Astrology and Football Blog

 Alex Ferguson – Managing Pluto

Diego Maradona – The Hand of Pluto

Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan – Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius

Jupiter and Pluto, Masters Of The Universe – The Astrology of the Green Jacket

Eluid Kipchoge – Saturn Gets You There In the End.

Anyone for Taurus – Research at the Australian Open

Caroline Wozniacki – Everything Comes To Those Who Wait

Franz Beckenbauer – Der Kaiser

Playing the Long Game – The Astrology of Test Match Cricket

Who Gives a Toss – The Astrology of Captaincy

Ashes to Ashes – Astrological Match Fixing Down Under ?

Evasion or Frustration – Englands’s Latest Offering in Australia

Rugby World Cup – A Battle of Jupiter and Pluto

Athletics, Damn Lies and Statistics

Steve Davis – Snooker Loopy ?

Arthur Ashe – First Victim of Pluto in Scorpio

Aries is the Fastest Sign – Motor Racing Research

Bill Bradley – Through the Political Hoops

Bitti Bergamo and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn

Judy Blumberg – Ice Queen

David Coleman  – 26th April 1926  – 21st Dec 2013

Djamel Bouras – Judo Fall of the Squall

Hans Jurgen Baumler and the Silver Medal

Tiffany Chin – Skating on Thick Ice

Cheryl and Ashley Cole – A Strictly Plutonic Relationship

David Coulthard – Racing Driver from Mars

Tiger Woods – An Open and Shut Case

Georgie Best – High as a Kite

Held in the Grip of a Saturn Return

Paul Edward Anderson – The World’s Strongest Man

Float Like a Sun / Uranus / Neptune Grand Trine, Sting Like a TSquare Apex Mars in Taurus

The Andrettis – Common Traits Race in the Family

Elio De Angelis – The Driving Force of Fate

Christophe Anguin – Around the World in 105 Days

” Lord ” Ted Dexter and the Process of Unnatural Selection


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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