Gemini – The Twins ?

As everyone knows each astrological sign has a character that is connected to it. Most of these are animals, in fact the word Zodiac literally means animals.

But is there really a connection between the sign and its mascots ? Are archers with four legs generally Sagittarians ? Were most bulls born in late April / May ?

Most of these are untestable of course and when Capricorn Research tried to do one on Virgos he received several slaps for his efforts, but there is one sign that we can look at.

The idea of twins has been a intriguing and also challenging one for astrology. Many people will give examples of twins who are utterly different in character, something that confounds the very premise of astrology.

Unless the time difference is enough to produce a change of Ascendant, we should expect them to be very similar in life and character.

In doing charts for twins, Capricorn Research has often found that one twin, usually the more dominant character really speaks the chart strongly, whereas the other often doesn’t.

Whether or not this is a deliberate attempt on the part of the other twin to appear different is hard to say. The ease with which some twins seem to manage this feat, seems to question a number of astrology’s assumptions about the power of the natal chart.

Fortunately the scope of this article does not cover this area, its just to ask the simple question, ” do twins occur in Gemini more than other signs  ? ”

A collection of 250 sets of twins with accurate birth times is not put forward as a large enough sample to make any definitive statements about this but it is enough to provide some ideas that would be worth more research.

In this collection the very simple answer to the question posed is yes.

The average sign or house placement would be just under 21 but the Sun falls most frequently in Gemini with a score of 30.

The 2nd most frequent is another Air sign, Libra at 27 but interestingly the least common is Aquarius with only 13.

Not only is the Twins the most common Sun sign but it is by far the most frequent rising sign.

Gemini rising scores 32, which when adjustments are made to take into account the difference in Ascending signs creates a figure of 160 % of the expected score.

In fact the 2nd most frequent is Taurus, way back with 113 %.

Gemini scores 3 times as frequently as the lowest rising sign Scorpio.

Impressive and what’s more the sample of 250 includes 34 charts of multiple births from triplets to octuplets. In the charts of the first born Gemini rising occurs 221 % of the expected number of times.

in this group however the most common Sun sign is Leo with 5 whereas the average would be just under 3.

Gemini Sun in multiple births comes equal 2nd with a score of 4.

The Moon occurs 30 times in Cancer in the 250 twins charts as does Mars in Both Cancer and Virgo.

The Mars sign distribution has such a wide spread that it has a ‘ p ‘ figure of 0.000379 which has considerable statistical significance.

The Sun occurs 37 times in the 11th house which had a ‘ p ‘ score of 0.0175, just at the point where statisticians are starting to take an interest.

They would be even more impressed by Mercury’s distribution which also scores 37 in the 11th house but the all round spread has a p score of 0.0074.

The most common aspect amongst twins is Mars conjunct Saturn occurring at 180 %

Venus and Mars aspects are very common with the conjunction occurring at 156% and opposition 174 %

Venus is also frequently conjunct Jupiter with 153 % the same rate as the Mercury / Pluto conjunction.

Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant 146 % of the expected number of times.

When we are talking about multiple births a lot of these aspect features become more enhanced.

The Venus / Mars conjunction occurs at 238 % and the Moon is conjunct Mars at 265 %

Venus is also conjunct Saturn frequently at 212 %.

Both the Sun and Moon score highly conjunct Neptune with 157 and 159 %

There is a particular group that is included in the 250 that has very different needs and demands, this is a sample of 37 Conjoined Twins, many of whom did not survive beyond their early years.

In this group, the Sun does not occur particularly frequently in Gemini, but the Ascendant does at 203 %. The most common however is Aries Ascendant with 228 %.

The Moon is in Cancer 7 times as opposed to the expected 3.

The 11th house again features with the Sun there 260% of the expected number of times and the Moon at 162 %.

The most common aspect is Mars conjunct Uranus which occurs at 305 %.

Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant at 210 %

The Sun, Venus and Mars score highly conjunct Saturn at 194, 183 and 183 % respectively.

The Moon features strongly with Pluto as the conjunction scores 194 %, opposition 146 and square 152.

The difficulty of all of these aspects accurately reflects the issues that must confront conjoined twins whether they survive or have operations to be separated or remain conjoined.

So this relatively small study shows that Gemini is appropriately called the sign of the Twins as the Sun and particularly the Ascendant occur there frequently.

The 11th house is considered to be the house of friends, which feels right for twins given the strong distribution of the Sun and other personal planets there.

The symbolism of astrology works in a very simple way. Indeed Capricorn Research has it on good authority that all lions are born in August, at least that’s what they told me and who am I to argue with a Leo ?



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