Jupiter – Bringer of Joy ?

One of the most common questions that astrologers are asked is ” when is something good going to happen for me ?”.

It is an understandable enough question, given the amount of suffering that most people are carrying around with them, but it is also a revealing one and provides clues as to the very cause of said suffering.

There is no question that the Universe is constantly providing a beautiful and breath taking spectacle for all who live on this Earth to witness it. Something way beyond good is happening for all of us every moment. It is only our inability to see this that causes all our suffering.

And our inability to see it is due solely to our obsession with ourselves as a singular separate entity that must be preserved, fed and kitted out with all the latest gadgets that are designed to distract us from seeing reality as it is.

Of course this is a vicious circle, the more distracting stuff we accumulate as individuals the less we are able to see the astounding gifts that the Universe is constantly offering us. So the more empty we feel and the more we require stuff to compensate for this feeling.

Most astrologers do have a fairly decent understanding of this situation, but of course they have clients to look after so when they hear this plaintive question, they might well roll their eyes whilst looking through the ephemeris for the next transit of Jupiter.

For it is Jupiter that is considered to be the Greater Benefic, the planet that brings us all the goodies, that expands our horizons, ennobles us and makes us feel more optimistic about life in general.

We know all this because it has been a sound astrological principle ever since man first stood on two legs and looked up and saw the brightest star in the sky.

Is it true, however and if so what sort of goodies does Jupiter bring ?

Capricorn Research’s collection of charts comes from the Astrodatabase’s famous figures. The only criterion for inclusion seems to be that these people are all relatively well known for one reason or another. Given this fact its likely that they will all have a better than average Jupiter experience.

One of the big problems with doing astrology research on mass is how to construct control groups. Large amounts of birth data are only generally available for people who are well known so the astrological researcher faces a similar problem to the interviewer on Monty Python’s Whicker Island. But instead of there not ” being enough rich people to interview ” there just aren’t enough charts of poor people available.

The other problem with looking at Jupiter is that the vast majority of the subjects on the database have become famous as a result of their own efforts. Jupiter is about good things coming to you with minimal effort on your part. Like winning the lottery but saying you deserved it for being bothered enough to walk down to the shops and buy a ticket in the first place.

The closest we can get to a sample that really represents this something for relatively nothing idea is the group of people who have either married into or been born into famous and wealthy families. Its quite possible that many individuals in this position would object to this caricature saying that they have to put up with a lot, being constantly stalked and photographed by the media as well as having to put up with their partners’ / parents’ egos, but in order to look at this subject at all, Capricorn Research has decided to ignore these objections.

So to investigate whether Jupiter really does bring material benefits for little personal effort, we have to focus on a combination of two groups, the 1145 members of both royal and famous families. This group does include some people who have gone on to have successful careers and have a certain amount of fame in their own right but they have no doubt benefitted from their family connections. It does not however include members of royal families who have gone on to become rulers.

The most staggering finding from this group is the score for the Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter which is 156 % of the expected figure.

The Mercury / Jupiter conjunction scores 136 %

Venus / Jupiter 145 %

Jupiter’s conjunction with the Ascendant is 124 %

Jupiter’s opposition to the Ascendant 136 %

Mars is opposite Jupiter 154 %

Mars is sextile Jupiter  151 %.

Now these figures might not seem that impressive but when we take into account the large size of the sample, they really are extraordinary. In fact the largest score for any aspect that does not involve Jupiter is 128 %.

So its clear from this research that Jupiter does bring material advantages just by marrying or being born into a particular family. But just in case any readers of this article are feeling jealous because they don’t have the Sun / Jupiter conjunction, its important that we remember it won’t necessarily bring you joy or happiness.

Capricorn Research’s database also reveals that the two groups that have the highest scores for Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant are Drug Takers and Alcoholics as shown in the article ” How much is too much “. Its also true that both Sun and Moon conjunctions with Jupiter occur frequently in the charts of people who commit suicide as in the article ” Suicide is Painless “.

Sometimes if things come too easily we may lack the motivation to consciously work on ourselves to develop the capacity to be content with whatever we have.

Perhaps we should be careful what we wish for.



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2 thoughts on “Jupiter – Bringer of Joy ?

  1. Another excellent analysis of a rarely discussed topic. I call them The Jupiter People. My experience of these people can be summed up in the phrase “a lot of expectation and very little appreciation.”

    I think there is a primal drive in people to accumulate The Stuff of Life. Jupiter, having provided the necessities of their lives with very little effort on their part, still leaves them with this primal need to acquire, even though there is nothing left to need. This gives them the appearance of never having enough.

    At their worst, they are sometimes large people, irritatingly lucky, and seem to absorb life’s resources from the atmosphere without even realizing it (or appreciating it), leaving that much less for the rest of us.

    I’m over here in Texas really appreciating all the hard work you’ve put in on this research. Astrology has had this coming for a long time.

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