The True Date of the First Easter

It’s a well known fact that astrology sells. If you have a product and want to ensure it’s success, there’s no better guarantee than tying it to an astrological symbol.

Many years ago a client of mine decided to open a fruit importing business. The idea behind this was that a small one man show could offer speed and flexibility of delivery that some of the larger concerns couldn’t.

He chose to call this business Mercury Marketing and it became very successful.

The only problems with it came during the planet’s retrograde periods which often coincided with a French farmers road block causing lorry loads of fresh fruit to go off. But since this phenomenon only occurred one seventh of the time, my client just took plenty of holidays.

It would be interesting to note the impact of Mars being retrograde on the sales of the nation’s favourite chocolate bar. But at least they had the sense to call it Mars.

It’s important when you’re picking astrological references to get the right ones. Imagine trying to sell a Saturn chocolate bar. It would be so hard, almost impossible to chew. ” Eat Saturn, it’s good for your teeth ”

One big business that always understood the need to pick the right astrological symbolism was the Christian Church.

What better way to ensure bums on pews in perpetuity than to nick the winter solstice as it’s premier festival.

This was done despite it being a well known fact that Jesus was born in September. For more information about this see Is This The Birthchart of Jesus Christ.

This simple fact also accounts for a lot of misunderstanding over the years. Christ born of a virgin meant under the sign of the Virgin, not that other thing.

You could make a case for the whole history of organised religion being an extended game of Chinese Whispers.

Never mind send three and four pence we’re going to a dance. Over 2000 years, Blessed are the Peacemakers can become kill the unbelievers.

Not being content with annexing the return of the light at the beginning of Capricorn, the church went after the Spring Equinox too.

And what better place to celebrate death and resurrection of their lord than the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries.

But talking of death and resurrection, there is one astrological sign that has all this covered big time. That is Scorpio of course. But how do you work Scorpio into a Spring festival like Easter ? Well the early Christians had a very cunning plan for that.

These days we live in a time of great intellectual arrogance. We believe ourselves to be super intelligent particularly compared with our forebears. Unfortunately we have confused the idea of having access to infinite amounts of information with wisdom.

But there are many examples of ancient people who were utter geniuses. Over 2000 years ago Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth by observing how the Sun’s rays fell down a well. His calculations were so accurate that they weren’t improved on by modern instruments until a couple of centuries ago.

The leaders of the early Church were actually very intelligent people who well versed in astrology. They came up with an extraordinary formula for determining the date of Easter. And we have to recognise the importance of the Lunar calendar at the time.

The date for Easter was and still is determined by the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Equinox.

Why on earth should it be done like that ? Why not the first Sunday after the Equinox ? Or the nearest Sunday to the Full Moon after the Equinox ?

The Equinox obviously places the Sun at 0 degrees Aries. The Full Moon after the Equinox will place the Moon in Libra. So consequently the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Equinox is extremely likely to place the Moon in Scorpio over the Easter period.

The Moon is in Scorpio this Easter and a quick check through the ephemeris shows that the chances of it being in this sign is at least 50%.

How to come up with a formula that gives you the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Scorpio without actually admitting what you’re doing ? The first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Equinox is the best method imaginable.

So this was obviously intentional.

And now the clever clogs of the 21st century want to change the date of Easter so that it falls at the same time each year, mainly so that they can plan their holidays better. Which would basically mean that the Moon would fall in any old sign and a large part of the Easter meaning would be lost.

While I was thinking about this article I happened to switch on the radio while the fixed Easter date was being debated. This is the kind of synchronicity that happens so often, I no longer doubt it.

One of the clever muggles on there had come up with a ” scientific ” way of determining the date of the first Easter, when Jesus Christ was actually crucified and resurrected.

This ” method ” was based on the fact that Pontius Pilate was in charge between 26 and 36 AD. He also asserted the idea that Jesus had come to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover which is a feast related to the Jewish lunar month of Nisan. During this period Passover coincided with the possible dates for Easter on 4 occasions, 27, 30, 33 and 34 AD.

The radio punter then said that as we know Jesus was 33 at the time of his death, so he picked the date of Easter as April 5th 33 AD.

This claim to scientific method is unlikely to impress Richard Dawkins. Or Capricorn Research for that matter, particularly as Jesus was not born at 0 AD.

This is matter of historical fact since King Herod, the baddie who tried to have the infant Jesus killed actually died himself in 4 BC. So Christ was born before that.

Needless to say, Capricorn Research has looked into this matter thoroughly and found that Jesus was born at 11.30 pm on September 15th 7 BC – for a more detailed explanation of this finding see – Is This the Birthchart of Jesus Christ ?

If he had died in 33 AD, Good Friday would have had the Moon in Libra. Other features of Jesus’ death chart would have had the Sun square Saturn ( which sounds reasonable enough ) and a Fire Grand Trine between the Sun, Uranus and Pluto.

But this widely accepted date for Easter would have meant the Messiah lied about his age, although even the Son of God would not want people to know he’d turned 40.

Not wishing to call Jesus Christ a fibber ( after all he got most things spot on ), I would say 33 years from his birth gives us an Easter date of 13th April 27 AD.

This date would also fit with the idea that Pontius Pilate was relatively new to his job ( appointed the previous year ) and would have needed to placate the Jewish authorities to help establish his own position so he was prepared to go along with Christ’s crucification that they required.

The Moon was in Scorpio for the whole of Good Friday up to the early hours of Easter Sunday, which makes much more sense.

Other features of the Easter chart would be a T Square with a Uranus / Neptune opposition and the Sun at the apex of it. Now this is the kind of thing that I would expect for a man becoming one with God.

At a certain point over the weekend the Moon creates a Water Grand Trine with Venus and Jupiter and a Kite to Neptune.

Interestingly all 4 of these planets are involved in a Water Grand Trine at the time of Christ’s birth.

Surely that must be trying to tell us something.

And Jesus died for our sins. No self respecting Capricorn would do a thing like that. Gotta be a Virgo, surely.


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