Game of Thrones – Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 5th House

We all make resolutions, some big ones, many little ones, occasionally they are successful but some are obviously doomed before they start. One that Capricorn Research is proud of was made about 40 years ago and has been kept to this day. This was never to give any of my hard earned cash to that bastard Rupert Murdoch.

Capricorns are notoriously pragmatic in their choices and to be honest it was not a great challenge at first, mainly because the only bit of news I ever read other than the sports pages was Steve Bell’s cartoons in the Guardian.

Little did I realise that 15 years in, Murdoch’s dastardly plan to take over our collective consciousness would result in the arrival of Sky Sports and pose the greatest possible threat to my resolution by challenging an addiction to watching other people kick a football around.

But just when I was about to congratulate myself on maintaing my stance despite 20 years of such temptation, Sky became the UK broadcasters of Game of Thrones.

So once again an old goat finds himself standing on some solitary rock and an obscure point of principle, denying himself the delights of the shared televisual experience enjoyed by people with the Sun in more normal signs.

Fortunately this year my techno savvy son has trained me in the art of how to watch anything for free whether football or otherwise and I have gorged myself on all 5 seasons of GOT in one go.

Game of Thrones is of course famous for a quota of  decapitation and copulation that would make the average ISIS soldier ecstatic both in this life and the next. The fact that one of the heads placed on a spike at the end of the first series was that of George W Bush would have done the same for Capricorn Research.

All this top and tail stuff should surely be represented astrologically and the chart for the first screening back in April 2011 doesn’t disappoint.

Game of Thrones 1st episode

There is no doubt that there is one sign which rules not only the head but also indicates the personality most likely to chop one off in a single excitable movement and that is Aries.

So it seems only natural that the chart should contain a stellium of 5 planets including the butchering Mars, the extravagant Jupiter and the precipitous Uranus in that sign.

In fact if we were to ask for the astrological significator of beheading vast numbers of people just for the sake of it we would be hard pushed to come up with something more appropriate than Mars in Aries opposite Saturn T squared to an apex Pluto.

But of course all of this slicing and slashing is done for a reason, it is a game about thrones, both of which are neatly symbolised by the 5th house, where most of this Arien activity goes on.

Of course no interpretation of a stellium in Aries in the 5th house would be complete without reference to lusty sexual appetites but the chart highlights this even more with an exceptional piece of gender polarisation.

The Sun in military Aries is exactly opposite the Moon in charming and sensual Libra.

Sometime in the future with the inevitable growth of technology we will simply put some birth data into our laptop and a whole TV series will be immediately constructed around the symbols of the chart. But even so we’d be hard pushed to beat this chart of Game of Thrones for sheer all round entertainment value.

As most people know the book that spawned the series was inspired by the Wars of the Roses in the Middle Ages in England, where the two families of York and Lancaster were at each other’s throats with a venom and a level of political skullduggery that would have embarrassed Niccolo Machiavelli.

The two main protagonist families in Game of Thrones are the Lanisters and the Starks from the northern regions so the Medieval connections are clear.

Capricorn Research has frequently used the charts of actors to describe the roles they play, particularly in shows like Game of Thrones where most of them will be playing the biggest parts of their lives.

The first episode introduces the Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark played by Sean Bean. He does personally perform the first decapitation but it is stressed that it is all done in a just cause and it soon becomes clear that Ned Stark is the noblest of the lead characters. He is however, rather naive and gets double crossed and beheaded himself by the end of the first series.

Eddard Stark Sean Bean

As the early frontrunner and standard bearer of the first series it is only fitting that Stark has his Sun at 27 degrees Aries exactly conjunct the Game of Thrones Sun.

His Sun is opposite Neptune accounting for his naivety as well as the likelihood that his position will be undermined. It also indicates the possibility of a sacrifice being made.

Stark has the Moon in regal Leo suggesting his position at the head of the Stark dynasty but it is conjunct Uranus, another indication that it won’t last long.

Stark, just like the Game of Thrones chart has Mars opposite Saturn as part of a T Square. That Mars is in Cancer suggesting that it would be his concerns for his family that would cause his undoing.

Stark has a 2nd T Square which is even more specific. His Venus is in Gemini, suggesting he has two daughters. One of them, Sansa is to be married to Prince Joffrey, the son of King Robert in order to strengthen the relationship between the two families as is shown by Venus being in aspect to Jupiter.

This aspect is an opposition however so there are going to be serious problems with this arrangement. Robert dies in a drunken hunting incident, Joffrey becomes King and imprisons Stark for treason.

In order to save Sansa, Stark confesses to this treason and is beheaded by Joffrey.

Stark’s opposition between Venus and Jupiter focuses by T Square onto an apex Pluto. Given that the Game of Thrones T Square with Mars in Aries opposite Saturn also focuses onto the same planet we can be in little doubt that an apex Pluto points to a sudden and vicious removal of one’s head from one’s body.

Not convinced by the attribution of Venus in Ned’s chart to his daughter Sansa ? Well have a look at her chart then.

Sansa Stark Sophie Turner

Sansa, played by Sophie Turner has the Sun in innocent Pisces but it is conjunct Mars and very closely square Pluto suggesting she is going to be on the receiving end of some horrible stuff.

But more particularly her Sun at 2 Pisces creates an extremely close Grand Cross with Ned Stark’s T Square, exactly opposite to his Pluto.

Sansa’s own Pluto at 3.04 Sagittarius is within a mere 2 minutes of opposition to Ned’s Venus at 3.06 Gemini.

Astrology is very clear, when it wants the major character to be beheaded at the end of the 1st series, it shows exactly how and why and also gets the right man to do it.

Joffrey Jack Gleeson

King Joffrey played by Jack Gleeson has his Mars closely conjunct the Game of Thrones Mars, in vicious Aries.

He has the Moon in cold unfeeling Capricorn conjunct Uranus and Neptune.

He also has the Sun opposite Pluto.

Joffrey’s Sun is in Stark’s T Square in square to Ned’s Pluto.

It is also square to Sansa’s Sun and opposite her Pluto. Hence he reneges on a promise to spare Stark’s life in return for a confession, chops his head off and sticks it on a spike next to George W Bush, a suitably Plutonian punishment.

Joffrey is a particularly nasty character as befitting someone with a Fixed T square involving Pluto with a Saturn apex, and he gets his comeuppance in the end.

One of the most interesting characters is the Imp, Tyrion Lanister played by Peter Dinklage. Unlike most of the cast, Tyrion gets by with the use of his brain rather than his sword.

Tyrion Peter Dinklage

Tyrion’s Sun is in thinking Gemini square to a detailed and strategic Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto conjunction in Virgo which shows where his skills lie.

His main issues seem to revolve around his love life and the fact that the rest of his family despise him, both of which would fit with Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus and Saturn.

The head of the family Tywin Lanister played by Charles Dance has particular contempt for his Tyrion and sentences him to death for a crime that he knows him to be innocent of. But in a typical Game of Thrones twist, the tables are turned so Tyrion kills Tywin in the end.

Tywin L Charles Dance

Tywin has the Sun conjunct Neptune opposite the Moon in Aries so his approach to family matters would be both obsessively idealistic and ruthless.

Tywin, the head of the Lanister family holds the Game of Thrones signature Mars / Jupiter conjunction in hard aspect to Saturn and Pluto. Tywin’s conjunction is in Scorpio so he gets other people to do the actual beheading for him but like most of the characters cops it in the end.

And interestingly his Mars / Jupiter is opposite Tyrion’s Moon / Venus / Saturn so its his attempts to kill his own son that rebound on him.

Tyrion’s older brother, Jaime Lanister is granted the title ” Kingslayer ” for the  obvious reason that Nikolaj Coster Waldau who plays him has the Sun closely conjunct the battling Mars in regal sign Leo.

Jaime L Nikolaj Coster Wald

An early victim of Jaime’s is Ned Stark’s son Bran played by Isaac Hempstead Wright.

Bran Stark Isaac H Wright

Bran has inherited Ned’s Sun in Aries with a conjunction with Jupiter to boot, but he also shares the Mars / Saturn opposition with both his father and the Game of Thrones chart.

This Mars / Saturn T Squares onto an apex Neptune rather than Pluto, so Bran gets away without being decapitated. He does lose the use of his legs but later on becomes a Worg who has magical powers that can become one with animals, so very apex Neptune.

Bran’s injuries occur after being pushed from a tower by Jaime Lanister. Needless to say, the Kingslayer’s Sun / Mars conjunction forms a Grand Cross with Bran’s T Square, in opposition to said Neptune.

The reason for this punishment is that Bran sees Jaime indulging in a bit of incestuous and treasonably adulterous activity with the  Queen, his sister Cersei, played by Lena Headley.

Cersei L Lena Headley

It goes without saying that Cersei has a T Square that creates a Grand Cross with Jaime’s Sun / Mars also triggering Bran’s T square.

The main female parts in Game of Thrones make Capricorn Research think the casting director is an astrologer. They are almost exclusively Libra or Scorpio but also with extremely powerful Pluto aspects.

Cersei is a major political player with the Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra. She is the mother of Joffrey but becomes concerned about the influence of the King’s intended bride, Margaery Tyrell played by Natalie Dormer.

Margaery T Natalie Dormer

Margaery uses her feminine wiles to get round Joffrey, hardly surprising for someone with a stellium in Libra including a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction.

However Margaery just about manages to get married to two kings but before these couplings are consummated her husbands are brutally killed in front of her eyes. But that’s Mars / Saturn / Pluto in Libra for you. When she gets married for a third time, she gets thrown in prison for her troubles.

Another woman with a Libra stellium is Melisandre, the Red Woman played by Carice Van Houten.

Melisandre Carice V Houten

Melisandre uses dark magic to achieve her aims which fits nicely with someone with a Moon in Aquarius opposite Saturn T Square apex Uranus. Melisandre manages to persuade Stannis Baratheon that he is the one true king and destined to sit on the Iron throne.

Stannis Stephen Dillane

This is because Stannis played by Stephen Dillane has his Sun in square to hers and his Venus in close square to her Moon.

Stannis’ Sun is conjunct Saturn however and his Venus is conjunct deceptive Neptune, so we can see how that is going to pan out. His Sun is also square to Pluto so he cops it in season 5.

Another strong female part is Olenna Tyrell played by Diana Rigg.

Diana Rigg

Olenna is the matriarch of the Tyrell family who fights politically for her grandchildren. So its only natural that she would have a Sun / Mars / Pluto conjunction in Cancer square to the Moon in Aries.

One example of a real love match in Game of Thrones is between the Wildling Ygritte played by Rose Leslie and Ned Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow played by Kit Harington.

We know that Ygritte loves him because she constantly says ” You know nothing Jon Snow ” and fires arrows at him. And also because her Venus falls exactly on his Sun.

Jon Snow Kit Harington

Ygritte Rose Leslie

Ygritte’s Venus is opposite her Moon in Cancer so this love match gets her into trouble with members of her own clan.

Ygritte’s Venus and Jon Snow’s Sun are both conjunct Neptune so this love is never going to last.

A number of the show’s audience have dismissed Jon Snow’s resurrection in Season 6 as being hammy and unrealistic. Perhaps they missed the first 5 seasons. They also missed the fact that Snow / Harington has a Moon / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio which makes coming back from the dead compulsory.

The most interesting character is without doubt Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke.

Daenerys is a petite blonde, who at the beginning of the first series is being married off to a massive brute of a desert warrior so that her brother can get help from his army to regain his birthright. She is told that he would allow her to be screwed by every soldier in that army if it gave him a chance to return to his throne.

One look at Daenerys and you think she won’t last 5 minutes amongst these nomads but thats until you see her chart.

Daenerys T Emilia Clarke

Daenerys played by Emilia Clarke has a stellium in Scorpio including a Sun / Pluto conjunction that is the apex of a T Square involving the regal Moon in Leo and Mars, a Game of Thrones signature aspect pattern if ever there was one.

She not only outlives her husband and brother, but walks into the former’s funeral pyre to eventually emerge untouched by the flames with 3 baby fire breathing dragons on her shoulders to become the mighty queen and leader of a great army.

Yes ok we get the Sun / Pluto Scorpio imagery, there’s no need to overdo it.

All the major male parts in Game of Thrones bar Tyrion, Ned Stark and Joffre have Mars / Jupiter aspects.

Almost all the women have Mars / Pluto.

And just in case you were wondering George W Bush’s Sun at 13 Cancer forms a Grand Cross with the Game of Thrones Mars / Saturn / Pluto, so who better to have his head shoved on a spike.

All that’s needed for Season 6 is for the vicious Ramsay Bolton to do the same for Rupert Murdoch and Capricorn Research will be happy. I might even celebrate by watching the Game of Thrones on Sky.


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13 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 5th House

  1. All that over the top sex and death, very Freudian. I managed three episodes on the sky boxed set and decided it was too boring to carry on with. Not much better than fifty shades and I managed one page of that rubbish in the library. Give me John Le Carre or Hilary Mantel any day.


    • Thanks Suzanne. All that Mars / Aries is definitely not to everyone’s taste. I agree with you about Hilary Mantel, and loved Wolf Hall. Beautiful slow paced and Mark Rylance played a wonderfully Capricorn version of Cromwell.

  2. Saw it on the stage too. It was superb. You know the painting of Cromwell where he is in profile? At one point the actor was sitting showing that profile and he looked so similar it was uncanny. There were all sorts of small reference points that you could pick up on throughout. I just wish that I had also seen Bring up the Bodies. Read the books Mr C, they evoke pictures in your mind so strongly it’s like watching it unfolding in 3D. I’ve never known any other books to have such a strong effect,


  3. Widen your horizons Mr C. There’s a whole world out here and not all of it is football. Was watching a programme on the Elizabethans and their codes the other day. It’s on i-player I think. There was a portrait of some courtier generally not on display with his horoscope painted around him. On the reverse of the painting there was a warning about terrible things which can blight your life. He was incarcerated for twenty odd years but the fascinating thing was his horoscope which was shown and probably just enough to make some sense of it. That would be fascinating to interpret in light of his history being known. Immediately thought of you,

    Take care


  4. This is so wonderful. As an astrologer myself and a super-fan of GoT the synchronicities are amazing. Great work!

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