The Taming Superpower Of Grace

Words are empty, meaningless lies, a futile attempt to explain the unknowable Universe in a way that merely stokes the ego of the speaker.

The true power of truth rests in silence.

Anyone who has been in the presence of a real Zen master will testify that one silent look from them can incinerate you on the spot.

These beings are rare and never to be found in the worlds of media or politics.

But one such event last week happened right in front of the television cameras.

Australia’s biggest liar stepped forward for another routine photo op, never for one second expecting to be met by a look of such devastating power, a volcano of seething rage, disgust and contempt which was all the stronger because it was repressed and held in a stare so withering that you could literally see his re-election chances drowning in a sea of lava.

The immediate response to this look was a veritable tsunami of opinions which divided the nation.

One half of the population screamed ” Yes ” a simple response that perfectly summed up their life experience of being abused, patronised and ignored by the scumbag in charge.

Others were really struggling with ” Its childish. If she couldn’t smile, she should have just stayed at home ” completely missing the whole point.

Capricorn Research was wondering what kind of astrological chart could deliver a silent response of such single minded intensity and force.

Well this kind.

This is a noon chart so we have no Ascendant or house placings.

What we do have is two stellia in Capricorn and Scorpio.

For the benefit of my readers who might not have heard of her, Grace Tame, to quote Wikipedia

“is an Australian activist and advocate for survivors of sexual assault…. She was groomed when she was 15 and then repeatedly sexually abused by her 58-year-old teacher. Although the school was found to have had multiple opportunities to intervene, the abuse did not stop until Tame reported her attacker….

At the time of the abuse, Tame had undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

Her abuser had spoken publicly about the case many times, but Tame was gagged by Tasmanian law…

In practice, this prevented Tame and other survivors speaking publicly about their experiences, even as Tame’s abuser bragged about his crimes on social media.

Tame created a campaign called Let Her Speak seeking to overturn this law.

In October 2020, Tame was named Australian of the Year 2021.  She said, “I could be wrong but I don’t think that a survivor of rape has ever been awarded in such a way and that’s huge… It’s hugely empowering for that community recognising and normalising the act of speaking out. There’s no shame in surviving. The shame sits at the feet of predators, of perpetrators of these crimes.”

Grace’s term as Australian of the Year has coincided with many high profile cases of rape and abuse involving Australian politicians and staffers even causing the resignation of the country’s attorney general and a groundswell of disgust amongst all right thinking citizens.

The response of Scummo’s Liberal / National government has been to ignore and try to bury these issues while offering support to those perpetrators who have been accused.

Tame’s final act of her Australian of the Year was her sullen face and silent rage of defiance and disgust in the presence of the man who oversaw all this.

Grace Tame’s abuse can be seen in her chart.

It is evident in that most violent combination of planets, Mars, Saturn and Pluto arranged in a really difficult T Square.

Mars in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces with an apex Pluto in Scorpio is a classic for a victim of serious sexual assault.

The turning point in Grace Tame’s life occurred when the transit Pluto made its conjunction with her Sun between 2010 and 12, when she was repeatedly raped.

But the involvement of another apex Jupiter in Sagittarius meant she would never adopt a poor me victim mentality. She would use her experience to speak her truth to power.

And with all that Capricorn and Scorpio she would do it with great intensity, power and even a ruthless disregard for her opponents and conventional niceties.

This astrological combination would create a character who, once they have got hold of an issue that is dear to them, they would never let it go and would pursue it with great stamina to the ends of the earth.

And as soon as I saw this chart, I realised that I had seen it all before. Even down to the autistic superpower.

Again we have the Capricorn stellium with the Scorpio power of a Mars / Venus conjunction.

Again we have a T Square to an apex dignified Scorpio ruling planet.

This one involves Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in its own sign in the 1st house and an apex in the 9th house which pitches Greta Thunberg’s own personal crusade to saving the planet rather than advocating for the survivors of sexual assault, but we have the same relentless single minded focus and absolute refusal to get sidetracked by anyone or anything.

They are both on the spectrum. They both have refused to smile and made clear their disgust in the presence of a scumbag politician ( in Greta’s case it was Donald Trump ). See Greta Thunberg – Not a Happy Bunny

They both even have names that begin with GR and T. They both have to be considered as true Greats.

Capricorns have that single mindedness to a degree that would be incomprehensible to the other 11 signs. Perhaps we are all on the spectrum somewhere.

One thing for sure is that anyone with such a stellium, myself included would see it not as a hindrance but as a superpower.

Greta Thunberg saw off Donald Trump.

We will only have to wait a few months to see that Grace Tame will have the same impact on Scott Morrison.

My one favourite and indispensable book is not about Astrology directly. It is the Chinese Book Of Changes, The I Ching.

One of the most auspicious hexagrams is number 26 – The Taming Power Of The Great.

The principle underpinning this piece is that “to hold firmly to great creative powers and store them up” not to express them overtly but to allow the strength of their own hidden truth to act on the souls of others.

Such a being is ” in harmony with heaven; therefore even great and difficult undertakings, such as crossing the great water, succeed.”

The final line of this hexagram simply states

” One attains the way of heaven.


The time of obstruction is past. The energy long dammed up by inhibition forces its way out and achieves great success. This someone who is honoured by the ruler and whose principles now prevail and shape the world. “

Thank you Grace for the Taming of the Scummo.

Posted on January 29th 2022