Luis Suarez – All Happy Now ?

Back in the days when they were only four TV channels most of us got our entertainment and education in equal measure by watching Eastenders. Up to 25 million at any one time were plugged into a thrice weekly tour around the moral questions of the day with seminars taking place the following morning at work to review the […]

The Transfer Window – How was it for You .

The transfer window has been the usual combination of manic excitement and desperate frustration for most of the people involved. Every year once it’s finished there’s always plenty of calls for it to be abolished, brought forward or shortened to avoid some of the more bizarre aspects of the inevitable last minute free for all just before the window […]

Daniel Levy – The Thin Controller.

Most people involved in football,  whether chairmen, managers, agents or even fans find the transfer window a desperate combination of intense frustration and last minute panic. It’s just as well the end of the window corresponds with an international break so that all concerned can have the chance to go and lie down in a darkened room to unscramble their […]