Choose Your Partner For The Venus / Pluto Ukraine Border Dance

I think it is possible to deduce someone’s political leanings from their birth chart.

I have been called an Astrological Marxist. If so I could be the first Sun, Moon, Ascendant Capricorn in the Communist Party.

Capricorns are not theorists, they are pragmatists. This is why they often do well in politics or diplomacy because its an area of experience where you have to organise and do deals whilst at the same keeping your own goals and survival in mind.

International Relations in the 21st century is a minefield. You would think that Air signs with an emphasis on communication might be best suited, or perhaps Mutable signs with that capacity to see the other persons point of view.

Signs with a Fixed, ideological agenda would be the most difficult to deal with. My own view is that the most ill equipped sign in this world is Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, of the homeland. It is an essential sign because without it we would not have emotional contacts with family members and the base for our society would be lost.

However it is the most parochial and least global of all the signs.

In mundane astrology it would recognise the emotional vulnerability of its citizens and look to protect them at all costs. Protectionist instincts would be strong and there is always a strong sense of us and them with this sign – those who belong to the family and those who don’t. Everything is considered in terms of the interests of the family.

The Sun in the US chart is in the 8th house of other people’s money. Cancer is a very acquisitive sign, amassing all kinds of things to cover for a lack of internal security.

The Venus / Jupiter conjunction shows that the US would be extremely successful capitalists.

Its interesting that the US chart also contains an Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius rising that appears anything but Cancerian.

So the Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd means the US is constantly asserting itself as the father of democracy.

And Sagittarius rising is all to do with exploring the Wild West and generally being a cowboy.

But the Moon and particularly the Ascendant in a nation’s chart will tend to point to its own PR and image and it’s the Sun that will attest to its core values.

This combination shows that American financial interests would be paramount and the main concern in dealings with other countries. In fact the Cancerian theme would prefer to ignore the rest of the world altogether and only get engaged in foreign affairs when it felt its own interests were being threatened.

This was certainly the case for the first 140 years of its existence.

It was Pluto’s transit that enabled the US to emerge as the no 1 world power.

The planet’s conjunction with Venus brought an end to the previous isolationist policy in 1917 when they belatedly joined in the 1st World War.

Which is interesting because that very year another Venus / Pluto combination brought into being the regime that would be the US most dangerous opponent.

I have posted a few articles about the astrology of the Soviet Union and the Marxist thinking that underpinned its origins – see Karl Marx – The Eclipse Of Capitalism , From Hegel To Marx To Adorno – The Astrology Of Dialectics and The Dissolution Of The Soviet Union

The chart of the Soviet Union contains a lot of contradictions.

If we apply the same analysis that we have to the US chart, the Soviet Moon, Mars and Ascendant in Virgo is the workers party and it came into being to overthrow the old Tsarist regime.

However the reality is a dark and powerful Scorpio Sun.

This Sun is the apex of a T Square which is built on a fascinating opposition between two totally different planets.

There is the revolutionary Uranus in Aquarius.

On the other hand there is a totalitarian Saturn in Leo.

This apparent contradiction forces onto the Scorpio Sun.

This T Square would be backed up by the Venus / Pluto opposition.

Its interesting that the Soviet Venus is closely opposite the US Venus.

And because the US Venus is conjunct Jupiter, it would ultimately be an encounter that they would win.

As anyone with an elementary knowledge of mundane astrology in the 20th century would know, the the Berlin Wall came down when Pluto formed a conjunction with the Soviet Sun in 1989.

It took a little while for things to settle and the new Russia to emerge, but when it did there was still a major Venus / Pluto theme.

Venus and Pluto in tight conjunction is without question the toughest aspect in this chart.

The Moon is in Virgo which still pays some kind of homage to the original aims of a workers state but the Leo Ascendant and Capricorn Sun show that it’s no longer the main driver.

Leo rising needs to present an image of dominance over its own affairs but this is threatened because it is closely square to the Venus / Pluto conjunction.

In the 4th house it shows the break up of the former Soviet empire into a a number of other states, some independent from Russia merely in name but others considered to be a real security danger.

With Aquarius Moon and Ascendant, the Ukraine has always looked towards becoming a democratic state or at least the appearance of one.

This Moon is conjunct the US Moon so it’s likely that the country would look for and be given American support in its quest.

The 7th house in Mundane charts is not the same as in a natal chart for the simple reason that countries don’t get married.

In fact the 7th in the chart of a nation has always indicated its open enemies.

In the Russia chart the 7th cusp is 21 Aquarius. You could say that democracy is the perceived enemy.

The Ukraine Moon is right on the Russia 7th.

In fact the Ukraine Moon is exactly, to the minute of arc, square to the Russian Venus.

This Moon being opposite a Mercury / Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Leo points to a very powerful opponent that resents the country’s move towards democracy. And this opposition focuses on an apex Pluto.

So we have yet another Venus / Pluto issue.

The Venus / Pluto theme that existed between the charts of the US and the Soviet Union is recreated here between Russia and Ukraine.

The fact that the Ukraine opposition creates a T Square with an apex Pluto in the 9th house is very concerning.

It suggests that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia would have grave international consequences.

So when would these placements become sufficiently exacerbated by transits for the obvious enmity between the two countries to blow up into conflict ?

This would naturally happen when slow moving planets create difficult aspects to them.

Given that Pluto is such a powerful focus for both charts, its transits would be the most powerful.

So when Pluto comes to 21 – 22 Aquarius in 2037 – 38, there will be a massive turning point in the ongoing struggle between Russia and Ukraine. Given that it’s conjunct the Ukraine Moon, you would think they would achieve a favourable outcome.

The only aspect that Pluto has made to date to the Ukraine Moon was the sextile in late 2004 – 5 when the Orange Revolution occurred.

The Ukranian election in the Autumn of 2004 was contested between the incumbent Viktor Yankovych supported by Russia and opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko.

To quote Wikepdia ” The election was held in a highly charged political atmosphere, with allegations of media bias, voter intimidation and a poisoning of candidate Yushchenko with dioxin… 

According to official results announced on 23 November, the run-off election was won by Yanukovych. The election results were challenged by Yushchenko and his supporters with many international observers claiming that the election was rigged.

The subsequent events led to a political crisis in Ukraine, with widespread peaceful protesters, dubbed the “Orange Revolution” calling for a re-run second round election. The Supreme Court annulled the official run-off results and ordered a repeat of the second round ballot.

The final re-run ballot was held on 26 December. Viktor Yushchenko was declared the winner with 52 percent of the vote to Yanukovych’s 44 percent. “

For more information on the Astrology of the Ukraine see The Euromaidan – Born In The Ukraine

In the absence of Pluto transits, the one planet that can be guaranteed to put a strain on neighbourly relations is Saturn.

And it was only fitting that Saturn made its most challenging transit to date to the Ukraine T Square and the Russian Ascendant / Venus – Pluto conjunction in 2014.

Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula ( a part of Ukraine ) on February 20th 2014 and held it for just over a month. For the whole period of this Saturn stationed around 22 – 23 degrees of Scorpio, powerfully triggering the tense synastry between the two nations.

Saturn hovered around the T square for most of that year, but the important point here was that it was conjunct the Russian Venus and square to the Ukraine Moon.

Russia emerged victorious from this confrontation with the annexation of the Crimea.

There were considerable fears of that this was just a starting point for an actual invasion of the rest of Ukraine but apart from a few border skirmishes that did not happen.

Fast forward to the current situation with tensions building strongly between the two countries, it is disturbing to note that Saturn is heading for a similar transit.

From mid March for the best part of a year, Saturn will hitting these sensitive degrees again.

This time however, there is a neat reversal of the 2014 situation.

Saturn will be conjunct the Ukraine Moon and square to the Russian Venus.

And it is hard to see the Russians coming out of the current situation ahead. The global community seems to be coming out on the side of the Ukraine in a way that they merely threatened to do in 2014.

It’s also worth considering that Saturn will be conjunct the US Moon too. So this would be another suggestion of the Russian threat being faced down.

However Saturn will also be square to Joe Biden’s Sun this year so it’s hard to see him emerging from this standoff with an enhanced reputation.

Perhaps the one fortunate thing is that Saturn is separating fast from Uranus so the latter wont be impacting on the Ukraine T square at the same time.

To have both of these heavyweights acting together may well have seen a worrying escalation.

The fact that Uranus doesn’t reach these degrees until the 2nd half of 2023 could well be a great relief.

Granted Uranus is in Taurus and therefore showing challenging aspects to both the Russian and Ukraine charts, but maybe an opposition would leave the Russian Venus the hardest hit.

This also might allow Uranus to act unfettered by Saturn, moving the Ukraine closer to the West and perhaps fully joining NATO, leaving Moscow in the cold.

The western perspective around the Ukraine border crisis is all about the evil Russian military expansionism. The Russian view is the absolute opposite, its a fear of encroaching NATO control.

The Universe doesn’t take sides. Planetary cycles ensure that each nation experiences what it’s meant to at the time.

But we humans view everything from our own perspective. We take sides, there are goodies and baddies and we always want progress for ourselves and comeuppance for our enemies.

Even as we start to learn astrology we are motivated mainly to get a handle on our own perspective and find out when our lives are going to improve.

Hopefully as we proceed in our studies we get to understand that our own view and even the view of the society we belong to is just one very small part of the total experience.

The whole point of studying astrology is to understand this. Expansion and contraction are two sides of the same coin. Astrology is there to show us which theme is in operation at any given moment. The reason for this is so we know how best to react in any situation.

So we make the most of the opportunities granted by Jupiter, we learn to retreat and accept the limitations demanded by Saturn, we move forward with the changes instigated by Uranus, we let go of old known patterns and securities when challenged by Neptune and we allow ourselves to be transformed by Pluto.

If we aren’t ready to do these things at the right times we suffer accordingly. We might blame other people or fate but that is our own fault.

Astrology is not some kind of hidden, esoteric knowledge only granted to a few chosen adepts. It’s there clearly set out in the sky above us every night.

So when it comes to the affairs of nations, I may sympathise with one side or another but my true allegiance is with astrology, because ultimately good and bad are subjective terms and like yin and yang follow and flow into each other.

So when it comes to declaring my political views, I’m not a Capricorn capitalist or a Marxist.

I’m a Taoist sympathiser.

But with the Goddess of Love in Scorpio in the 9th house in square to the Lord of the Underworld in the 7th, I also have to admit to being partial to a Venus / Pluto border dance.

Posted on January 28th 2022