Michael Fish – A Storm in an English Tea Cup ?

According to polls some 30% of Americans believe in astrology. This statistic is usually bandied about to prove how stupid they are, but for Capricorn Research it is evidence that there is hope for our transatlantic neighbours. It would be unlikely for a similar percentage of Brits to declare such an allegiance unless astrologers developed a foolproof method of predicting the weather.

Despite the fact that we manage to avoid the extremes that can make it seriously uncomfortable living in many parts of the world, we are obsessed with the weather and convinced that the people who are supposed to predict this phenomena are complete idiots who can’t get it right even over a period of a few hours. If every conversation between every UK adult was recorded, its a fair bet that this opinion would be by far the most common of all expressed.

Evidence for this view is collected and expanded upon daily but the one example most commonly put forward by people old enough to remember, would be that of the strangely named Michael Fish. On 15 October 1987, Fish said during a forecast: “Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way… well, if you’re watching, don’t worry, there isn’t!”. That evening, the worst storm to hit South East England for three centuries caused record damage and killed 19 people.

Capricorn Research has a fascination for people who perhaps despite a whole lifetime of diligent work are associated by all and sundry for one particular event. Such people often reflect my view that whilst the sign placings of the Sun and Moon are very good at describing their character, its usually the chart’s major aspects that trigger the big events in their lives.

Michael Fish

Not having a large collection of the charts of weather forecasters it would be difficult to make a case for one sign or another being strong. However 4 planets in Taurus seems to fit with someone dealing with natural phenomena. And the Sun in this sign conjunct Uranus appears to symbolise someone who is using technology to predict these things.

The Moon also seems to be a fitting symbol for the changeable English weather and Fish has it in that most sensitive of signs, Cancer.

Because all Michael Fish’s planets are contained within 150 degrees, he doesn’t have many major planetary aspects. In these situations, Capricorn Research’s experience is that the ones that are there become more significant.

So what we are talking about is the Mercury / Saturn conjunction being square to Pluto and Mars in Gemini square to Neptune.

It doesn’t take much knowledge of astrology to see these aspects as indicating problems with communication. Mercury conjunct Saturn suggests either someone who is unable to get their message across or whose view of a situation is unhelpful to say the least. Mars in Gemini square Neptune suggests that the message will be misleading.

With Mercury and Saturn square to Pluto its likely that a sudden unexpected event will occur that will change the person’s life completely. As ever when Pluto is involved in a natal aspect, we can expect the event referred to in the chart to happen when it renews its relationship by transit.

On October 15th 1987, Pluto was at 9 degrees 10 Scorpio, opposite Fish’s Mercury, the only time it has aspected that planet in his life to date.

Uranus, that other ruler of unexpected and disruptive happenings is natally closely conjunct Fish’s Sun so we should expect it to play a major part in his life.

At the time of the hurricane, Uranus was opposite his Gemini Mars.

Capricorn Research has always felt that astrologers are expected to predict everything accurately, the slightest slip is used as evidence to dismiss the subject. If we were given anything like the leeway afforded to people whose job it is to make predictions within the so called sciences, many of us would display a far greater accuracy.

We would also be able to predict when they are likely to be wrong.


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