Dennis Bulloch – Scorpio Sex Games Gone Wrong

Dennis Bulloch was an American homicide, after binding his wife, Julie, with duct tape, he put her body in the garage and set fire to it. His plan was to have the house burn down, destroying all the evidence. Unfortunately for him, his neighbours called the firemen.

After Julie’s death, Bulloch  set up a fake suicide, leaving a note and making the appearance of having jumped off a bridge. The police traced and arrested him.

At the trial, Bulloch’s defense strategy was that he and Julie were both patrons of sex-bondage games and this one had simply gone too far. He was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter and was sentenced to four years prison with an additional 11 years for arson.

Dennis Bulloch

When we are talking about the darker side of sexual expression, there’s often some Scorpio in there somewhere. Dennis Bulloch had the Sun and Ascendant in the sign and its ruler Pluto dominating the chart in conjunction with the Midheaven.

The oppressive Saturn is also conjunct his Scorpio Sun and there is definitely something about this combination that suggests bondage. Both the Sun and Saturn are in square aspect to the Moon in Leo. The Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio with a Leo Moon creates a powerful and imposing dominant character.

The Sun and Moon in square generally suggests that life does not really go the way its intended to. Its as if the person’s plans ( Sun ) and the response of the world to them ( Moon ) are operating on very different wavelengths. This aspect also indicates disagreement between Bulloch and women in general and his partners in particular.

The aspects of Mars usually have a lot to say about the sex life and squares between the red planet and Jupiter always point to large appetites. Jupiter likes to play at life but here it is in the 8th house of death pointing to the results of Bulloch’s games.

There is no birth time available for Julie Bulloch but a noon chart shows a fair amount of her side of the story.

Julie Bulloch

With 4 planets including the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra she would be quite a different character to her husband. These placings reveal a shy, retiring girl who wanted nothing more than a home and family, she would not have bargained for the sex-bondage games that he enjoyed.

Like her husband, Julie had the Sun / Moon square so confirming that they were going strongly in different directions.

Julie had an exact conjunction between Venus and Pluto, as close as they can get. This unfortunately for her means that affairs of the heart will meet a sudden, unexpected and violent response. Its always the case that the closer the aspect the more powerfully it expresses itself in the person’s life and Pluto’s planetary rulership over death itself points to her end whilst engaging in Venusian activity.

Julie died in 1986 as Pluto was conjunct Dennis Bulloch’s Sun and square his Moon.

Pluto went on to conjunct his Ascendant in 1990 when he was released on appeal after serving 3 years of his sentence.

Bondage games are obviously fine between consenting adults but with this much Scorpio / Pluto, Dennis Bulloch did not know when to stop.


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