The Nine Days Queen – Shady Jane Grey

One of the most fascinating subjects for Capricorn Research is the astrology of murder.

The vast majority of people in the public eye are there because of achievements in one field or another, but murderers are there for one very specific act performed at one time. Even a serial killer has to start with the first one.

So there is a very specific moment in the life of a person who would otherwise have been unknown. It is also an act that is so dramatic, so barbarous that you would expect it to be clearly denoted in the murderer’s chart.

This can also be the case in the transits of someone who is elected to high office but the powerful transits may correspond to any time during their period of office.

In the case of a monarch, the date their rule begins is usually clearly marked astrologically but in most cases the fact that they will succeed to the throne has been anticipated for most of their lives.

There are some cases however when this is not so.

The most unusual one I can think of happened in 16th century England.

Henry VIII is mainly known for eating a lot, killing his wives and upsetting the Pope. The major theme of his life was the succession problem. This is clearly indicated in his chart by Uranus, despite the fact that it would not be discovered for another 250 years. For more information on this see Can A Planet Have An Effect Before Its Been Discovered ?  

Uranus was discovered in 1781, Pluto in 1930, but their impact has been significant throughout human history.

Both planets of revolution, the opposition between these two has occurred 4 times since the Middle Ages.

One happened between 1791 and 1794, coinciding with the French Revolution and the execution of Louis XVI in 1793.

Another between 1646 and 1650, coinciding with the English revolution and the execution of Charles I in 1649.

A third occurred in the early 1900s, a time of social change and the birth of the British Labour Party in 1901.

The other one occurred between 1536 and 1540, a peak period during the Reformation in Europe and known for the Dissolution of the Monasteries in England.

When Henry died in 1547 his only son, Edward VI ( the product of Henry’s 3rd marriage to Jane Seymour ) was a sickly young man, not expected to live very long. He was however a Protestant and keen to preserve the religious reforms that his father had introduced.

It’s often the case that someone who becomes a major player in a period of change would have either Uranus or Pluto strongly aspected in their chart. Or in the case of Edward, both.



Edward was born at the peak of the Uranus / Pluto opposition.

But also these two planets form part of an extremely powerful T Square involving his Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars.

Edward became king at the age of nine.

Such an event could not be marked by a major transit of Uranus or Pluto because anyone with them involved in a natal configuration with the Sun and Moon would not get one until at least 21 years of age.

So the only slow mover that could indicate Edward’s accession by transit would be Neptune.

In January 1547 when he was crowned Neptune was opposite Edward’s Sun and square to his Moon.

But there is something even more fascinating going on here.

Transits often do not show the major events in a child’s life because there is no time to do so, but progressions can.

Edward’s T Square is quite wide, but it tightened by progression in his early years.

When he was crowned his Progressed Sun was exactly square to his Pluto.

The T Square is based on an opposition between Pluto and a conjunction of Uranus and Mars. This opposition falls over the 6th and 12th house cusps which explains why Edward’s health was so poor.

He died aged 15 in July 1553 and once again the succession became a serious problem.

Henry’s two daughters were Mary and Elizabeth, daughters of the Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn respectively. Mary was the older daughter, a staunch Catholic and committed to returning England to the old faith. Elizabeth was in favour of the new religion.

Edward did not want Mary to succeed him because he knew she would break up his reforms. He really wanted a successor that was similar to him so he nominated his cousin.



Lady Jane Grey was born a week before Edward at a similar time of day and has a chart that is astonishing similar to his.

The only significant difference is in the Moon’s position, but in Jane’s chart, the T Square is even tighter.

Mars is even closer to Uranus and the apex planet is the Moon in Scorpio.

Jane’s Sun is at 21 Libra because she was born the week before.

To quote wikipedia – ” After Edward’s death, Jane was proclaimed queen on 10 July 1553 and awaited coronation in the Tower of London. Support for Mary grew very quickly, and most of Jane’s supporters abandoned her. The Privy Council of England suddenly changed sides and proclaimed Mary as queen on 19 July 1553, deposing Jane. Her primary supporter, her father-in-law the Duke of Northumberland, was accused of treason and executed less than a month later. Jane was held prisoner in the Tower and was convicted in November 1553 of high treason, which carried a sentence of death—though Mary initially spared her life. However, Jane soon became viewed as a threat to the Crown when her father, Henry Grey, got involved with Wyatt’s rebellion against Queen Mary’s intention to marry Philip II of Spain. Both Jane and her husband were executed on 12 February 1554. ”

So Lady Jane Grey was queen for nine days at the age of 15.

In an extraordinary repetition of Edward’s own progressions, Jane’s progressed Sun was also exactly square to Pluto when she was proclaimed queen.

Also she was executed when Uranus was conjunct her Sun.

Jane’s T Square was tighter than Edward’s. Her experience was if anything more dramatic and condensed into a shorter period.

But as Edward’s astrological shadow, she was perfect.

Astrology is mind boggling. The odds of this occurring by chance are thousands to one against. But readers of these articles expect this kind of thing.

It’s as simple as black and white. No shades of grey here.



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