Emmanuel Macron – Five Years Ahead Of His Time ?

” I don’t think, I know. “

With that one phrase the President of France ensured victory in the upcoming election.

Or at least he would have done if said election was in Australia.

Emmanuel Macron’s response to the question ” Do you think Scott Morrison is a liar ? ” won him a lot of support down under. But has it worked on the home front ?

It never hurts to be seen standing up for your own country’s defence policy, but will it be enough to guarantee a 2nd term in France ?

Sharp eyed readers of this blog will already have noticed that transit Pluto is bang on Macron’s Ascendant.

Another seriously important transit is Uranus conjunct his Moon.

This is particularly significant as these two are in opposition in his natal chart and form part of a powerful T Square to an apex Mars.

In fact it’s this T Square that provided the spur for the above comment as Saturn’s progress through it caused Morrison to renege on his promise to buy French submarines.

And Uranus’ first conjunction with Macron’s Moon stirred him sufficiently to out Scummo as a liar. This comment at the Cop 26 summit last autumn, sparked a veritable tsunami of agreement from Morrison’s predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull to pretty much everyone else down under in the 6 months since then.

French Presidential elections are arranged on two dates. This year it’s April 10th and 24th.

The reason for this is that there are so many candidates that no-one has the remotest chance of gaining a majority after the first ballot, so it merely serves to whittle the field down to two.

The most likely scenario for this showdown is a shootout between Macron and the latest in a rich family line of racists and Nazi sympathisers

Macron was some distance ahead in the polls, probably due to his role in attempting to bring Vladimir Putin to his senses in the early part of the Invasion of Ukraine.

In the last couple of weeks with Uranus squaring Le Pen’s Sun, she has made considerable inroads into that lead.

But by the time of the 2nd ballot, this transit will be past and Uranus will instead be conjunct the President’s Moon.

Will it help Macron win ?

If this had been his first election I would have predicted a clear victory because nothing says shock win for an outsider more than Pluto on the Ascendant and a Uranus half return conjunct natal Moon.

But Emmanuel Macron already had that in 2017. With no significant transits to speak of.

Why was that ?

Sometimes Mundane astrology for elections is stunningly clear. Sometimes its a bit more complicated, and anyone following it will have to look behind the scenes in order to understand what the Universe was up to.

By all normal expectations, Emmanuel Macron should never even have reached the 2nd ballot in 2017. He didn’t even have a party behind him, he was just running under the banner of a movement he had founded a year earlier.

The incumbent President was Francois Hollande

But Pluto’s transit conjunct that Capricorn Moon.

Hollande ” was eligible to run for a second term, but declared on 1 December 2016 that he would not seek reelection in light of low approval ratings, making him the first incumbent head of state of the Fifth Republic not to seek reelection “.

This left the favourite to be Republican candidate Francois Fillon

But while Pluto saw off Hollande, it was Neptune that did for Fillon being conjunct his Sun and Moon and the ensuing scandal in the months leading up to then election ” after the publication of revelations that Fillon employed family members in possibly fictitious jobs in a series of politico-financial affairs that came to be colloquially known as Penelopegate ” due to the involvement of his wife.

So Macron came out of nowhere to land the top job by beating Le Pen in 2017 who had Pluto opposite her Midheaven at the time.

It’s literally as if Emanuel Macron’s astrology was aligned for a victory in 2022, but because there were no reasonable alternatives left, he became President 5 years before he was due.

Under normal circumstances, Pluto conjunct someone’s Ascendant and Uranus conjunct their Moon would provide a shock. So for an incumbent President, these transits would suggest a surprise defeat.

However given the above, I would expect Macron to win this time and for this victory to be seen as the peak of his life. Maybe he will continue to play some significant part in future Russia / Ukraine negotiations as a result.

But if there is to be a shock defeat, I ( like another well known astrologer ) will also reserve the right to claim I predicted it because Uranus and Pluto…..

And whatever happens, astrology always gets it right.

I don’t think that, I know it.

Posted on April 3rd 2022