Victims Research

The Capricorn Research Project includes a collection of 1518 charts of a category called Victims. This collection is made up 533 Murder victims, 354 AIDS sufferers, 321 Accident Victims and 310 small children with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

508 members of the murder victim group are also in the 20,000 public figures in the main research project as are 56 of the Aids sufferers, 242 Accident Victims and 19 of the SIDS group but it is interesting to look at the results of the victims group in relation to the larger study. Ideally the sample would be large enough to use as a control for the public figures project but it is difficult to acquire birth times of people who are not famous. A sample of 1500 however, is enough to make clear comparisons and it is interesting to notice the different astrological emphasis in victims charts as opposed to public figures.

The clearest difference in the Victims sample is a completely even distribution of the Sun through the houses.



1st                            128

2nd                          137

3rd                           129

4th                           122

5th                           111

6th                           123

7th                           119

8th                           125

9th                           133

10th                         138

11th                         133

12th                         120

TOTAL                    1518

1518 Victims Sun in House Graph

The standard deviation is           5.76

Chi Square                                  0.992

The likelhood of this occurring by chance is over   99 %.   Therefore a completely normal distribution with no astrological affect at all.

This finding contrasts strongly with the  powerful 12th and 1st house distribution of the 20,000 plus Public Figures Project and these results alone clearly strengthens the astrological link for the whole research.

The victims group does have a strong distribution in Mars signs.


ARIES                          87

TAURUS                     107

GEMINI                      130

CANCER                     158

LEO                            131

VIRGO                        151

LIBRA                         167

SCORPIO                    154

SAGITTARIUS             132

CAPRICORN               108

AQUARIUS                   94

PISCES                         99

1518 Victims Mars Sign Graph

Standard  deviation                 27.21

Chi Square                               1.395 E-09

The chances of this occurring by chance  are       0.000000001395 %

This is an extremely powerful distribution.  Libra scoring 167 is the highest and Aries is the lowest at 87.

Each planet in astrology has certain signs where they work better and more strongly and some signs where their impact is weaker. Mars rules Aries and is said to be in dignity here as the assertive nature of the sign is recognised as the simplest and strongest place for the principle of action represented by the red planet.

The opposite sign to a planet’s dignity is said to be its detriment and it’s the sign least in sympathy with the nature of the planet. Libra is a sign where the concerns of the individual are less important than working co-operatively with a partner so as Mars is about individual assertion the planet is said to be in detriment here Libra is also the opposite sign to Aries the place of Mars’ dignity. It is very interesting that in the sample of 1500 plus Victims the assertive mars principle scores the lowest in its sign of dignity and highest in its sign of detriment.

Each planet has other signs where they work strongly or weakly besides the dignity and detriment. A planet has a sign called Exaltation where it works in sympathy and another called Fall where it has a weak natural connection. Mars is in Fall in Cancer and as expected this is the 2nd highest score in the Victims sample.

Venus is the polar opposite principle to Mars, it is the principle of attraction rather than action. Venus is concerned with drawing experience towards the self, Mars is assertion and action outwards from the self.

Venus and Mars have opposite dignities. Venus is in dignity in Libra the sign of  Mars’ detriment. Venus is in detriment in Aries, the sign of Mars dignity.



ARIES                          149

TAURUS                      102

GEMINI                       126

CANCER                      124

LEO                             107

VIRGO                         178

LIBRA                          101

SCORPIO                      138

SAGITTARIUS               124

CAPRICORN                 111

AQUARIUS                   148

PISCES                         110

1518 Victims Venus Sign Graph

Standard deviation           23.177

Chi Square                        2.42 E -06

Chance of this occurring by chance        0.00000242  %

Its Interesting and appropriate that Venus scores lowest in Libra where Mars scores highest. In Aries, where Mars scores lowest, Venus is 2nd highest.  By far the highest Venus score is in Virgo and of course the sign of Venus’ fall is Virgo.
So for both Mars and Venus the highest scores are in their signs of detriment and fall whilst the lowest scores are in the signs of their dignity.

To reinforce the theme of the Mars principle working weakly in the charts of victims, it’s appropriate to look at the angular aspects between Mars and the other planets. By some considerable distance the most common Mars aspect in the
Victims sample is the conjunction with Saturn with a total of 98 which is over 45% above the expected figure.

Saturn is the principle of contraction, and it works through limitation, obstruction, restriction, delay and frustration. A
connection with Saturn is the most difficult one for Mars because all the assertive energy is held back and impeded. The classic astrological interpretation of Mars conjunct Saturn is of trying to drive through life with one foot on the accelerator and the other one on the brake.

The fact that Victims Mars scores are strongest in its signs of detriment and fall and in its most difficult aspect is an emphatic connection that could not be argued with. Astrologers would expect the Mars and Venus principle to be weaker amongst the charts of Victims. This research confirms expectation to a level far beyond anything that could be thought of as a chance occurrence.

These results particularly when viewed alongside the larger Public Figures project present an irrefutable case for planetary influence on human behaviour.








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  1. Damn! I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra in the 6th; Venus in Aquarius.

    Have you noticed the order of the Mars-Saturn conjunction?

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