Always Read The Signs – The Tragic Tale of Harold Halt

Astrology works. It just does. Period.

However some people will not look into it seriously unless they know how and even why it works.

They claim that this is the scientific approach but really this is just a smokescreen. They don’t actually know how or why anything works. A few scientists will actually admit this.

Because quantum physics has thrown everything into question.

It is much simpler to explain what astrology is not and the way it doesn’t operate.

Before quantum, gravity was the thing. Everything had to be explained in terms of gravity.

And Astrology can’t be.

The idea that those distant points of light are somehow effecting life on Earth by some kind of invisible force is nonsense.

Astrology is a kind of quantum entanglement operating in time. For more information on this see – Born To Be A Quantum Mechanic

Another thing that astrology is not is fate.

There is no such thing as immutable fate.

Just think about it. If astrology works and obviously it does, why would the powers that run this Universe advertise its codes so obviously.

After all the symbolic themes that are operating through all of our lives are not hidden, they are blatantly obvious in the sky every night. All thats required of us is to look.

But we don’t. We distract ourselves from the reality around and above us with all kinds of supposedly sophisticated methods and gadgets, so much so that we hardly ever even see the wonder that is the sky above us.

We believe we are conscious, but what does that mean ? Conscious of what ? Certainly not conscious of the real world, because if we were we could see that the real world is always trying to show us how to behave, how best to run our lives for our own health and happiness as well as that of others.

We should live always with the question ” What does the Universe require of me “. This should be an ongoing study through coming to understand our natal chart, because our lives are simply a symbolic representation of the moment of our birth.

We should also ask this question moment to moment because the arrangement of the planets is always changing so this gives us the chance to witness how this particular combination of symbols interacts with our own.

Symbols have a range of operation. They do not just mean one thing. It is possible to steer a planets energy into a more constructive direction. All we need to do is accept what is generally being required and try and focus it where we want it to go.

As a general rule people do not do this. They are not even aware of a need to do it.

Therefore they miss out on opportunities to make the most of the situation because they are unaware of what is being asked of them.

So they are left to experience the symbol’s working out in a kind of lowest common denominator fashion.

Something happens to them and they call that fate. But if they had been observing and seen what was coming up they may have been able to steer that energy in a more helpful way.

There are many examples of this both in our own lives and in those of the famous.

Since I have moved to Australia I have had the good fortune to observe the politicians down under.

One thing that I have spotted is that although they may be upside down, there is no danger of the blood rushing into their brains.

The current incumbent Scott Morrison may appear to be a man of God but having the chart of a serial murderer makes him considerably more the Book Of Revelations than Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For more on this see Scummo And The Fires Of Hell

A previous one, Kevin Rudd came to power on a Pluto transit but was stupid enough to have as a deputy someone who was born a week after him ( albeit it 4 years later ) hence literally handing her the opportunity to stab him in the back during her own. For more see – Australian Politics – Pluto Down Under

To my knowledge neither doing a ” Scummo ” ( encouraging your own country’s apocalypse ) or a ” Rudd ” ( or your own ) has entered the lexicon yet but there is one that has.

” Doing a Harold Holt ” is according to Wikipedia ” To escape; to make a rapid departure. To do a Harold Holt is rhyming slang for bolt. The phrase is from the name of former Australian prime minister Harold Holt who disappeared, presumed drowned, while swiming at Portsea, Victoria, in 1967. ”


Harold Holt was a Leo. But not just any ordinary Leo. He had the same sign rising and a Sun / Mars / Jupiter conjunction there.

This is the astrological combination of someone who thinks he is invincible.

The Sun and Mars together always denotes a fighter, an assertive individual, someone who might shoot first and ask questions later.

The conjunction with Jupiter would elevate the whole personality to the point where Holt would believe he could do pretty much anything.

As a general rule someone with the Sun conjunct Jupiter succeeds in the big things that they do, even to the point that they expect that success as normal.

A very good example of a Sun / Jupiter conjunction is Edmund Hillary the first man to climb Everest who had this aspect exact.

With Leo rising as well, Harold Holt would have nothing holding him back from expressing all of these qualities and others would see him as some kind of Zeus like figure.

As well as reaching the top as Prime Minister of Australia, Holt was a great sportsman and particularly keen swimmer.

According to his wife, Zara Bate, he also had ” dozens of extra marital affairs “.

Some signs carry with them their own sense of restraint, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer even Scorpio, others don’t. Leo believes it has a divine right to lead and that all its edicts will be noble ones. No other sign has the same innate confidence.

For a Leo stellium, particularly one including Mars and Jupiter, restraint would be for mere mortals.

But everyone has to have a Saturn, even someone with a Leo stellium.

Saturn is the principle of restraint, of knowing your limits.

Until the late 18th century when Uranus was discovered, Saturn was seen as the last planet, the boundary of the solar system beyond which no-one could go.

So it has always been seen as the end of things. It is the very thing that keeps us tied to the earth, that stops us getting above ourselves, that holds us back forcing us to accept limitations and work within them.

It is the No to Jupiter’s Yes.

It is the Stop to Mars’ Go.

If someone does not have a sense of Saturn’s barriers, of restraint and limitations, the outside world has to impose these things on them, through the interjection of other people or nature.

Harold Holt actually has a very powerful Saturn. It is the apex planet of a T Square.

An apex planet is one that will define the life of the person even if it does not fit at all with their general character. It does this because it absorbs the tension, energy and challenge of the planets in the opposition aspect which feeds it.

Holt has Venus conjunct Neptune in Cancer.

This conjunction is also trine his Moon in Scorpio. These placements show why Holt was keen to express his Sun / Mars / Jupiter through water sports and swimming in particular.

Venus and Neptune are opposite Uranus, which suggests something disruptive and out of the ordinary, an accident even.

They focus by T-square onto Saturn conjunct the 8th house cusp of death.

It seems that Harold Holt was destined to experience limitation in the most final manner.

Most people have little knowledge of astrology beyond their Sun signs, but they have probably heard of two things – Mercury Retrograde and Saturn Return.

Mercury retrograde is when everything bad happens, planes falling out of the air, computers crashing, trains not running in time. At least this is so according to certain astrologers who have a vested interest in keeping the general populace ignorant about real astrology because they can make more money.

Even coronavirus has been put down to Mercury retrograde despite the fact that planes falling out of the air would surely restrict the spread of it….

Mercury retrograde happens when these astrologers damn well tell you, despite the fact that the ephemeris may say that it is going forward at the time.

According to the same astrologers, Saturn Return is also when everything bad happens but at least this can only happen a few times in peoples lives and not every other week like the Mercury one seems to.

Serious astrologers know that this is not the case.

The Saturn Return is a cycle that occurs every 29 / 30 years and falls at periods in people’s lives when they are naturally tending to impose limitations on their own lives.

The first one comes when most people are settling down, acquiring mortgages, responsibilities and children, letting go of their youthful pursuits because thats what they want to do at that age.

The second Saturn Return occurs around the age of 59 / 60 and comes when most people are getting ready for retirement, refocusing and accepting more limitations in their daily lives.

The third one, if they are lucky enough to live that long comes when most are preparing for the end of their lives.

In each of these cases I say most people, not all.

Most people would naturally assimilate the Saturnian demands of the time and curtail their swimming in the dangerous sea activities at that age.

Harold Holt certainly didn’t when at aged 59 he went off for that fateful swim during his Saturn Return in square to Venus in Cancer.

And this is the point about a Saturn Return. Your experience of it will be defined by its placing and strength by sign, house and aspect in your natal chart.

If you have it comfortably aspected your experience of Saturn would be one of accepting its requests to restrain yourself rather than forcing it to turn them into demands.

Harold’s experience of a Saturn Return in Aries conjunct the 8th house cusp at the apex of a Square would be final, ruthlessly so.

The T square’s inclusion of Neptune would also account for the mysteriousness of his disappearance.

As well as the Saturn Return, Holt had something else, perhaps even more significant and powerful occurring at the time.

Progressions are a symbolic measure in astrology. They operate on the principle of the two great movements that the Earth makes – the one around the Sun every year and the other one around itself every day.

The principle behind progressions is that one day’s movement of the planets equates to one year in a life.

By far the most important of these is the path of the Progressed Sun. In fact to all intents and purposes, the others can be largely ignored, but the Sun always marks a seriously important period in the person’s life.

So for Harold Holt, a date 59 days after he was born would equate to his experience that fateful year.

This would be the 3rd October 1908. His progressed Sun on that date would be at 10 degrees of Libra, exactly opposite his natal apex Saturn.

So on that fateful date in December 1967, Harold Holt had his Saturn Return ( happening once every 30 years ) and his Progressed Sun opposite Saturn ( only happening once in a lifetime ).

So was it fate for our Harold ? Who can say ?

Maybe by taking notice of the signs, he could have saved himself.

One thing is for sure that someone with a stellium in Capricorn wouldn’t go out for that swim during his 60th year, but then Caps are always playing the long game.

A Leo stellium would disdain such a thing.

Our Harold had no excuse. As well as ignoring the obvious astrology, his whole life he had heard people telling him to stop. Every time they spoke his name they were saying Harold Halt.

But in true Sun conjunct Mars / Jupiter in Leo fashion, all he heard was the rhyming slang, sounds like Harold Bolt.

There’s just no telling some people.


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