Dial OM for Murder

The house position of Saturn is a significant factor in a chart. It invariably describes an area of life where delays, obstructions, limitations, losses and frustration will occur, particularly early on in life. These issues often do not get resolved until the Saturn Return at the age of 29 – 30.

This statement is particularly true for Capricorns and certainly was for me as I have Saturn in the 10th house.

Throughout my twenties I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I managed to earn a few pennies doing some charts and the occasional odd job as it came along. Fortunately I had cheap secure accommodation and no dependents and an austere Capricornian streak meant I was content to live on brown rice and vegetables. I was happy to accept these Saturnian limitations, not least because they gave me lots of time to do research into astrology.

My Saturn Return changed all that. My ruling planet decided that such a lazy lifestyle was no longer to be tolerated and it introduced me to my life’s work and purpose.

In order to do it however, I had to train 3 years full-time on a private course with no funding, grants or loans available. This was no problem, however. Capricorns can be very lazy but only when they can’t see the point of work. If they can see a reason to do it, they will work harder than anyone, even including Virgos.

My response to this situation was to get a job driving taxis during the night. In true Saturn style, my experience of this work was not something that was enjoyable or rewarding, simply a means to an end. It did have one consolation however, it provided another opportunity to observe human behaviour.

Taxi drivers are often portrayed as behind the wheel philosophers who are more than happy to share their observations on the human condition. These observations are not generally what you would call politically correct, but then the kind of behaviour they observe on a daily basis is not the most inspiring.

If you drive around any town centre at 3.00 in the morning, picking up people in various states of inebriation, its bound to affect your view of life.

Whilst doing this job I discovered that certain things altered the atmosphere in the town at night and could contribute to a rise in levels of seediness and general aggression.

It has to be said that this was in the days of restricted licensing hours rather than the all day drinking that is available now, so closing time behaviour for both pubs and clubs created an intensity that is probably no longer apparent.

High winds invariably brought out the worst in people as did the existence of fairs in town. Bank holidays brought their own problems as many punters took the opportunity for uninterrupted drinking for 3 days rather than the usual 2.

There were times when all 3 of these conditions created a very unpleasant atmosphere, but there was another factor – Full Moons and Eclipses. Many health professionals who work in A & E will agree that all these factors increase the number of people attending casualty departments.

During my time driving cabs the three worst times coincided with lunar eclipses in May of 1984, 85 and 86. The most unpleasant of all was on May 4th 1985 which also coincided with the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

Granted this is rather anecdotal and is far less likely to cause statisticians sleepless nights than the rest of my astrological research – see Does This Prove Astrology.

However I genuinely felt that the atmosphere and behaviour of people in town was much worse on these occasions than on other Full Moons or Eclipses.  All Full Moons naturally create a tension than can often produce turmoil. Having the Sun, the conscious light side of ourselves in opposition to the Moon, the subconscious dark side is a tricky one. It seems that there is something in us that is constantly wanting to undermine what we really appear to want to do and feel. With this aspect what you see is definitely not what you always get, but the Taurus / Scorpio version just feels more acutely polarised.

Taurus is such a stable down to earth sign, with the Sun there we have a sense of permanence, of rootedness and reliability. The Moon in Scorpio however brings with it an inner intensity of emotions that will rise to the surface with explosive, unsettling power.

It seems to be more difficult to handle than the reverse of the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. I have always believed that the Sun Taurus – Moon Scorpio natal combination is the most difficult and challenging one available.

To some degree, my research into the charts of 545 Murderers backs this up. The most common Sun sign is Taurus with a score of 124 % of the expected figure, more than 10% above the second most common sign ( Aries ).

The most common Moon sign is Scorpio with 128% again with Aries in 2nd place ( 126 % ).

The Hitchcock film ” Dial M for Murder ” seems to fit here as the Scorpio glyph resembles an M with a sting in its tail. But given that the glyph for Taurus looks like an O with horns, maybe it should be Dial OM for Murder.

Just out of interest, the lowest scoring sign in this group of murderers is Gemini, both for the Sun and Moon at 76%.

When we look at actual Sun / Moon combinations the average expected figure for each pair would be 4. The Sun Taurus / Moon Scorpio pairing occurs 7 times.

Included in this group was Gerald McCra Jr, a 15 year old boy who killed both his parents and sister. McCra had the Sun closely square to Mars and his Moon in a T Square with Venus and an apex Saturn. In fact McCra’s Moon / Saturn square was only 1 minute apart and the synastry with the other members of his family was seriously alarming. For more details of this horrific story see The McCra Murders – A Family Tragedy.

Three of these seven actually had the Full Moon combination including Ludovic Audouit who also killed both his parents, his sister and her baby son. Audouit’s Full Moon was part of a Fixed Grand Cross including Mars and Saturn.

But probably the most well known Sun Taurus opposite Moon Scorpio killer was Thomas Hamilton, the man responsible for the Dunblane tragedy. Hamilton’s lights formed a T Square with an apex Pluto. For more details see The Dunblane Massacre – A Crashing Knock on Heavens Door

Incidentally the Sun in Taurus also combines with the Moon in Aries and Aquarius 7 times as well.

But although Taurus and Scorpio are the most frequent Sun and Moon signs it is not the most common combination.

The Sun in Aries with Moon in Pisces has 8 as does the Sun in Cancer / Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Scorpio /Moon in Aries.

But if you want to know which combination of the Lights is most likely to commit such a horrific act, it is Sun Sagittarius / Moon Scorpio way out in front with a score of 11. Incidentally 7 of these 11 had the Sun in aspect to Saturn and another 3 had the Moon aspecting the same planet.

It is always difficult to contemplate something like murder but its a fair bet that most astrologers if forced to pick a pairing most likely to do the deed would come up with one of the above.

Does this prove anything ? Well maybe, particularly if we look at the only 2 combinations that had no murderers at all. One is the Sun and Moon in Libra combination and the other is Sun Leo / Moon Pisces.

One thing’s for sure, I will never think of the word OM in the same way again.



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