Pluto Is Indiscriminate. It Shreds Everyone, Posh Or Pauper.

Celebrity is a strange thing.

How is it that someone can amass half a billion dollars purely for having a body that resembles a cheese grater ?

Talent doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it, unless you count the ability to ensnare some idiot who is extremely accomplished at landing a football on a sixpence.

From an astrology point of view there can only be one reason – Jupiter.

Jupiter is the great benefic, the giver of wealth. This is a simple matter of fact.

Some years ago I devised a test to find the relative strengths of Jupiter and it’s polar opposite Saturn in the charts of the 20,000 famous people on my database.

I called this the Jupiter / Saturn Index.

The charts were divided into 72 different groups of people based mainly on career or lifestyle choice.

The group with by far the highest Jupiter score were members of Royal Families.

The group with the lowest were people who were adopted.

For more information on this see – Were You Born With A Silver Spoon Or A Wooden One ? – Check The Jupiter / Saturn Index

These were Jupiter conjunctions with the Sun, showing that the person by the circumstances of birth would inherit enormous wealth and privilege.

But what about someone who did start with a reasonably comfortable early life but made vast sums of money as well.

For this you would expect Jupiter at the apex of the chart, the Midheaven.

If this person achieved prominence through their athletic or fighting prowess you would be perhaps looking for Jupiter with Mars.

If their achievements came through their intellect, perhaps a Mercury / Jupiter conjunction.

If they got there for simply looking like an emaciated clothes horse, we would be talking Venus.

Victoria Beckham has an close Venus / Jupiter conjunction right on the Midheaven.



Even so, to have amassed such a vast fortune with no discernible sign of talent or effort would surely require more than a Venus / Jupiter conjunction ?

Well it is in Pisces, Jupiter’s own sign and the place of Venus’ exaltation.

But more than that Posh has a Kite.

She has a Grand Trine, the most fortunate aspect combination, in Air signs between her Moon in Aquarius, Mars and Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Libra.

Not only this but her Sun in Aries forms a Kite with it.

The orbs for this whole pattern are quite tight too.

Granted she gets a few mocking references to her stick thin appearance which probably comes from having a Mars / Saturn conjunction in Gemini, but apart from that her life has been a veritable bed of roses.

Until this last week, however, which Victoria herself described as the worst in her life.

This is because of the criticism she has received for furloughing 30 of her staff at her fashion label.

For some reason, the press don’t believe that tax payers money should be used to bail out people who have as much money in the bank as a nurse could earn in 10,000 years while risking her life and that of her own family.

One great skill that the Beckham’s appear to possess is the ability to present a carefully manicured public persona.

You would think that in the face of such criticism, particularly from newly appointed spokespeople of the great unwashed, Ricky Gervais and Piers Morgan, the obvious thing to do would be to take it on the chin, backtrack and apologise for the error.

Instead Victoria has been advised to stand by her decision and to fall back on that tried and trusted method of posting some family pictures, believing that this furore will quickly be forgotten.


This is not some kind of Venus cycle. It is a Pluto one.

The dark planet has arrived at 25 degrees Capricorn, creating a T Square to her Sun / Uranus opposition.

It will be there right through to late 2023.

And just like Richard Branson, whose Sun is at 25 Cancer and is bleating about why the same taxpayers should fund his failing airline so that he can carry on giving hippies a bad name on his Caribbean islands, the decisions that Posh Spice takes now will mark an extremely powerful turning point in her life.

And this is an important point about astrology.

When you see a difficult transit on the horizon, it doesn’t have to be fate. You can make choices that help you make the most of things or at least act in a way which avoids unnecessary suffering.

But as most people, particularly the rich and famous, are completely unaware of the forces that created them, they are equally unaware when those same forces turn against them.

By putting her staff up for furlough, Victoria Beckham is about to be shredded by Pluto’s own cheese grater.



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