Mars Conjunct Jupiter In Leo ? – Thats Just Not English Cricket

When you think of the truly great cricketers a strong Mars / Jupiter connection jumps out straight away.

Australia’s Don Bradman had the conjunction, Shane Warne had Mars in Sagittarius as did West Indies Brian Lara.

But when you think of England, the image that comes to mind is Geoff Boycott shouldering arms while accumulating runs in ones and twos when a bad ball comes down.

But maybe this is all about to change because for the first time in a decade the England test side has a captain that isn’t a Capricorn.

With a Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon and Mars / Jupiter conjunction in Leo, Ben Stokes’ approach to the game of cricket has much more in common with that other all rounder Freddie Flintoff, a Sagittarius with Mars in Leo.

Like Flintoff there is a larger than life quality to Ben Stokes. He has had problems not least in September 2017, when he was arrested after becoming involved in a street brawl near a nightclub with two men, when Neptune was square his Sun.

But he returned to the team and was man of the match in the 2019 World Cup Final when Uranus was square his Mars.

As captain he will be teaming up a like minded coach

As well as being born in the same country, Stokes and new England coach Brendon McCullum share a Leo Mars in aspect with Jupiter ( McCullum’s is a sextile ).

It’s obviously not a coincidence that brings them together for their first test against that country.

Not only is the Sun conjunct Ben Stokes own, but the chart for the first test against New Zealand also contains a Mars / Jupiter conjunction in trine to his own combo.

These transits would suggest an England win, but its difficult to call because we don’t know Stokes birthtime.

If he was born anytime in the afternoon, he would have Saturn conjunct his Moon, and given its position in the recent eclipse, this transit would bring the whole Mars / Jupiter in Aries fresh start thing crashing down under the usual pressures of captaining England.

The chart for the match also seems to be pointing to the underdogs. Saturn, joint ruler of the 7th is right on that cusp.

The Moon is also applying by sextile to Uranus, the other 7th ruler.

It’s not so easy to tell who the underdog is but a quick check of the bookies odds would suggest this chart giving the match to New Zealand.

But if Ben Stokes is going to celebrate his 1st test with a win, it’s likely to be due to the performance of another Mars / Jupiter conjunction native.

Jimmy Anderson was dropped for the disastrous tour to West Indies in the winter but this might have been an inspired master stroke by England because it means that he will come back determined to prove them wrong.

And with Mars and Jupiter in Aries forming a Grand Trine with his Sun and Moon, despite pushing 40, he will certainly be firing on all cylinders.

And maybe those old assumptions about English test cricket will be cast into the fire as well.

Posted on May 20th 2022