It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Has Eaten All The Meringues

I have three major obsessions – Astrology, football and politics, in that order.

Over the last half century I have become convinced of two things.

1/ That the first one can predict the most important developments in the other two in a very exacting fashion.

2/ That as a son of Saturn I won’t be allowed to make my own fortune from it.

My experience of the last week is further evidence of both things.

The contest chart, a method based on horary principles, will absolutely work for the biggest one off cup games.

This is where the favourite is identified by the Ascendant and particularly its ruler and the underdog is the Descendant and its ruler.

There is one particular aspect that always seems to work. When the Moon is applying to one of these significators, they will win.

Equally if the Moon is separating from one, that team will lose.

For more information on this see Just Like A Conjunction Thats Gonna Win The FA Cup

So when I cast a chart for the first leg of the Champions League semi final, I got very excited indeed.

Scorpio is rising, so Manchester City as favourites would be signified by Mars and or Pluto.

With Taurus on the 7th cusp, Real Madrid are Venus. Venus is exalted in Pisces, Mars is weak there.

The Moon is not only separating from a conjunction with Mars but it’s also applying to one with Venus.

A double whammy in favour of a Spanish upset.

Given that the Madrid club Sun / Mars conjunction is at 15 – 20 Pisces, the prediction of an away win seemed even more on point

Since Real were at odds of 6 / 1 to win in Manchester, and my own Mars falls at 16 Pisces in my 2nd house of money, I felt the Universe was keen to bolster my bank balance.

And as a triple Capricorn, I sensibly took the draw as well at 4.5 / 1.

So after the first 10 minutes with City cruising at 2-0 up and creating mayhem in the Madrid defence, I was ready to tear up my betting slip and begin an astrological post mortem.

Real are nothing if not fighters though and with Karim Benzema in such fine form managed to end the game 3 – 4 down to City. This despite the fact that the home side probably deserved to win by 6.

I had lost my bet but I did not go back to the astrological drawing board.

Champions League semi finals are two leg affairs and City now had to take a precarious lead to the Bernabeu.

The contest chart for the 2nd leg a week later wasn’t very helpful.

City were still favourites so the signifcators were the same.

Venus for Madrid had moved into Aries, where it’s in detriment.

The Moon is Void of Course meaning that nothing would come of it.

However that tight Sun / Uranus conjunction on the 7th cusp could also be pointing to a shock.

I wasn’t tempted to bet on this one, particularly after my experience in the 1st leg.

What actually happened was one of the most bizarre turnarounds ever seen in football.

City scored in the 73rd minute taking an overall 5-3 lead in the tie which they held until the last 90 seconds of the match.

In those seconds, Real Madrid scored twice taking the match to extra time during which they hit the winner, running out 6 -5.

As soon as I saw the result, I realised the original chart for the first leg was indicating the result of the whole tie. Then it all made sense.

The game not only went to Madrid ( Moon applying to conjunct Venus ) but it did so having moved away from City ( Moon separating from conjunct Mars ).

This may have been a profound turnaround, but it wasn’t the first one for Les Meringues in the Champions League this season.

In the quarter finals they were up against the European champions.

For this one, Chelsea as favourites were Venus, Real were Mars.

Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mars was just coming away from a conjunction with Saturn which fairly describes the situation for both sides going into the tie.

But it’s the Moon’s aspects that say who will win.

The Moon is applying trine to Mars so Real would win. A Benzema hat trick gave Madrid a totally unexpected 3-1 away win.

For the second leg, the Moon has moved on to be applying to an opposition with Venus indicating a win for Chelsea.

The Londoners had a right good go at it and with 10 minutes to play were 3 – 0 up and leading overall in the tie.

Madrid got one back which forced extra time where they scored the goal they needed.

The match score was 2-3 to Chelsea as reflected in the chart for the second leg, but Madrid won overall 5 – 4 as indicated by the first chart.

The last 16 round saw Real again as underdogs

Paris St Germain would be Mercury and Jupiter or Neptune for Real.

The Moon does not apply to either significator but it is separating from an opposition with Mercury which would suggest the match going away from PSG.

Paris won 1 – 0 in a game they absolutely dominated

The return leg made Venus for PSG and Mars for Madrid.

In this case the Moon is separating from a trine to both planets, although the most recent one is Venus, which could be indicating a win for Real.

Another Benzema hat trick gave Madrid a 3 – 1 victory and the tie 3 – 2.

But again the important thing here is that the chart for the beginning of the tie was the one that decided the eventual result even though first leg didn’t reflect it.

So I will be bearing this in mind from now on when dealing with two legged ties.

But what about the one off that we are all looking forward to ?

Liverpool are the favourites for the Champions League Final and are therefore signified by Jupiter, Real Madrid would be Mercury.

The Moon is applying to a conjunction with Mercury so that should give it to Real.

As we have an early degree rising, we have to be careful with this prediction and after my own semi final Saturn experience, I’m not sure that I will bet on it.

But the early degree can often point to a match that goes to extra time or even penalties.

It would be so in keeping with their CL campaign so far if Real Madrid won the whole thing on pens.

Its true that they say ” its not over until the fat lady sings “

The Moon in Taurus applying to Mercury seems to tick the fat singing box very nicely.

Posted on May 6th 2022