The Charles Manson Family And The Conjunction Of Mars, Saturn And Pluto

” God works in mysterious ways. ”

This was an answer that I met with many times when I was a teenager questioning the religion that I had been brought up to accept.

While I knew at the time that this was a simple way for my so called teachers to to put a stop to my then illformed but still passionate arguments, it doesn’t make the statement any less true.

But of course what we are talking about now is not the bearded homophobic, mildly racist god that they believed in, but the Universal power that sets the pattern for all things.

Don’t believe it ? Well try getting your head round the astrological reason for Donald Trump then.

It was clear that the Universe wanted him in charge in 2016. But why ?

Maybe it was to save us all from something even worse.

With the Saturn / Pluto conjunction of 2020 there was a genuine fear amongst astrologers that we might have been plunged into World War 3.

Maybe it was not for want of the Mango Mussolini trying but it could have been a lot worse with his Democrat opponent in charge

Hillary Clinton has a Scorpio stellium which many would suggest is enough in itself but the truly scary thing about this chart is that most of it is in square aspect to a really brutal Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Leo.

Whats more this conjunction is in the 9th house of foreign countries, so given the USA’s trigger happy exploits in the past and the Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto of 2020, the first female President could well have been the last one too.

There were other people who were born with fixed sign lights afflicting that Mars / Saturn / Pluto that caused plenty of mayhem of their own.

Susan Atkins was a member of the Charles Manson family, one of the group who murdered Gary Hinman, the heavily pregnant Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

She also daubed the word Pig in Tate’s blood on her front door.

Atkins’ Sun in exact square to Saturn and to Mars and Pluto was the cause of this.

She also has an opposition between a Venus / Uranus conjunction and Jupiter.

The murders happened during the summer of 1969, both Jupiter and Uranus were square to her Venus at the time.

On August 8th 1969, the day of the murders the transiting Sun was conjunct her Saturn.

Atkins Mars / Saturn / Pluto in Leo the 7th house played a major role in her life.

While in prison she married Donald Lee Laisure whose Aries Sun was conjunct her Moon and his Jupiter conjunct her Sun.

Laisure claimed that Atkins was his 36th wife, the marriage only lasted a few months but it all happened when Pluto was opposite Atkins’ Moon.

She married again in 1987 with Pluto square its natal position.

But she was widely considered to be one of Charles Manson’s brides.

Manson’s Sun is in Scorpio opposite Atkins Sun and square to the Mars / Saturn / Pluto.

His Saturn is also aspecting these placements in Atkins chart, creating a synastry Grand Cross.

Manson also has a powerful Grand Cross of his own involving the Moon, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto.

All this Fixed sign tension combined with the exact Mars / Neptune conjunction would give Manson an magnetic and almost godlike aura and the Scorpio focus would allow him to manipulate and control his followers, particularly if they were born with Saturn and Pluto aspecting his Sun.

Which most of them were.

Bobby Beausoleil was another involved in the Hinman, Tate and LaBianca murders.

He also has the Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction but his is enhanced by the Moon joining in and like Atkins, his Sun was in square to it, his from Scorpio.

Another involved in the murders was Patricia Krenwinkel.

Krenwinkel also had the Moon with Saturn and Pluto and if we allow a wide enough orb, Mars was still there too.

In her case it was a Scorpio Ascendant that triggered it with an exact square to Pluto.

Another involved was Leslie Van Houten

Van Houten was a year or two younger than the others and claimed a minimal role in the murders but we can still see her involvement with the Moon conjunct Pluto and her Sun and Ascendant conjunct Saturn

The oldest member of the Tate / LeBianca killers was Charles ” Tex ” Watson

Despite the fact that Saturn had not yet reached Pluto in Watson’s chart, his Mars and Ascendant were conjunct it.

He also had a Scorpio Moon, conjunct Manson’s Sun.

What about the victims ?

The most famous one was model and film star Sharon Tate who was married to director Roman Polanski.

Tate had the Sun opposite Pluto.

Her Venus was in Aquarius in the 8th house of death making hard aspects to the Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunctions of her killers.

Leno LaBianca had his Sun in Leo right in the middle of his murderers’ Mars / Saturn / Pluto and his wife Rosemary had the Moon in Taurus ( probably in hard aspect to that conjunction.

So why did all this happen ?

The so called religious teachers that I referred to at the beginning of this article would have no doubt.

It was all the work of the devil

Charles Manson’s chart would do well as representation of Satan, so maybe they were right.

Astrology however is the one subject that totally rejects that binary view of morality.

A Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction may be nasty and produce tragic and evil events like this but ultimately it is as much part of the plan as a Moon / Venus / Neptune one.

The Tate killings were seen by many people as symbolic of the end of the Sixties, the generation of peace and love.

This partly reflects that fact that so many people came of age during this decade who were born with the Uranus / Neptune trine aspect, hence the idealism.

The mid 60s coincided with the rebellious Uranus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo. By August 1969 Uranus had moved on into Libra and the conjunction was over.

The generation that came of age during the 1970s had the Uranus / Neptune square and so a harsher expression of these planets would be required.

So a group of people came together who were born with neither of these aspects but carried the Saturn / Pluto theme, in order to play their part in the overall scheme of things.

In 2020 we are suffering from a Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto conjunction. This will break up at the end of the year as Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius.

We had to have people like Donald Trump and his uncaring ineptitude in charge of things for us to experience this conjunction fully.

Once it’s over, Trump will be over with it.

Blame God or the Devil if it helps you.

Astrology will be onto the next thing.

Posted 10 Sep 2020


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