La Madrina – A Very Particular Virgo Stellium

One of the many absurd things written by Sun sign astrologers is about career preferences.  To read these, you would think that all soldiers are Aries, writers are Gemini and cleaners Virgo.

A predominance in a particular sign might point to how that person approaches their career. It would not determine the career itself but maybe it would influence how they do it.

For example a Virgo stellium might suggest someone who is clinical, methodical and never neglects even the tiniest of details.

So if that person was a murderer, they would take pride in their work, it would never be a spur of the moment, emotionally charged affair. It would be planned systematically and surgically executed.

Sarah Aldrete is a convicted Mexican who headed a drug-smuggling and human sacrifice cult with her partner. She was known as La Madrina ( Godmother ).

This cult sexually assaulted and killed people and used their body parts for religious sacrifice ceremonies.

One of these victims was taken to a ranch where he was tortured and sodomized for hours before being killed with a machete blow and then had his brain removed and boiled in a pot. His killers then inserted a wire through his spinal column, amputated his legs at the knees, and buried him at the ranch along with 14 other people who had been killed there before him.

So what kind of Virgo stellium might oversee something like this ?

This kind.



One that is concentrated in the 8th house of death maybe ?

But more particularly that exact conjunction between the Sun and Pluto.

Over nearly half a century of researching charts of the famous and the infamous, I have found that the closer the aspect the more dramatic and intense the experience.

So a mere 20 minutes between the Sun and Pluto in the 8th house is going to result in something devastating. Murder most horrid indeed.

Aldrete’s partner in crime was drug dealer Adolfo Constanzo



No birth time is available for Constanzo so we can’t tell whether the 8th house was also heavily tenanted, but he had the next best thing for a murderer – a T Square involving a Mars / Saturn opposition with an apex Sun in Scorpio.

The Sun’s conjunction with Neptune probably accounted for his drug empire.

The end of the killing spree came with the murder of student backpacker Mark Kilroy



There’s no birth time for Kilroy but he had a number of difficult aspect patterns including the Sun in Pisces opposite Pluto, the Moon opposite Neptune and a Mars / Saturn conjunction.

His Sun was exactly opposite Aldrete’s Sun / Pluto which would have made him an obvious victim.

The transit Pluto was aspecting both of their Suns in 1989 when the murder took place, trine Kilroy’s and sextile Aldrete’s.

Constanzo was killed by police in a shootout and Aldrete was sentenced to 30 years.

Whats the betting La Madrina spends most of her sentence on cleaning duty ?



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