Carolyn Campbell – Adopting a Cause

Adoption is a special and unique situation. There can be many different reasons for a child being given a home and family that is not with their biological parents, but the same issues are likely to be felt by all concerned.

There is a Triangle of Loss that needs to be recognised. The birth parents have lost their child, whatever the circumstances this must be traumatic. The adoptive parents would have their own reasons for putting themselves forward to love and bring up a child who is not biologically their own and this is frequently tied up with problems in being able to have children in the first place. The most significant point of the triangle is the child itself and the loss of the thing that everyone else takes for granted. It is their identity, their inheritance and their genes. No matter how happy they are in their adoptive family or how much more financially and emotionally secure they may be rather than the alternatives, they would still feel something fundamental to be missing from their life.

The urge to connect with the biological parents is a powerful animal one  even if it is accompanied with great sadness or feelings of rejection. To find someone that looks like you and to understand the whys and wherefores of the situation is a strong driving force.

Every single adoptive situation is different and will have its own astrological significators but there are certain issues that will be felt in common.

Whatever the situation, disadvantage is built in to it. This is shown by the fact that the Adoption group comes bottom of Capricorn Research’s Jupiter / Saturn Index and 2nd bottom of the Mars equivalent. So Saturn scores extremely highly in the charts of adopted children. Saturn’s role in any birth chart is to take away or withhold the very things that most people take for granted. The reason for Saturn doing this is to force the person to find that thing in themselves through their own individual efforts. But this does seem a particularly harsh lesson when the thing being taken away is where the person comes from.

The 4th house is the one which governs our relationship to our parents and our roots and the clear fact is that it is at the base of the chart, the very foundation of our existence as an individual entity.

We all have a 4th house, and we all have Moons which rule the inherited behaviour patterns, feelings and instincts that come from our relationship with our parents, particularly the mother. Many of us have issues in these areas and astrological themes that we might prefer not to have, but for adoptive children or even for birth parents and adoptive parents themselves, these issues take on a greater significance and in many cases are more difficult to deal with because the causes have been removed from the actual experience.

Capricorn Research’s has a collection of 88 adopted childrens charts and one of the problems has been in terms of getting reliable birth times. This is enough of a sample to begin to get a feel for the astrological themes involved.

The strongest patterns in this group do come from the distribution of the Moon. The Ascendant also plays a significant role as we would expect because it is symbolic of the start of things, so if the start of a life is fraught with serious problems there’s a good chance that planets close to the Ascendant would have something to say about it.

The Sun signs in the group are fairly even with a slight lean towards Gemini and Virgo but there’s much more variation for the Moon and Ascendant. The Moon scores highest in Libra with 191% of the expected figure. Whether or not this is a definite theme could only be shown in a larger sample, but its interesting particularly when the most stable and secure sign placing for the Moon, which would be Taurus comes lowest with 55%. This is also reinforced by the fact there are no members of the sample with  Taurus rising when the expected figure would be at least 5.

The Moon also scores highest in the 4th house with 163%, this being an interesting result as the two themes that you would expect to be heavily featured in the charts of Adopted people are brought together in this placing.

In the same way the aspects between the Sun and Moon all feature significantly more frequently than expected, the conjunction is at 184%, the opposition at 143% and the square at 153%. So issues between the self ( Sun ) and the emotional inheritance ( Moon ) are being highlighted.

Uranus is the planet that goes against the normal conventions and is often associated with break up and separation. It’s aspects are very strong in this group of charts. The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus scores 164%, Mercury’s is 179%, Mars 179% but the Moon is 204% and the Ascendant an enormous 222%.

The highest scoring aspect of all is the explosive conjunction of Mars and Pluto with 230%.

All of these results are ones that astrologers would expect and Capricorn Research would be keen to get more examples to see if the same themes occur in a larger case study.

Carolyn Campbell was an American reporter and author who was adopted at birth. Her adoptive parents gave her her biological mother’s name on her 21st birthday. From there she decided to track down her biological parents. Campbell’s search for her birth parents led to the writing of a book, “Together Again” about reunions of adopted children with their biological parents. She and her husband have four children.

Carolyn Campbell

Carolyn Campbell’s chart contains many of the issues highlighted in the Adoption research. The 4th house is the centre of things. She has the Sun and Mercury there but altogether there are 4 planets in conjunction with the 4th house cusp.

The Moon is heavily involved as it is closely square to the 4th house Sun. It’s interesting to note that the sign that dominates her chart is Gemini, with the Moon and Ascendant there.

Campbell is a writer and journalist. Written communication is ruled by the planet Mercury, the sign Gemini and the 3rd house.

The Ascendant and Moon in Gemini with the latter in square to a 4th house Sun and Mercury is the perfect astrological significator of a writer about issues of adoption. If we add to that combination the fact that the highest scoring aspect in the sample, the Mars / Pluto conjunction occurs in the 3rd house, we have an exceptionally strong connection here.

Carolyn Campbell does not have a strong Saturn and whilst all adopted children will have issues around identity, she does not seem to have been held back. In fact she has Jupiter rising in Gemini, a very strong and clear indication of a successful writing career.

Virgo is a sign that supports and works for the underdog and disadvantaged. With the Sun and Mercury in Virgo in the 4th house Carolyn Campbell has performed a great service ( Sun / Mercury in Virgo ) to adopted children  ( 4th house ) by writing a book ( Moon / Ascendant / Jupiter in Gemini ) about the reunions of children and their birth parents ( Sun – Moon square aspect ).

When was this book published ? In 1999, when Pluto made its only aspect to Campbell’s Sun and Moon in her life, square to the Sun and opposite her Moon. Of course it was.


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