulted in an amateur detective reporting him to Scotland Yard but hospital night-shift rosters show that he could not have left on the nights of the murders and hence could not have been Jack the Ripper.

Robert Stephenson

Stephenson was a Taurus, the most common Sun sign amongst Capricorn research’s collection of 545 Murderers charts. His Sun is opposite Mars and his Moon is in Aries conjunct Pluto. On the face of it that might be quite tempting, but serial killers usually have much more difficult and threatening aspects than that.

Stephensons Moon / Pluto conjunction would have been the thing that have him his interest in magic, but the notion of him being the Ripper is probably just down to people’s prejudices and suspicions of the occult.

Stephenson’s transits for 1888 were Neptune conjunct his Venus and Uranus opposite his Moon / Pluto which do look rather tricky but could also explain his being in hospital and also strangely attracted to the murders, but do not suggest that he was involved himself

Robert Stephenson as Jack the Ripper  4 / 10

William Bury strangled his wife Ellen Elliott, a former prostitute, in February 1889. He inflicted extensive wounds to her abdomen after she was dead and packed the body into a trunk. He was found guilty of her murder, and hanged. A link with the Ripper crimes was investigated by police, but Bury denied any connection, despite making a full confession to his wife’s homicide.

William Bury


Bury’s Sun is conjunct Uranus and square his Moon. Mercury and Venus are both conjunct Pluto and square to Saturn.

But the real big one here is the transits. Pluto was conjunct Bury’s Sun in 1888, and Neptune made the same aspect between 1889 and 90.

Its tricky because this could also just be the chart of someone who killed his wife.

William Bury as Jack  7 / 10

Seweryn Kłosowski was Polish but emigrated to London shortly before the start of the Whitechapel murders. He successively poisoned three of his mistresses and became known as “the borough poisoner”. He was hanged for his crimes in 1903.

Many disagree that he was Jack as he murdered his three mistresses with poison, and it is unusual for a serial killer to make such a drastic change in their modus operandi.

Seweryn Klosowski


This is more like the kind of chart we are looking for with a nasty Moon / Saturn conjunction in Scorpio opposite Pluto.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter opposite Uranus T square an apex Neptune looks difficult as well but after all he did poison ( apex Neptune ) his 3 mistresses ( heavily afflicted Moon ).

These three were killed between 1897 and 1902 and his transits for this time appropriately included Neptune opposite his Sun and Pluto opposite his Mars.

He was hanged in 1903 with Uranus conjunct his Sun. Saturn was also making a T Square to the Moon / Saturn / Pluto pattern.

The transits for Ripper murders of 1888 are also horrendous with Pluto opposite his Venus and Saturn making a T Square to his Moon / Saturn / Pluto opposition.

This is Capricorn Research’s favourite. Klosowski’s Moon / Saturn / Pluto aspect in his chart should have been triggered by a transit of either Pluto or Saturn by the worst of his deeds. He would never live long enough for Pluto to make a transit to it. Saturn triggered it when he was hanged in 1903, but there was no significant transits for the murder of any of his wives.

However in 1888, Saturn was there making a T Square to this aspect pattern.

Seweryn Klosowski as the Ripper ?   8 / 10.

In truth we shall never know but out of all the suspects that we have charts for this is the one most likely.

So the scientist with the dodgy DNA tests was probably wrong about Aaron Kosminksi, the likelihood is that Jack the Ripper was his compatriot Seweryn Klosowski.

But then it wouldn’t be the first or last time that scientists were climbing up the wrong Pole.



2 thoughts on “Who Was Jack the Ripper ?

  1. Nice article and I know it’s lighthearted but with noon charts it’s hard not really going to be accurate to base hypothesis on the moon.

    Thanks for collecting the dates of birth though. I’ll do a little research myself, but with the focus on Chiron. JTR seems quite a candidate for deep Chiron issues and I think it may inspire a piece of my own at some point.

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