Jeff Buckley – A Neptunian Tragedy

Jeff Buckley was an American musician, who emerged in the avant-garde club scene of the 1990s. He was often compared to his father, Tim Buckley. Jeff and Tim died at a young age  in very different Neptunian tragedies.

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley had a difficult chart. He had the Sun in Scorpio, a sign that always feels the highs and lows of life more intensely than anyone else.

He also had a very tough and hazardous Mars / Uranus / Pluto conjunction which was exactly opposite an 8th house Saturn. This combination ensured that sudden loss through death would play a major role in his life.

The Sun is part of a multiple conjunction in Scorpio in the 4th house of home and family, the most significant part of this grouping is the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune.

The Sun in a child’s chart would rule the father particularly if its in the 4th house. Neptune is the planet that rules mystery and loss through vague or unexplained circumstances. This conjunction on its own would explain the fact that Jeff never knew his father, he grew up with his mother and stepfather. However given the difficulties of the Mars / Uranus / Pluto / Saturn aspect, the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune would point to Tim Buckley’s death. Neptune rules all intoxicants and the fact that he died of a drug overdose would confirm this view.

Jeff was nine years old when Tim died and Uranus was square his Moon at the time. Such a sudden, unexpected ( Uranus ) death ( Uranus opposite 8th house Saturn ) of an important family member ( Moon ) was obviously an appalling and heart rending thing to happen. It had a profound impact on Jeff’s life.

Jeff obviously inherited some of Tim’s musical talent as would be expected from the Sun’s position in the 4th house and the Moon’s aspect to Jupiter. The aspect was an opposition, however and like many performers with famous parents the shadow of his father loomed large throughout his life and this was sometimes hard to live with. His public debut occurred at a tribute performance for his father in 1991 when Pluto was square his Ascendant. The Ascendant is symbolic of the starting point in a life, so this transit at this time was very appropriate.

Jeff was a gifted songwriter, many of his fans describe his music as spiritual and moving. His lyrics often spoke of insanity, which he felt was all around him, and his fear was that he too would become insane. The Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house would aptly describe someone who could contain the sacred and delusion and alienation at the same time.

His musical peak was reached as Pluto was conjunct his Sun in 1994 -5. In 1994 he released “Grace” to rave reviews and the artist with the ethereal voice and incredible four-octave vocal range began touring. In 1995 he received France’s “Grand Prix International Du Disque” award.

Jeff Buckley’s death occurred under a transit of Uranus to the Moon, just like his father’s. Uranus was conjunct Jeff’s Moon in 1997 when he and a friend decided to go swimming, jumping into the river fully clothed. He disappeared, pulled under the water by the wake from a passing tugboat.

Drowning would be another Neptunian symbol particularly when the sea god planet was conjunct the Sun in a Water sign ( Scorpio ) at the bottom of the chart.

Jeff Buckley’s life was an expression of the Sun / Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th. His songs were passionate and brimming with emotion and his music would often create the freeform chaos that is associated with Neptune. The same symbols sadly accounted for both his and his father’s death.


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7 thoughts on “Jeff Buckley – A Neptunian Tragedy

  1. I heard that particular river where Jeff died has a bad undercurrent,too. I read somewhere that if your Sun is in the bottom of your chart there’s a stronger chance of an early death.

    I looked at Jeff’s chart and was sorry that his psychic ability hadn’t saved him from the idea of going in the river. He was most certainly psychic, and he was ethereally handsome. I literally gasped when I saw his chart, so many planets in Scorpio, such scary but interesting conjunctions – and yes, the 8th house was in trouble. The poor darling. He was talented, young, handsome and should have enjoyed a long,happy life.

    • Thanks Lorri, I liked both Jeff and his father Tim’s music. That’s interesting about the Sun being at the bottom of the chart being linked to an early death. Off the top of my head I can think of Pier Angeli, Jacqueline du Pre, Judy Garland, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Kennedy and River Phoenix. I would be tempted to do some large scale research on it, but I’m past my 2nd Saturn Return and probably won’t live long enough : ).

      • excuse me, but can you explain that? about the sun being in the bottom I find it very interesting!!!
        great post x

      • Thanks. The bottom of the chart, or the nadir has always been linked with depths or the past and in many cases both at the same time through the idea of roots.
        The 4th house which starts at the bottom of the chart and where Jeff Buckley has his Sun is what is behind and beneath us, as in our family, parents, ancestors, support systems.
        It can also indicate someone who is very interested in the past or their own emotional depths.
        To contrast it with the top of the chart, someone here is very much more interested in what is above them and the future. This is particularly evident in the 10th house that starts at the top of the chart. Here the concern is for the career and its prospects for promotion and climbing the social ladder.
        I hope that brief view is helpful

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  3. 5 songs of his and 3 of his father’s mention rivers and drowning references. It’s so odd that I have this reoccurring vision of his drowning and that he is okay with it when its happening. I think he knew in some sort of way he was destined to pass early and that’s why his soul told him to make music since vibrations are ever lasting. His presence will always be among us.

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