Anyone for Taurus – Research at the Australian Open

One of the great joys of astrology research is that breakthroughs often occur when you’re looking elsewhere. You might search for something in a particular direction in vain, but indirectly stumble upon something truly mind blowing.

In true Capricorn fashion, I have to admit that my reason for looking at charts for the Australian Open was purely pragmatic. I wanted to win some money.

And following my success in predicting Garbine Muguruza to win last year’s Wimbledon, I started where any astrologer looking to make a quick buck would, with the transits of Jupiter.

As it turned out none of the possible winners have their Sun around 20 degrees Scorpio, so gambling on this tournament has required a bit more work.

In fact there are very few Scorpios at all, only 12 in both the men and women’s tournaments, which is exactly half of the number you would expect.

There seemed to be a fair number who had Jupiter opposite their Sun, but its not so straightforward backing people with this transit. This can often point to players who think they’re going to win it, but don’t actually get the business done.

This observation made me do a simple Sun sign check and I found to my great surprise that there were 37 Taureans, over 150% of the expected figure.

The next highest was Aries with 33, but after that Libra with a mere 26.

A result of many years of looking at astrological distributions of subject groups between 100 and 2500 members quickly made me realise that this was something significant and a p test confirmed this.

The p test is a statistical application to a set of data to see whether the distribution that you have could be explained by chance alone or if there is something to prove a link.

If a p test gives a result of less than 0.01 then you are on to something. The data you have cannot be dismissed and its likely that you have come across something that can point to an astrological link.

The p test for all the participants in the Aussie Open Sun sign test scored 0.004.

So Taurus it is then for this group anyway. I can’t say that this Sun sign has featured so prominently in tennis champions over the years but it does boast Andy Murray and Fred Perry among its members.

But what of this tournament ?

As a general rule I just look at transits to the Sun or Mars, not usually the Moon. The reason for this is that so few birth times are available so we can’t be close enough to be sure of transits to the Moon.

However there is an exception this year. Roger Federer has the Moon at 20 Scorpio.

The last time Jupiter was at this point was in 2006, a year which was considered to be Federer’s finest with 3 Major trophies.

The odds on the Swiss genius winning are very short though, only 2 / 1 in most cases. They have come down quickly from 4 / 1 when Capricorn Research backed him. Perhaps the bookies are getting wise to astrologically guided backing.


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