Georgie Best – High as a Kite

Ask anyone with some knowledge of astrology what aspect they’d most like to have in a future life and the likelihood is that they would go for a Grand Trine in Air signs. The reason for this is simple. Trine aspects are made up from planets that are 120 degrees apart in the same Element. […]

Brazil – Mars in Libra’s Jogo Bonito

Astrology is all about symbols and the simpler they are, the more perfect. Brazilian football has always been linked to the phrase ” o jogo bonito ” , the beautiful game first used by the master himself, Pele. Football is like all sport ruled by Mars and the most beautiful sign is commonly accepted to […]

Germany – An Apex Sun in Aries Will Always Win

After being on the receiving end of one of those penalty shootouts, Gary Lineker famously said ” Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. ” Like many simple statements, this one has been effortlessly absorbed into football folklore because ultimately we […]

England – Three Lions Rising ?

The first ever official international football match was between Scotland and England in November 1872. This chart however cannot be used for both countries and it fits better with the Scottish team’s history. There were a number of unofficial internationals between England and a Scottish team who were based in London and the very first […]

The World Cup – How was it for you ?

Strictly for research purposes of course, the writer of these articles has had to sit through virtually every match of the last 12 World Cups. Compared to the joys of the Champions League the last few tournaments have been boring and predictable. This one has been absolutely magnificent, virtually every game has had both teams […]

Jupiter in the Transfer Window

It seems almost sacrilegious to discuss transfers before the World Cup final has been played but this is always the way with Astrology. We humans are bombarded by events and desperately wondering how to make the most of them, whilst the planets themselves don’t care a bit, they are already arranging the next guys experience. […]