The Old Devil Shows Up At Maxwell House

I have often thought that I’m simply a machine for converting caffeine into astrological research. All these articles would never have made it without the mandatory triple shot flat white.

During my twenties, I would never touch the stuff, I was a confirmed tea drinker, but since the age of 30, proper coffee was the only thing that would get me up in the morning.

But this is a Capricorn allegory for life. The real thing begins with your Saturn Return, so that’s when you need the artificial stimulants to get you through it.

Growing up in the 1960s I had never heard of real coffee. We only had instant and the family brand of choice was called Maxwell House.

So as tenuous links go….



Ghislaine Maxwell has been called a lot of things over the years, but her wikipedia entry puts her down as a socialite. This could simply be translated as someone who never had to work for a living.

Maxwell is the daughter of disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell and was brought up in a 53 room mansion. She spent much of her twenties on board his yacht, The Lady Ghislaine.

Such a privileged background might seem deserved to someone with a Leo Moon, particularly in opposition to Jupiter, but it doesn’t really fit with a Capricorn stellium.

Capricorns need to work at something, they don’t feel right when things are given to them too easily.

So how would someone like Ghislaine Maxwell experience her first Saturn Return ?

Her sugar daddy drowned having jumped off that yacht, almost certainly suicide as he was about to be exposed for having fraudulently appropriated the pensions of the work force at the newspaper he owned, the Daily Mirror.

Ghislaine has a Sun / Mars / Venus conjunction so her path in life was always bound to involve a lot of sex particularly with it around the 8th house cusp. Since the 8th rules sex and other people’s money, with this combination in Capricorn we could easily see that as an exploitative thing.

Capricorn is by some way the most common Sun sign amongst prostitutes – for more details see Research Into Prostitution. 

Given this fact it would be easy to see Maxwell’s Capricorn stellium with the Leo Moon as being some kind of madam.

Most Capricorns experience their Saturn Return as a push to work on themselves in some way, to start climbing their own personal mountain.

Ghislaine Maxwell flew to New York and copped off with Jeffrey Epstein.



Epstein has an exact Mars / Venus conjunction in Pisces.

One thing I have noticed about close conjunctions is that the person feels entitled to express the two planets very strongly in their lives.

How this would work in Pisces is not exactly clear but that is because there is bound to be some kind of secrecy involved.

The main synastry between Epstein and Maxwell is that his Sun is closely conjunct her Saturn.

Many astrologers talk about the Saturn Return as being karmic. You will reap what you have sown.

My own observation is that this has more to do with the 2nd Return than the 1st one.

At the age of 29 – 30 we are usually fairly set on our path in life, indeed Saturn’s job is to push us onto one.

The 2nd Return aged 59 – 60 will bring us the inevitable consequences of the path we have chosen. If we chose well and consciously we will be rewarded, if we chose a path of selfishness and destructiveness we will then be destroyed.

Saturn is now at 29 Capricorn, marking Ghislaine Maxwell’s 2nd Return. She has been arrested and charged over her alleged involvement in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring.

The New Moon on July 20th in Cancer is exactly opposite this Saturn, so you would expect more developments over the coming days.

The latest news is that she has to wear paper clothes and have no bed linen because of the danger of suicide / being bumped off on behalf of one of the many people who she could seriously implicate.

Speaking of which.



For a more detailed discussion of Andrew’s chart see Andy Pandy’s Coming To Play

Prince Andrew has already had his Saturn Return last year culminating in that disastrous interview now referred to as PizzaExpressGate.

But interesting to see that Andrew also has the entitled Mars / Venus conjunction in Capricorn and that this is very closely conjunct Ghislaine Maxwell’s Saturn.



It’s also interesting that Maxwell’s Saturn is opposite Donald Trump’s Venus / Saturn conjunction.

So it certainly seems astrologically plausible that Ghislaine Maxwell was the madam for Epstein, Andrew and Trump.

Also that Trump’s Venus and Andrew’s Mars / Venus are about to be hit by Pluto transits.

What will happen with all this ?

One thing for sure is Handy Andy’s claims of being unable to sweat will be seriously tested now.

And the powers that be on both sides of the Atlantic will be desperately trying to find ways to smuggle in invisible bed sheets.

A time for popcorn and cappuccino methinks.



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